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Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Bhanugopan is defeated by kartik.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with bhanugopan shooting the brahmastra towards kartik but kartik chants mantra of brahmadev & as the weapon hits kartik then kartik immerges in a huge form of god blessed by brahmadev & all asoors are shocked including soorasahi & soorapdaman too. All gods & goddesses are praising kartik for his great form.
Bhanugopan meets soorasahi & she suggests him to use his ultimate weapon while bhanugopan’s mother tries to stop him but soorasahi tells her to not to come in his way & he leaves challenging kartik now your end will make only weapon that is shivastra. Bhanugopan tells kartik that now I’ll use ultimate weapon if at all you may be saved by brahmastra because gods are supporting you must be thinking but this weapon will kill you while kartik tells him if you wish to do that then do it for your happiness. Bhanugopan tries to call shivastra but shivastra does not come in his hands as had forgotten while leaving his place so he tries other weapon of snake & kartik too shoots his weapon & kills bhanugopan’s snake weapon as he is shocked to see this.
Devsena is wondering what is happening when she is doing pooja for kartik’s statue as all materials are getting arranged on its own & paravati is watching this becoming restless nothing should go wrong towards devsena doing pooja for kartik.
Bhanugopan tries fighting with kartik but he is thrown away with his weapon sent towards him & soorasahi is watching kartik closely thinking so he is paravati & mahadev’s son. Kartik is warning soorasahi within himself while ganesh & all are praising kartik for winning this part.
Soorasahi hits bhanugopan asking him how you forgot that weapon which you had achieved & because of whom this has happened & he tells her because of mother & she shouts her as well as soorapadman saying this is my grandson who is so irresponsible so he won’t lead now. Soorasahi also informs her other grandsons to get ready for another fight.
Kartik is standing quietly in the bhawan while ganesh comes offering him food & kartik appreciates ganesh a lot for always besides him to take care & support. Ganesh explains him about brotherly love & he feels delighted. While eating food he pretends & thinks of devsena what she must be doing & ganesh watches this & tries to talk with kartik but he is in thoughts of devsena & ganesh shouts calling kartik & he gets alarmed & asks ganesh what happened while ganesh asks him in which thoughts were you in & immediately says devsena so ganesh smiles & tells him so you were thinking about sister in law so yes he says & kartik smiles while ganesh feels happy.
Devsena sees a pig coming towards her speedily but is thrown away by the powers of ganesh who had drawn a line of control around her.
Kartik is chatting with ganesh & discussing of future plans to fight with these evils.
Soorapdaman is shouting his wife why you did this to divert attention of bhanugopan & he forgot the weapon which has gone against wishes of mother soorasahi but she is trying to explain him about son’s life at stake & he is ignoring her. She is crying while her other sister in law tries to clam her including soorapadman’s brother too blaming soorasahi.
Ganesh is thinking asking kartik & all as I am feeling some big weapon they might be using this time but what can it be & gajamukhi comes informing it’s shivastra & tells ganesh that bhanugopan had two weapons one brahmastra which he used today & now shivastra which they will use now.
Soorapadman gives the shivastra in hands of other son saying bhanugopan did not do his work faithfully but you don’t fail while bhanugopan watches this depressingly.

Precap : Kartik looks like image of mahadev himself as ganesh praises him while the weapon is shot by asoor.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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