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Anupama 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Pakhi’s Unjustifiable Demand

Anupama 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama tells Toshu that he shouldn’t leave the house after fighting in anger and instead should leave happily with Baa and Bapujji’s blessings and with a feeling that she is building a new nest for himself and not by breaking the house. She continues that he shouldn’t make his parents die each daily, he learnt to stay away from his parents but his parents didn’t learn to stay without him, they just want his and Kinjal’s happiness. Kinjal says she will not go away from her. Anu wipes her tears and asks her to stop crying as its Sweety’s biggest day tomorrow. Pakhi rudely asks how does it matter to her. Anu says her dance may get affected tomorrow, so let us sleep now and whole family visit will watch her dance. Pakhi if she comes there, she will get down the stage. Kinjal warns to behave. Pakhi shouts she will not and her presence on stage will depend on Anu’s absence there, Anu is having a FOMO that Kavya is dancing in her place in a student-teacher duo dance competition. Kavya yells Anu cannot see anyone befriending her. Vanraj warns them to stop their misbehavior. Pakhi shouts she will not and insists Anu to not come in front of her tomorrow or else she will not go on stage. Samar says its not an international competition. Pakhi arrogantly continues yelling at Anu. Kinjal says tomorrow is also mummy’s competition, so she will be there. Pakhi says let her finish her competition and leave. Anu finally agrees and says Pakhi will repent her whole life if she doesn’t attend the competition, so she will not come in front of Pakhi tomorrow. Pakhi walks away.

Vanraj shouts at Anu and Kavya to stop their fight or else Samar and Pakhi will also demand to leave the house and he will die in some water well, he is already tensed regarding cafe’s dull business and they increase his tension. Baa asks him to control his daughter or else she will with her tight slap. Bapuji backs her and says he needs to correct Pakhi from tomorrow as father should pamper the child and also punish when the child misbehaves. He orders Anu not to tolerate Pakhi’s misbehavior from tomorrow and asks Vanrraj not to protect Pakhi. They walk away followed by Vanraj and Kavya smirking. Anu cries remembering Pakhi’s arrogant behavior.

Kinjal sleeps on couch. Toshu asks what happened to her. She says she doesn’t want to talk to him as she doesn’t need any more drama. Samar meets Nandini seeing her upset and asks if she is fine. Nandini says Pakhi was a nice girl, but she changed suddenly. Samar asks if she is hurt with Pakhi’s misbehavior. Nandini says she is hurt seeing Pakhi misbehaving with her mother and wants to slap her, but she can’t as her mother will protect her; her generation children don’t value mother and when the go out on internship, they will miss their mother and will weep under a pillow; she wants to scold them and shout that they have the best gift in the world. She continues venting out her feelings. Samar says they will not repeat the mistakes which Toshu and Pakhi are making.

Next morning, Anu performs tulsi pooja and prays god to clear family’s 20 lakhs property tax problem, give a good conscience to Pakhi, and clear the cracks between family relationships. Vanraj tells Kavya that he is going to cafe. She says its Anu’s karkhana/factory and let her pay the taxes, they should pay rent and wash off their hands. He asks her to concentrate on Pakhi’s dance as she doesn’t like to lose. Kavya says even she doesn’t like to lose and confidently thinks she will win the competition and shock Anu. In living room, Anu prepares props for students. Bapuji helps her and says he gave her 20 lakhs loan and can help worth 20 paisa at least. Anu asks him not to think much as they have 1 month left and its not his mistake. Baa says Vanraj told he will apply for loan. Anu asks Baa to check Pakhi. Baa says she need not worry as Kavya is there for Pakhi. Anu says she prepared khichdi for Pakhi and asks her to inform Kavya. Baa say she can understand her pain and is eager to watch Pakhi’s dance.

Kinjal and Toshu walk down before leaving for work. Nandini reminds Toshu to reach auditorium on time to watch Pakhi’s dance. He says he can’t as he has an important meeting. Kinjal says he should have adjusted his meeting accordingly as there is a also Anu’s dance performance. Their argument starts. Baa asks them to stop fighting like Vanraj and Kavya. Kavya and Pakhi walk down playing Piya Piya.. song. Kavya does Pakhi’s grooming looking at Anu and thinks she will separate Anu from her daughter completely.

Precap: Bapuji verdicts that a daughter insulted a mother in this house and hence only Kavya, Pakhi, and Anu will attend the competition and if anyone else attends, they will have to face his wrath. He sends 3 of them out and locks door from inside.

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