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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Bittu misguides someone to woo Shanti and Sakina

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bittu looking at Shanti and Sakina and telling that they are Bhabhis. He asks God, why did he wives and girlfriends to them? He says he wants to give his life. Sakina asks why? Bittu says the husbands who gets their wives dressed such. Mishra asks what is wrong with these clothes. Pappu says our culture doesn’t permit such clothes and it will effect the society badly. Shanti asks why you become the head of the society and culture and asks who are they to decide what they shall wear. Pappu and Bittu leave from there. Mishra asks Mirza to come. Shanti asks where are you going? Mirza says they have an appointment with salon, to sparkle his face. Sakina tells Shanti that she said right. Shanti says we are wearing these clothes to make their husbands’ believe that we are not less any other modern girl. Mishra and Mirza come to the local parlour and think to get themselves sparkle in 200 Rs just. Mirza asks the parlour guy to sparkle his face like his begum’s face. The guy applies cream on Mirza’s face and shakes him up. He then wipes his face with towel. He then asks him to get up. Mishra asks Mirza if he is fine? Mirza says yes. Mishra sits to get his facial done. The guy applies cream on his face and then applies it fast. Yadav ji comes there and tells Mirza that his face is sparkling. Mirza smiles and makes faces. He greets Mishra and tells that he saw Bhabhi in modern clothes and found someone with her who looked like a heroine. Mirza says she is my wife. Yadav says both of you have good destiny. Mishra shouts Mirza as his neck is turned by the guy. Sakina praises herself and tells that she is looking beautiful in the modern dress. Inaam says you are looking good. Sakina smiles. Adi tells Shanti that she is looking like phooljadi. Shanti says you shall not say this to your mother. She says it can be said to wife. Adi asks him to get him married and says you are jealous of your bahu and that’s why not bringing her. Shanti thinks she is also looking phooljadi and might have competition with Adi’s wife.

Dr. Kudelal comes to Mishra and Mirza and asks them to come with him. Mirza asks what happened? Dr. Kudelal says people are talking about you both and telling that they shall learn from Paan wala and chai wala how to keep their wives. He says people said that you never thought your wives as the slipper in feet. Mirza thinks they think of ourselves as slipper. Dr. Kudelal tells that people are praising you both saying that husbands shall be like you. Bittu and Pappu come there and criticize them for making their wives wear modern clothes. Mirza asks them to leave. Pappu asks them not to come to ask help from them. Mirza says they will never come to them for help. Mishra and Mirza asks them to have free tea. Sakina applies make up to her face. Noorjahan comments on her. Sakina runs to kitchen.

Mishra tells Mirza that their respect have increased since their wives became modern. Mirza says yes. Mishra says they have understood that we have some standard now. Mirza says our wives are modern now and they want to talk to them and meet them. He says if someone gets behind them, then? Mishra says we shall not let them go out often. Mirza says our wives are not such, but yesterday I heard that a mother left his child and ran with the milkman. Mishra says if our wives do this with us. Mirza says no, this can’t happen and says we shall enjoy this time with our wives and sing a romantic song.

Later Mishra sings song for Shanti. Chand chupa badal mein plays….Shanti feels good and smiles. He says you have become modern and I am really happy. Shanti turns and smiles. Mishra says I want to tell you something, the times are bad and I want you to go out less. Shanti gets upset and asks why? Mishra says if you have any affair? Shanti says I am a mother of three children and asks if he is mad. Mirza tells Sakina that if someone. Sakina asks if he is doubting on her loyalty. She turns and sleeps.

Later Shanti and Sakina are walking on the road, when the bikers get mesmerized seeing her and collide their bike with them. Shanti scolds them. They say sorry and help them pick their stuff. Shanti and Sakina leaves. Bittu and Pappu ask the guys if they saw the girls. The guy says no. Bittu says if you was seeing those girls then we would have told you about the girls. They ask him to tell. Bittu tells that they are related to chai wala and paan wala. The guys ask if they are their daughters. Pappu says they are thinking them to be their daughters. Bittu asks them to come to their shop. The guys think to meet Shanti and Sakina in Mishra and Mirza’s shops and sings the song.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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