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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajvi is shocked to see Nandini alive

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Darsh saying don’t get my wife in this matter. Nandini gets shocked. He checks the documents. He thinks she is really Ishani Jhunjhunwala. He recalls his words. Rajvi fixes the heater in the room and goes. Darsh says I m sorry, Ishani, come to Vini. She says I won’t come inside, get Vini out, I will take her from here. He says I understand, you are upset, I m sorry, try to understand, Vini isn’t in a state to travel, please come in. She thinks how can I come inside, your wife took my place. She says no, I won’t come. He says I m sorry. She gets dizzy. He holds her and asks you okay.

He holds her hand and takes her inside the house. She recalls whatever happened. Rajvi comes and gets shocked seeing Nandini. Nandini sees her. Darsh says really sorry, you had to go to get these papers. Doctor comes home. Darsh runs to see. He says thank God, you came, patient is inside, come with me. Rajvi says Nandini is alive, what will I tell Darsh, what about Charmy, what’s happening. She falls down. Nandini meets Vini and asks her to open her eyes. She cries. Darsh says doctor will check her, she will be fine. Nandini gets angry and says she has to get fine, I have seen my loved ones going away, I have made myself strong, I have let them go, but not today, Vini… Doctor checks Vini. He says pulse rate and temp are high, what stress does she have.

Nandini says she isn’t habitual to stay away from me. Vini says you lied to me, teddy bear isn’t in London, he is dead. Nandini gets shocked. She asks did you tell her. Darsh says but I didn’t tell her. Nandini says I asked a small thing, I explained you that Vini won’t accept her Nanu’s death, you did this, I will not leave you. Doctor asks for a thermometer. He says I will get it from mum. She says I will give you. She gets it from first aid box. Darsh gets surprised. He thinks how does Ishani know where is the first aid box kept. Everyone gets Rajvi to her room. Vipul asks what’s the matter, tell me. Rajvi says Nandini… Vipul says I don’t understand. Parul says we will go to the doctor. Rajvi thinks everything got over, Darsh will get a big shock because of me, if he loses his eyesight again, his life will be ruined. Vipul says I will go and see Darsh and Charmy. Doctor says we may have to admit Vini. Darsh says Vini fainted, Ishani came to meet her. Vipul says I thought you called the doctor for Rajvi, she got a panic attack.

Darsh asks what, doctor check my mum please. Nandini apologizes to Vini. Doctor treats Rajvi. Darsh asks what happened. Dada ji says she is missing Nandini. Shobit meets Charmy outside the house. She says I m not well, don’t trouble me, why did you come here. She gets dizzy. He worries. She says don’t come close, stay away, I m meeting you for the last time. Shobit says I learnt the truth. She thinks how did he know that I m pregnant. He says Nandini is alive, she is staying at Jhunjhunwala’s house as Ishani, Vini thinks Nandini is her mum, I don’t know how did this happen, Ishani is Nandini. She gets shocked. He says I saw a dead body after accident, it wasn’t of Nandini, everyone thought she is dead. Darsh looks for Charmy. Shobit says I feel so relieved, you don’t need to live this lie, Nandini and Darsh will get together, she is alive, we will go and tell the truth to Darsh, we had to get separated, but they deserve to stay together.

Charmy’s inner self says is there anyone made for you, Shobit and Darsh aren’t yours, where will you go with this child, will you raise this child without a father, will you live without love…. Charmy cries. Shobit asks are you okay. Darsh calls out Nandini, and says mum is calling you, where are you. Shobit says go and tell him that you aren’t Nandini, he will be happy. Nandini thinks where did the doctor go. She hears Darsh shouting Nandini. She thinks he didn’t identify me, why is he taking my name, maybe MIL told him that I m Nandini. Charmy thinks what will happen of my child, Darsh will hate me. Nandini and Charmy go to Darsh.

Everyone makes Rajvi sit outside. Fire catches up inside the house. Darsh says Nandini and Ishani didn’t come out. He runs shouting Nandini. Charmy sees Nandini in the room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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