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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 51) Dhamakaa💥

Hello dears, I was in Gayab mode last few weeks. My mom was in quarantine and after that when I was about to write new episode, my result got published earlier than announced date. I am very happy to info you all that I passed 12th with flying colors. Now everything apart, let’s go straightly to episode.

VR Mansion

Everyone went to dine. They all sat in circle and ate dinner.

After dinner Siya and Riddhima realized that they forgot to serve dessert.


Riddhima : Oh…I forgot to take dessert from kitchen.


Siya : Don’t worry Riddhu bhabhi. I’ll take it from kitchen.


Riddhima : Ok.

After Siya went to kitchen, Vansh back hugged Riddhima.


Riddhima : Vansh, what are you doing ? Someone will see.


Vansh : Then let them see. You are officially mine. Okay.


Riddhima is about to ask him something then his phone rang.

(RiAnsh ki romance ki 1st villain is family & Angre and 2nd villain is his phone )


Vansh : One minute Sweetheart.


Saying so he went.


Riddhima’s POV :

I am sure that one day I’ll kill Angre and destroy Vansh ki phone. He is too much obsessed with his phone and Angre. Seems that I am his 2nd wife. If the phone rings again, I’ll surely throw it out.


Riddhima’s POV ends


When Vansh is walking through the corridor while talking in phone, he heard some sounds from store room. He walked towards store room with baby steps.


When he opened the door……

He saw no one 😆. He turned to leave and suddenly stopped. Without turning he said,

Vansh : Angre come out.


Angre who is hiding in a almirah came out of hearing Vansh.


Angre : Boss….Vo…

Vansh (cold) : Should I call you also by your name or will you come out by yourself.


A small figure is seen coming out from cupboard.


Vansh : What are you doing here SIYA ?

Yes its Siya..

Siya : Bhai…Vo..mei..



His words shook both Angre and Siya.

Angre : Vansh…vo..


Cutting him Vansh said “I asked SIYA. Are you Siya ? ”

Angre : No

Siya (in one go) : BhaiILoveAngre

Vansh : What? Can you say slowly?

Siya : Bhai I love Angre.

At that time Riddhima entered the scenario.
She could sense what happened by looking into the trio’s face.


Riddhima : Vansh. Let me say.

Vansh : Riddhima, you be quite. I have to talk with Angre and Siya.

Angre : Vansh..I really love Siya.

Vansh : I didn’t expect it from you. How could you do this to me? I won’t forgive you. Now I’ll take the decision.

Riddhima : Vansh, listen to me. Don’t take a decision in haste. It’ll spoil many lives.


Vansh : No. My decision is final.

Siya : Bhai…please hear Riddhu bhabi once. You’ll regret.


Vansh : Its enough Siya.

Riddhima : Hear me Vansh.

Vansh : I said SHUT UP.

Everyone are called to hall by Vansh.

Dadi : Vansh, what happened ?

Ajay : You look so angry. Tell what happened ? (Looking Siya’s crying face) Why Siya is crying ?

Vansh : It’s tell. Angre and Siya are in a relationship.


All are shocked except RiAnsh and AnYa.

Uma : Vansh, What are you saying ?

Vansh : Yes mom. They’re in a relationship, that too behind my back.

Riddhima : Its not like that Vansh. They love each other since 3 years.

Everyone including Vansh became a lil shocked.

Vansh looks Riddhima suspiciously.

Vansh (cold) : So my wife is also helping them behind my back. And I am a fool not to understand all this. Now its limit. I won’t tolerate it anymore.

Siya (😭) : Bhai listen to Riddhu bhabi once. I request you. Please. Give a chance.

Ajay : Yes Vansh. Give a chance to Riddhima so that she could explain.

Vansh : Ok. You have 5 minutes Riddhima. After that final decision will be mine.

Riddhima : Vansh, you know what happened between Siya and Vyom 3 years back. After that incident she was a little depressed and had anxiety attacks sometimes. But I somehow hided it from all of you so that you all won’t be worried. But Angre who knows whole thing helped Siya to overcome her depression and slowly slowly she became old siya. During this time they fall in love each other. If Angre wasn’t there Siya will still be in that state till now and she would have been acting like a happy Siya in front of you all while breaking down inside. Angre is Siya’s happiness and vice versa.

Vansh : I have taken my decision long ago. And I won’t let them free without giving punishment for backstabbing me. After today Angre and Siya won’t meet.


Tadaa!!! Its been a long episode I think. And I have nothing now so couldn’t add precap. What do you think about Vansh’s sudden decision? Will he regret later?

I can’t promise you all that I’ll post regular. I’ll try to post. That’s all what I can say as my admission processes are now going on. So till then Bye Bye.

Happy reading 💫





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