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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update : Tiwari announces Teeka his younger brother.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari, Angoori and Teeka sitting together in Tiwari’s house. Teeka says to Tiwari I understand everything I’m talking about you that I know why you called me for dinner. Tiwari says what do you mean to say. Teeka says I know you want to say that my relationship with Rusa won’t last long because I’m poor I don’t have any status. Tiwari says to Teeka you are not poor don’t cry you are younger brother of Manmohan Tiwari who was lost in Kumbh fair now we found him. Teeka says if this is thing I’ll easily get married to Rusa but why are you talking like this to me what do you want. Tiwari says this is give and take situation I need a favor from you. Angoori says to Teeka that Tiwari need to make license for his shop. Tiwari says so you need to take signature from commissioner on application. Teeka says will be done but I have an doubt commissioner is cunning how he will understand that I’m your younger brother.
Tiwari says he will understand or if he fail to understand I’ll make him do it.

Helan, Anu, Gupta and Vibhu in Mishra house. Gupta examine Vibhu. Vibhu says I’m not able to control my body parts. Helan says it was not in control before because remote control was with Anu. Anu says I have done nothing in comparison with you, how you use to torture father-in-law. Helan says he was always out for many days without telling. Gupta asks Vibhu how are you feeling, what do you feel like eating. Helan says what are you doing tell me what is problem with him. Gupta says I examined him and learnt that due yo nervous breakdown his some body parts are not functioning well, because of which his body part can do anything even murder too. Vibhu says I don’t want to be murder I don’t want to go to jail. Anu says don’t worry I’ll tie your hands. Gupta says except hands there are other body parts to which can do murder like legs. Helan says cure my son. Gupta says I’ll write some medicine you can have them. Anu says will he be fine after eating that medicine. Gupta says we will try medicine if that don’t work we can go for magic. Anu says no we are fine with that. Gupta says ok give me my fees. Vibhu slaps him and Gupta run. Vibhu says I’m not in control my hand did it.

Commissioner in police station and Rusa come greets him. Rusa says I want you to meet someone special my future husband and calls Teeka as T. Teeka come and greets commissioner. Commissioner says to Rusa are you out of your mind you will marry this thug. Tiwari come and greets commissioner. Commissioner says I’m in problem can’t help you know. Tiwari says I’m here to file a report for my younger brother who was lost when we were young in Kumbh fare. Commissioner laugh and says to Manohar that his brother was lost when they were young and came to us now. Tiwari says you file report and write song which we use to sing when we were young. Manohar says which song. Tiwari start singing and after him Teeka sing that same song. Tiwari says to Teeka if you are my brother then you will have same tattoo which I have. Teeka and Tiwari check for tattoo and they both start crying and hugging eachother. Teeka says these people were saying that I don’t have any reputation. Tiwari says before today you were not having any reputation but now you are my brother and invites commissioner for dinner, they both leaves. Rusa asks to commissioner now we will go now.

Vibhu talking to his hand and ask him to live in peace I want to talk to father. Vibhu calls his father and ask what you eat at my time of birth and hungs up phone. Tiwari and Angoori come to Mishra house. Vibhu greets them and ask them to come. Tiwari says he is out of his mind don’t go there he is out of his mind he can tease you. Angoori says to Vibhu you will tease me. Vibhu says no I cannot do that this man is saying things to you and mocks Tiwari. Tiwari says shutup and call Anu. Anu come and says to them to come in. Tiwari looks at Vibhu and says to Anu first tie this Tommy. Anu says he will not do anything you come inside and tell how did you come. Angoori says we came to invite you. Tiwari says I got my brother who was lost in Kumbh fare and my lost brother is Teeka so we cane here to invite you and girl’s parents are coming to see Teeka for his marriage. Anu says who is the match. Tiwari says commissioner’s sister-in-law. Vibhu says this is mis match Teeka is like beast. Anu says we will come. Tiwari says to Anu not we only you please this Tommy home and they both leave. Vibhu says you go I’ll stay here. Anu says we both will go together but how you will go leave it on me.

Teeka in his room doing packing. Tillu and Malkhan come. Tillu says why are you packing what happen did you do any crime. Teeka says I’m not thug like you I’m leaving house and will live at Tiwari’s house he adopted me and from now my bame is Teeka Tiwari. Tillu and Malkhan laughs at him and Malkhan says a person like Tiwari who cannot take care of dog how he will take care of bull. Tillu says yo Teeka he says right I was working for him 20 years but still he did not own me how he will own you. Teeka says he have good knowledge about people why he will own people like you. Malkhan mocks Teeka. Teeka does over acting and Rusa give me kiss and leaves singing.

Tiwari on call says I made him my brother. Angoori walks in with Teeka and says look at his new attire, Tiwari says oh just like Salman Khan, Angoori says yes so handsome, Door bell rings, Teeka says bhabhi get aarti, Tiwari goes open door and sees commissioner gets shock from door bell, Tiwari welcomes him and Rusa, Commissioner says please repair this bell, Tiwari says I do but then some mad people ruin it again and looks at Tiwari. Angoori welcomes all, Rusa says hello, my would be sister in law.

Anu and Vibhu walk in, Anu congratulates Commissioner, He asks is Vibhu fine why is he in shawl, Anu says just unwell and asks Vibhu to congratulate, Vibhu congratulate, Tiwari whisper why did you get him, Anu says what do you mean he is my husband and don’t worry he won’t do anything. Commissioner asks Teeka for any demand, Teeka says 1 Cr cash, Bungalow and a car.

Prem sees Tilu and Malkan drinking, and asks them whats wrong, Tilu says they are upset about Teeka, he got a girlfriend and is marrying her and is Tiwari’s younger brother now, Prem says he is lying, Tilu says Tiwari told us, Prem says its his benefit, Tiwari is very cunning, and now look, Prem calls Amaji and asks her is Teeka her son as Tiwari has called him his son.

Pre cap: Anita tells everyone at dinner table Vibhu is doing lot of nonsense with his hand so I covered in shawl, Commissioner says open it let me see, Vibhu starts ruining dinner, Commissioner gets angry and cancels dinner
Amaji sews Vibhu, he destroys her roses says my hands are not in control and leaves

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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