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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat Plans A Surprise Vacation

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat and Sai perform Aaba/Kamal sir’s death anniversary pooja in temple. Pandit asks them to close their eyes and pray for Kamal sir. Sai tells Aaba that its 1 year since he left her and she remembered him each day; there were many ups and downs in her life in this 1 year; he gave her responsibility to Virat and he is fulfilling it well; she remembers the day when she saw him the first time and thought he is stubborn, but he is clear hearted; Aaba thought well and gave her responsibility to him. Virat tells Aaba that he fell in Sai’s love unknowingly and feels guilty that he troubled her a lot because of which she went into dead bed and came out of it. Sai says she came out dead bed recently and knows he took a right decision. Virat loudly says he did a mistake recently in fulfilling his responsibility, but he knows how stubborn Sai is, he is trying his best and failed sometimes, etc. Sai listens to him. Panditji says they both are fulfilling their duty loyally and their Aaba’s soul must be in peace wherever it is seeing this. Sai thinks Panditji is right that Virat is just following his duty. Virat thinks when will Sai understand that he is not only following his responsibility but also his relationship. Panditji says pooja has finished.

Virat helps Sai walk down and goes to bring car. Sunny meets him there and asks how is Sai bhabhi. Virat shows Sai. Sunny says its good that Sai got well soon and asks if he remembers his upcoming wedding anniversary. Virat says of course. Sunny jokes that there would have been another drama if he had forgotten. He then suggests Virat to take Sai to a hill station for their wedding anniversary and propose her there. Virat says he cannot take a risk as Sai is unpredictable and doesn’t know how she will react. Sunny says there would good environment and situation, so he shouldn’t hesitate. Virat agrees hesitantly.

Back home, Virat brings Sai’s favorite snacks and nervously thinks how to tell her about the vacation. Sai gets happy seeing snacks and asks if its for her. He jokes for neighbor aunty. She thanks him and says he gifts her so much, but she cannot gift him anything. He gets happy hearing that and blabbers. Sai asks what is he blabbering. He says he is blabbering due to nervous of happiness. She asks what. He explains and then says his department is sending the officers and their spouses for a hill station vacation and hence he wants her to accompany him. She asks if he is taking her just for his benefit. He says no. Their nok jhok continues. She finally agrees and asks him to inform Pakhi first that he is taking her on an official trip as its necessary. He asks why should he, he gave an expert advice and she should thank him. She enjoys snacks. He books tickets wishing her happy first wedding anniversary in mind and hopes this trip becomes the most memorable trip of their lives.

Precap: Sai walks with Sai and thinks she has become the necessity of his life and he wants to propose her before its too late. Samrat emerges in front of him.

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