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Battle Scars….- RiAnsh Chapter 1 ‘Friends?’

Hii everyone!! I was glad you all found in different…✌️ Hope I keep up with your expectations….here is the first chapter!

Riddhima is sitting under the veil on the bed hugging her knees and sobbing silently. At the same time, Kabir entered the room. Riddhima couldn’t control more and started crying. This was not she ever dreamt of.

“Don’t worry Riddhima, even I am not with this marriage. You can be comfortable. I am leaving for Jaisalmer again next week. You can have your time and space.” Kabir said taking out his clothes and left the room.

Riddhima wiped her tears and changed her clothes. Laying on the bed, she realised such a gentleman Kabir is, he didn’t even came near her. And she was having all the bad thoughts in her mind.  She took out her small backpack which had a diary and a pen attached to it.
She scribbled many things in it and drifted to sleep while sitting only.

The next morning, Kabir entered the room slowly and saw Riddhima sleeping in the sitting position. He smiled looking at her and left the room after changing.

Riddhima descended the stairs in a off blue saree with red chooris in her hand. Kabir kept adoring her while she didn’t even looked at him. She was making gajar ka halwa.


Riddhima and Vansh are sitting in a window space having a ganna (sugarcane).

“Vansh Dad wants me to get married soon. He got an alliance of an army officer.” Riddhima said in a serious tone.

“It’s simple. Deny them.” Vansh said calmly chewing the sugarcane.

“It’s complicated Vansh. He is as good as you. And Dad has said me to get married me this year only. You know I want to marry you only. He has fixed. He have me his swear that I can’t break.” Riddhima had tears.

Vansh stopped chewing the sugarcane, sat up straight cupping her face.

“You know I am going day after tomorrow.” Vansh said wiping her tears.

“Let’s tell them please. I don’t want to get married to anyone except you.” Riddhima broke down in his arms while he sighed.


A tear escaped Riddhima’s eyes as she plated the halwa for serving. With the tray in her hand, she smiled and went outside.
Serving first to her in-laws, then she served the halwa to Kabir.
She took a seat next to him as told by her mother in law. It was a silent breakfast. Riddhima thought it happens the same way in every Army family.

“So Riddhima beta, when are you taking retirement?”

Anupriya’s question made Riddhima choke on her food. Kabir filled a glass of water and gave it to her. Which she drank fully and sighed.

“Mummyji, I still want to serve my country. I shouldn’t run away from it just because I am married.” Riddhima replied calmly with a little smile.

“That’s nice Riddhima, I have lucky to have a life partner that keeps the country first. I will do arrangements for your transfer letter to Jaisalmer. We will be together for a little time.” Kabir excused himself not before giving a smile to Riddhima.

Anupriya left angrily and Riddhima was still sitting in her thoughts. She was still confused between past and present.

“No. I can’t give chance to this marriage. I love Vansh and only Vansh. No one can ever take his place on my heart.” Riddhima gulped her saliva and left for her room.

Opening her phone, she removed the red heart from Vansh’s contact and added a purple one. And then she opened his text.

Hope you are fine….

Absolutely not….. (Riddhima’s reply)

She knew he would not see it immediately. She kept the the phone back ignoring the messages of her sisters who texted just to tease her. Moving further on, she was arranging her clothes in the almirah when Kabir entered and sat on the bed fidgeting his fingers and tapping his right foot.

“You look nervous, any problem?” Riddhima asked making space for her clothes.

“You will surely understand my condition I think.” Kabir said looking at her.

“I am not sure. Tell?” Riddhima said

” I never wanted this marriage to happen. I loved someone else. Maybe still” Kabir said opening the drawer beside him.

Riddhima smiled sarcastically and didn’t stop doing her work.

“You won’t ask anything?” Kabir asked her.

“No. But I was just thinking if I had been doing the same, I would have been out of the house.” Riddhima said and chuckled sarcastically putting her hair behind her ear.

“Even if this is true, you might have runaway or something. But I respect your decision. You left him and just namesakely married me.” Kabir said scrolling his phone.

Riddhima stopped, for a second or two; her heartbeat was increased.

“Vansh stop it!!” Riddhima said between her laughs filling the whole old-broken fort’s room.

“So…you will never say that you will marry someone else leaving me.” Vansh said and kept tickling her.

“Oo…ohk…stop!” Riddhima nearly shouted and he stopped.

Vansh and Riddhima both hug each other. Lost in a thousand thoughts of their own.

“My camp is from next week.” Riddhima said clutching his off-white kurta.

“Where?” Vansh asked.

“Jaisalmer!” Kabir’s thought broke Riddhima’s memories.

“Your transfer was successful. You are coming there next month.” Kabir smiled at her while she replicated.

“How do you know I loved someone else?” Riddhima asked out of nowhere.

“Ohh Riddhima. You are same as me. Lost in memories. I am sure he was at fault. And I don’t wanna know who he is. It can destroy something which is our present. So friends?” Kabir asked forwarding his hands.

Riddhima smiled and they share a handshake. Riddhima backed off after a while and continued keeping the clothes. Her phone beeped and she looked at it immediately. A smile appeared on her face.

“I am going Jaisalmer next week!” The two voices said the same thing by which Riddhima’s smile vanished.

“Don’t worry, I will not have time even for myself. And I will not disturb you at all.” Kabir said smiling.

“Expect the same from me.” Riddhima said while fake smiling.

Precap- Train to Jodhpur

How did you find Ridhbir bonding? Don’t throw juta chappals on me please 🤭It’s about 1000+ words. I want to depict a note with this FF. Will tell soon. So do comment your review!! 

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