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RadhaKrishn 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun Reveals The Truth

RadhaKrishn 4th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Shakuni provokes all kshatriyas present in swayamvar against brhamin/Arjun and they all are about to attack Pandavs when Krishna warns them all to stop or bear his wrath as brahmin murder is a big sin. All kshatriyas stop except Duryodhan. Karn suggests him to get out of the place, but Duryodhan takes oath to kill all the brahmins when they come out and walks away with all kshatriyas. Drupad says its time for his daughters’ farewell, she is going from a lavish life to a simple brahmin life. Arjun tries to touch Krishna’s feet. Krishna stops him and says he repaid his debt. Draupadi tries next. Krishna says she shouldn’t touch her best friend’s feet. Draupadi says she is touching Vasudev Krishna’s feet. Drupad orders guards to drop Draupadi till her new home safely. Krishna says there is no need for that as he himself will drop the bride and groom.

Krishna takes Draupadi and Pandavs till chariots and sending Yudistra, Bheem, Nakul, and Sahdev in another chariot asks Arjun and Draupadi to sit in his chariot. Draupadi says its an honor to her. Balram asks Krishna if Arjun is fit to be Krishna’s charioteer. Krishna says not yet. Arjun tells Draupadi that he hid a truth from her and reveals that he is Pandav Putra Arjun. Draupadi stands amazed with tears in her eyes. Arjun says if he had revealed his identity earlier, there would have been a big war in her swayamvar, he can even apologize king Drupad with bent head for that, and he cannot see her tears. She says these are tears of joy. Krishna watches smilingly standing at a distance. Arjun reveals that Krishna knew everything from before. Krishna says he didn’t do anything, Narayan did it. Balram smiles and thinks Krishna did everything and is hiding the truth. Krishna asks Arjun to be his charioteer forever. Arjun says its an honor and takes driver’s seat. Yudistra stops chariot on the way. Everyone get down and ask reason. Yudsitra tells Draupadi that he needs to tell truth. Arjun and Krishna smile. Draupadi says let him speak. Yudistra says they are Pandav Putras. Draupadi says he is joking. Bheem says he will lift the chariot to make her believe. Yudistra says he never lies and Krishna knows everything from the beginning. Krishna also acts amazed and asks if they are really Pandavs. Draupadi finally reveals that Arjun informed her everything. Krishna says they have reached near their ashram and can go while he has some work and will meet them later. Yudistra asks when will they meet again. Krishna says soon.

Pandavs reach ashram and Yudistra informs Kunti that Arjun got a special gift. Kunti without seeing them orders to share it among 5 brothers. Draupadi shocked says let her best friend Krishna come and decide if she should stay here or not.

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