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Beats Connection ft. #Riansh ~Kuan Tujhe yun pyaar karega~


He shouted..

And why not, he saw his love, his wife, his life inside the car which was going to catch fire..


Why was he calling him, didn’t he realised that he was the one who did the mistake,

Well, both were at mistake one didn’t trusted ‘her’ love, and another didn’t trusted ‘his’ love.

Lack of communication and if what they would have listened each other?

Tu Aata Hai Seene Mein

Jab Jab Saansein Bharti Hoon

Tere Dil Ki Galiyon Se

Main Har Roz Guzarti Hoon


Angre Meri Riddhima ko bahar nikalo…
(Angre halp my Riddhima to come out)

He shouted loosing his sabar ( patience)..

Here inside car Riddhima was going numb unable to breathe thinking just one thing is her Vansh innocent? Is her Vansh has killed her parents? Is her Vansh is having any relation with her being orphan?

Sweat all over she was just numb thinking about vansh..

‘Vansh’ she called out in a low voice…

Maybe their heart can connect when their mind were not able to connect.

Hawa Ke Jaise Chalta Hai Tu

Main Ret Jaisi Udti Hoon

Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyar Karega

Jaise Main Karti Hoon

‘Vansh help me’ she said while struggling for breaths…

There outside Vansh was getting impatient to just confirm his Riddhima is safe..

His unconscious mind said “Help your Riddhima, you wanted this only na, now see your life seeing burn not in fire, in your untrusted mind, heart and what not, she is not burning in fire there, she is burning in your love..”

Meri Nazar Ka Safar

Tujhpe Hi Aake Ruke

Kehne Ko Baaki Hai Kya

Kehna Tha Jo Keh Chuke

He was nowhere in this world, he was lost in his world of guilt.

He was seeing her love burning in fire or in his love?

Getting up from his world he hold angre’s collar who was just finding way to safe his bhabhi..

“Angre how could you be so careless can’t you see once, the car is empty or not”

“Sorry boss” he said defending his mistake..
His mistake were he was at fault, he just did his job following his boss’s orders.

Meri Nigahein Hain

Teri Nigahon Ki

Tujhe Khabar Kya Be-Khabar

Seeing nothing forward and backward he went towards the car..

Riddhima your vansh will safe you”

He said while trying to open the the door of the car which was jammed…

His hand was getting burnt to do the heat caused by the fire which was already there in some parts of the car..

As his heart was…

Main Tujhse Hi Chhup Chhup Kar

Teri Aankhen Padhti Hoon

Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyaar Karega

Jaise Main Karti Hoon

Inside the car Riddhima has lost her conscious..
She lost…in love..’

Her heart said…

Tu Jo Mujhe Aa Mila

Sapne Hue Sarphire

Haathon Mein Aate Nahi

Udte Hain Lamhein Mere

He was finally able to open the door, he picked her immediately in his arms…

Riddhima nothing will happen to you, see your vansh is there nothing is going to happen…

Angre was seeing his boss who was just a cold heart man for the whole world, he has learnt to love.
Something very old na?

But not something very old…his love must have gotten rust but he learnt today how to remove that rust…

Meri Hasi Tujhse

Meri Khushi Tujhse

Tujhe Khabar Kya Be-Kadar

Jis Din Tujhko Na Dekhun

He just hugged her like she will fade away..
He does not wanted to loose her Riddhima once again….

She indeed faded…


He woke up from his sleep, just a mere dream but was not much more than what was the reality…

He lost her..

He lost her love

He lost his life..

There was nothing left

Except the cold hearted man she found,

Indeed it was LOVE!

Pagal Pagal Phirti Hoon

Kon Tujhe Yun Pyar Karega

Jaise Main Karti Hoon

It was not something he lost,
He loved to lose…
Love is another name of pain, and suffering.
Love hurts more than to love…
Indeed love is something different…
Love is not just a 4 Letter word..
It is something that contains four different world~

•hurting ourselves by drowning in that endless ocean.

~The End~


Done! This song was requested by SuhaniPathani
Hope I could meet your expectations…

Everything is allowed knives, Tomatoes,eggs, slippers….

A/N:- Response was low in the last chapter of RiAnsh Born to be United…well, because of your requested I start posting that one, so your turn, response should be increased 🥀

Will post the next chapter of RBTBU in a while…

Take care!

“The Best is yet to come To have & to hold”

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