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Choti Sardarni 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajveer is upset

Choti Sardarni 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher says you were going like you didn’t know me. This is Rajveer my friend and this is Kunal my boyfriend. Kunal says hi, nice to meet you. Seher says I know we met a few days ago. But we became good friends. I don’t want any misunderstanding between us. Which is why I called you here to meet Kunal. We have been together for 2 years. Rajveer laughs. He hugs Nikhil and cries. Seher asks are you okay? He says you thought I was gonna propose to you? Seher is confused. Seher says see the camera. Nikhil wanted to record a prank for our Youtube channel. Seher says what kind of joke is that. Rajveer says we got pranked. We captured the real proposal in the camera. You are my best friend. If you have any problems in life, I am with you, always. I will do anything for you. Seher says you are so filmy. Kunal, he’s like that. You never know when he’s serious or joking. Kunal says I like your presonality. Rajveer says you are very lucky Kunal. The way you have proposed Seher, take care of her too. She’s my best friend. Rajveer says I have a meeting to attend. I will see you later. He leaves.

Scene 2
Dida comes home angry. Bobby says you came so early? Did they agree? She sees the gifts and says what’s all this? He says the home minister sent it, his daughter’s marriage is fixed. She throws them on the floor and throws a candle on them. It catches fire. Nikhil calls dida and says please stop Rajveer. He’s driving very fast. He is going towards the cliff. Rajveer recalls his moments with Seher and cries. He recalls Kunal proposing to her. Rajveer drives towards the cliff. Dida calls him. He stops the car with a sudden brake.

Rajveer picks the call. Dida asks what were you doing? He says I am alright. She says nothing can never happen to you. Nikhil says Rajveer get out of the car. Rajveer hugs Nikhil. He cries and says Seher.. Nikhil says let’s go home. Dida says Seher Kaur Gill, my brother is my life. You broke his heart. You have made the worst mistake of your life.

Scene 3
Nikhil brings Seher to a place and says surprise.. He has arranged a date for her. Seher says this is so sweet. Thank you so much. she hugs him. He says all of this is sweet and not me? She says you are the sweetest. You did all this? He says with my own hands. He shows their photos decorated on the wall. Seher says you still have this plant? He says yes, will keep it all my life. Seher says tonight is a special night. He says tonight will be super special. He kisses her hand. Kunal says we will watch a movie and do its review. They act and laugh. Seher says our love story can have a romantic movie. He says I hope your brothers like this movie. Seher says the famous love stories of Punjab include Mehrab as well. They were made for each other. Couples are made in heaven. You can’t break such couples. No one can part people who are made for each other.

Rajveer cries and says why did you gave me so many dreams if you had to break my heart? I fell in love for the first time. I don’t know what to do. Kunal hugs Seher. Nikhil tries to make Rajveer drink water. Seher and Kunal enjoy champagne. Kunal says it’s your call time. Seher says it’s the best day of my life but I can’t share it with my brothers. I don’t know if they will even call me or not. He say don’t cry. I am sure your brothers will call.

Scene 4
Param recalls what Seher said. Tricky ties Param and says call time. He ties other ends to Karan. Karan says I am sorry mama and papa. I provoked Veer. I didn’t want to hurt Seher. It isn’t Param’s fault. I am sorry mama and papa. Param comes to him. He takes off the thread and says you didn’t complain to them about me? Karan says they are our God. They know everything. Param says then they also know it was equally my mistake too. I shouldn’t have taken that land. I am sorry. Karan says I am sorry too. You can keep that land. Param says but you will make school on it. Karan hugs him. Ticky claps. Karan says when we are together it makes Seher happy. We will never part again. He says never. I have an idea but I need your advice is in it.

Kunal says your brothers will call for sure. When they call today will you forgive them? She says yes and will tell them about you. I will make them talk to you. Karan calls. Seher says Karan is calling but not Param? She picks. They are together. They say hi sis. Seher smiles. Karan says we are not acting today. Param says today for the first time I feel love on this donkey. He says I am also feeling love on this donkey’s brother. Param says I am sorry Seher. Karan says it was my mistake. Param says it was my mistake too. They both say sorry. Seher says it’s okay. I have to tell you both something important. They say we have something important too. Seher says first me. They say no we are elder. Seher says ladies first. Karan says we are ladies. Param says us first. Seher says okay?

Param says Karan and I have shortlisted the best guys for you. Seher is shocked.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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