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Choose Wisely #OS on Riansh

Hello everyone! 

Each one of us likes to play a question hour session! So how about a 20 questions game?? 

What say?




Vansh: Hey you…ready for our date later?

Riddhima: I’m so excited! Where’s this mystery spot?

Vansh: Can’t tell because then it won’t be a surprise!

Riddhima: But I’m just so curious, just a hint…..PLEASE?

Vansh: Hhhmmmmm

Riddhima: Please. Pretty please with puppy eyes!

Vansh: Hahah ok. How about a game of 20 questions?

Riddhima: YES!

Vansh: Let’s see if you can guess where I’m taking you tonight.

Riddhima: Ummm…is it indoors?

Vansh: Nope…19 left

Riddhima: Ok outdoors… it an event?

Vansh: No! 18

Riddhima: So, it’s a place outdoors.

Vansh: Yes…17

Riddhima: I was just thinking out loud with that one!

Vansh: 17

Riddhima: Ugh ok…does the place involve any physical activity like games and all?

Vansh: No, 16. I bet you’ll never guess it.

Riddhima: Don’t doubt me! Is it somewhere with a lot of people?

Vansh: Technically, yes. 15

Riddhima: Technically? Interesting very interesting.

Riddhima: Are there woods around it?

Vansh: Yeah 14!

Riddhima: Is it past the hill?

Vansh: Yes! 13 more questions.

Riddhima: Is it somewhere we’ve been together before?

Vansh: Noooooo…12

Riddhima: Uuhhhhh

Vansh: Giving up? In any ways you’ll be finding it out tonight.

Riddhima: I’m not a quitter. 12 more questions…I can do this!

Vansh: Sure, you can…lol.

Riddhima: Is it past the train tracks?

Vansh: Nah. 11 more.

Riddhima: Well, this really is a mystery spot…

Vansh: I planned it that way!

Riddhima: Is it somewhere on the banks of river Ganga??

Vansh: Yes, 10 more! Think you’re getting closer?

Riddhima: No idea.

Vansh: Just put your thinking cap on or just give up and wait for the surprise tonight!

Riddhima: 10 more questions and then I’ll wait. Is the spot big?

Vansh: Definitely big.

Riddhima: Like acres upon acres of land big?!

Vansh: Hoii no, 9 more questions!

Riddhima: Is there something to do at the spot? other than walk and look around, like an abandoned tire swing?

Vansh: Hahah I know what you’re thinking of but nope! 8 left.


Vansh: Speechless?

Riddhima: Perhaps…is it somewhere people are allowed, like a public place?

Vansh: Oh yes. We won’t be trespassing. 7 more!!

Riddhima: Oh, I need to use Google!

Vansh: That’s cheating!

Riddhima: It’s using my resources.

Vansh: But you’ve got 7 moreuse Google after the game. You’re going to find out later, anyhow!

Riddhima: Okay..if it means that much to you, can I have a hint? Like a letter?

Vansh: You wanna play hangman now?

Riddhima: YES. How many letters is the place?

Vansh: I don’t think, that’s not how 20 questions work.

Riddhima: Come on please…please. pretty please 🙂

Vansh: You’ll have to convince me

Riddhima: Because I like solving puzzles and I’m so curious and you’d be even more wonderful if you gave me how many letters it is!

Vansh: Okie, you’ve convinced me. 8 letters long, now no more hints!

Riddhima: 8 letters?! That’s so long. I was hoping it’d be 4 or 5 or maybe 6. 8 it could be anything!

Vansh: But it’s something! I promise.

Riddhima: Vanshhh…I’m running out of guesses

Vansh: 7 more…unless you’re giving up?

Riddhima: NEVER. Are we going there late at night because that’s when it’s best to go?

Vansh: Ohhh good question, but for the purpose of the night, yes it’s the best.

Riddhima: What does that mean? That’s really vague, what’s the purpose?

Vansh: Most people go during the day and it depends.

Riddhima: Huh ok. 6 left. I think I’m getting closer. Are there flowers at this place?

Vansh: There can be, I think there are some now.

Riddhima: Is there a temple around the place?

Vansh: Yeah, 5 more guesses.

Riddhima: I think I know where we’re going, but I’m confused why? Maybe it’s not where I’m thinking because the place, I’m thinking of isn’t romantic! It’s unnerving.

Vansh: Guess we’ll see, maybe you shouldn’t have ruined the surprise!

Riddhima: Maybe, do people frequent there?

Vansh: Depends4 more guesses.

Riddhima: Are logs of woods cut down there?

Vansh: Yes! 3 more guesses.

Riddhima: It’s the cemetery, right? We’re going to the cemetery?

Vansh: Ahaaa, you guessed it!

Riddhima: A cemetery? Why is that the surprise spot for our date?

Vansh: You have 2 more questions left…choose wisely.

Riddhima: Why are we going to a cemetery?!

Vansh: To bury a body.

Riddhima: WHAT? WHY WOULD WE DO THAT? Is this a joke? Are you really taking me somewhere else? Vansh please this isn’t funny. Answer me. Let’s go somewhere else, I’ll pick the spot. Please tell me there isn’t a body in the trunk of your car, there’s not. There can’t be. Vansh!! Are you kidding? ARE YOU KIDDING? VANSH ANSWER ME!!!

Vansh: You have 1 question left….choose wisely!

Riddhima: You’re freaking me out, this isn’t funny.

Vansh: You have 1 question left, choose wisely.

Riddhima: Please stop saying that, I don’t want to guess anymore! I give up. I don’t want to play anymore!

Vansh: You have 1 question left, choose wisely.

Riddhima: Vansh please stop.

Vansh: You have 1 question left.

Riddhima: OKAY. I’ll ask the final question.

Vansh: Choose wisely

Riddhima: Whose body are we burying?

Vansh: Yours.




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