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Barrister Babu 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita gets framed

Barrister Babu 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trilochan saying why isn’t Anirudh able to hold the sword. Anirudh thinks I m getting the vision blurred. He worries. The men strike him. Binoy shouts for help and hides from the goons. Bondita also hides. Binoy runs. She thinks Binoy is in danger, the masked men are from Krishnanagar. She takes Binoy with her. Binoy says they will kill me. She says nothing will happen to you, I m with you. Anirudh hits some water pot. The water falls over his face. He gets his vision clear. Sampoorna thinks where is Vaijanti taking Binoy. She shouts. Anirudh fights the men. Chandrachur thinks Anirudh is clever, he ended the drugs effect by water. Anirudh wins the round. Everyone claps. Chandrachur says my turn is left, I have an ace, when it comes, then Anirudh can’t stay back, he will drop the sword and run. The man asks what’s that ace. Chandrachur says Anirudh’s only weakness. Bondita takes Binoy in the cart. Goons follow her. She says nothing will happen to you. Anirudh fights more goons in the second round. The man asks when will play your card. Chandrachur says it will come on the right time. The goons throw a stone and hit the driver. The driver falls.

Bondita takes the cart. The goons say we have to take Binoy to the competition venue. Anirudh wins again. Chandrachur goes for the third round. He thinks Bondita cheated me because of you, I will take revenge on you. Bondita thinks I have to take Binoy to Deenpur hospital, not at the competition venue. The goon changes the direction board. She goes wrong way. Goons come and stop Bondita and Binoy. She thinks how to save Binoy now. She throws soil on their faces and runs. The cart falls upside down when a stone comes under the wheel. Anirudh and Chandrachur fight. Chandrachur loses. Binoy sees the goons coming. He leaves. He reaches the competition event. The men see Binoy and beat him up. Anirudh and family get shocked. Somnath says you will lose if you go out of this field. Anirudh says I can’t see my dad like this. Somnath and Bondita come there and hold Binoy. Thakumaa thinks what’s Bondita doing with Binoy. Anirudh says my dad is imp than this competition result. He leaves the match field and goes to Binoy. Chandrachur laughs. Anirudh asks Binoy to calm down. He scolds the people. Chandrachur says Krishnanagar has won, I have won. The man says Krishnanagar people get the rights to do Durga puja. Trilochan gets sad. Thakumaa blesses Chandrachur. Trilochan says I had kept guards there, how did Binoy come here. Vaijanti’s dad comes and says this girl got him here, I have seen her. Trilochan says Jagannathan, Vaijanti’s dad. Jagannathan says yes, I went to your house to give the invite for Vaijanti’s marriage, I saw this girl taking Binoy somewhere. Trilochan says she is your daughter Vaijanti. Thakumaa asks what’s Bondita doing here, why are they calling her Vaijanti. Jagannathan says she isn’t my daughter, she fell ill, I didn’t send her to your house. Trilochan says but she said she is your daughter. Jagannathan says I had sent a letter to you, maybe you didn’t get it. Trilochan asks who is this girl. Somnath asks why did she come to our house. Chandrachur says she lied to us and went to Tulsipur every day as Vaijanti to meet Anirudh. Thakumaa gets angry.

Chandrachur’s man comes and says Bondita is very clever, she made this plan to make Anirudh lose, amazing, she got Binoy here, and Anirudh lost by leaving the winning competition. He says you are really great. Anirudh asks why is he calling you Bondita, Vaijanti answer me. Trilochan says this girl isn’t Vaijanti, but an imposter. Thakumaa scolds Anirudh. She asks Bondita why is she standing with the enemies. Anirudh gets shocked. Thakumaa says come to our side and celebrate our victory, prepare for the Durga puja. Bondita says trust me, I m telling the truth. Sampoorna comes and slaps her. She says you have locked me in the house, you showed the haveli way to the goons, you got Binoy here intentionally, Bondita.

She scolds Bondita and calls her their enemy for cheating them. She says you showed that enmity is imp than relations for you, you are just our enemy. Thakumaa shouts and asks Bondita to come with her. Bondita says stop, I didn’t do this, you are misunderstanding me. Sampoorna says yes, we misunderstood you, you did wrong to win this competition. Trilochan says Sampoorna is right, she came from enemies’ house, her family backstabbed us and today she did the same. Bondita says its wrong. He says I m dead for you, and also Anirudh is dead for you. He cries and says you played the game against us. Anirudh says enough, I don’t want to hear anything now. He sees the tattoo on her hand. He gets sad.

Precap will be added later

Update Credit to: Amena

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