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Pavitra Bhagya 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Navya is pregnant

Pavitra Bhagya 4th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Reyansh asks Jugnu to come. Jugnu comes wearing a kurta pajama and wears shades with it. They do high five. Pranati looks at them as they walk together. Jugnu looks at her mother who smiles sweetly at them. Reyansh winks at her but she doesn’t reply. He thinks she is looking lovely too. They both decide against complimenting each other.

Bishambhar comes there with his family. Mallika has also come along. She looks unhappily at Reyansh. Dadi asks Reyansh to check on Armaan.

Armaan convinces Navya to bring the ring home right now. He tells this to Maan. Reyansh comes there just then. Maan tries to cook a story but Reyansh tells them to stop their nonsense. All the guests are here. Don’t create any problem for Dadi today. It is a big day for her. Armaan promises him. He nods at Maan before going downstairs with Reyansh.

Navya is confused seeing the decor of Khurana House. Maan asks for the ring. She asks him what the occasion is. He lies that Reyansh and Pranati are getting engaged formally today. He asks for the ring again but she decides to give the ring to Armaan herself. Reyansh notices them talking. What are they both doing together? Maan is shocked to see his brother watching them. He tells him to go inside. I will bring the ring. Reyansh goes. Navya tells Maan to call Armaan outside or she will go inside. She begins to go inside so he keeps his foot forward to trip her. She stumbles but holds onto a pillar. Maan asks her if she is fine. She slaps him. Pranati notices them thus. What’s she doing here? Navya scolds Maan. Are you out of your mind? Don’t you know that I am pregnant? Maan gets stunned.

Maan takes Armaan outside to speak to Navya. Navya asks Armaan if he trusts her. He tells her he is thrilled and hugs her. I am going to be a father. I dint expect this. She asks him if he is happy. He nods. I will request you to take it slow. She agrees. Solve this asap. You know I have many hormonal issues. I am lucky that I got pregnant in the first place. We cannot stress now. Armaan assures her that their kid will be perfectly normal. I will do my best to get the kid accepted in our family. He takes the ring from her. Pranati watches them from the balcony. Navya leaves. Pranati thinks of speaking to Navya. She calls out after Navya.

Armaan stands next to Riya on stage.

Navya leaves in her car before Pranati can have a word with her. Pranati chases the car but in vain. Pranati thinks of what she had heard just now.

Dadi tells Reyansh that Pranati should have been with him right now. See how Mallika is staring at you right now. Reyansh offers to go find her but Armaan’s mother tells him to stay put. Riya and Armaan are about to exchange rings when Pranati tells them to stop. Reyansh wonders what she is up to now. Jugnu loads plates of food and heads to her room. Pranati announces that this engagement cannot happen. Everyone looks at her in confusion.

Reyansh tells his Dadi he knows her well. She is surely up to something big! Dadi tells him to stop Pranati if he can. I will beat you if she does something now! Pranati glares at Armaan. Dadi tells her to let them exchange rings. This is the perfect mahurat. Reyansh tries to take Pranati with him but she stops him. Pranati asks Armaan if he loves Riya. You said you love her very much and cannot live without her. what all lies have you told me? Armaan acts innocent. She is my life. Reyansh seconds him. He tells Pranati that Riya loves him too which is why they are getting married. Riya affirms.

Pranati says I want to hear it from Armaan too what love means to him. Dadi suggests playing these games later but Pranati stays put. She asks Armaan why he got Navya pregnant if he really loves Riya. Everyone gets stunned. She is pregnant with your kid and here you are getting engaged to someone else? Armaan’s parents are happy with the news. Bishambhar’s son murmurs to Mallika that this is why he was against this wedding. Shamsher says why we would believe just anyone anything says. Dadi says she is from our family. Pranati tells them to ask Armaan but he shouts at her to be quiet about it. There is nothing. Reyansh tells Pranati she might be mistaken but she reprimands him for helping his brother lie. I know all of you very well. Dadi says this is how they always fight. She tells Pranati not to drag them in their matter. She tries to convince Pranati but she reprimands her for hiding the mistakes of her grandsons just so she can have an upper hand in business. She tells Armaan to be honest. Bishambhar too tells Armaan to let truth come out in open once. Dadi denies. Ignore all this. Pranati warns everyone to stay put. This engagement wont happen!

Armaan tells her not to do this. There is no truth in this. Reyansh also tells Pranati not to do this drama. Dadi tells everyone to resume the engagement. Pranati says let’s call Navya here and ask her what’s happening. Armaan gets tensed. Maan lies to everyone that Navya is pregnant with his kid. Maan’s parents are still cool with this idea. Maan asks Pranati why she had to ruin his surprise. I thought to tell everyone once this engagement happens but you ruined my secret! I don’t mind you acting as an elder DIL of this house but don’t interfere in my life. Truth is that I love Navya! Dadi heaves a sigh of relief. Maan shows Navya’s photos to Pranati. Armaan wonders when she sent these to him. Maan confidently speaks of DNA test as well. Armaan tells Riya this was a misunderstanding. Dadi seconds him. I will take care of Maan later. You know how boys in this age are. I will get another grandkid.

Dadi tells Armaan and Riya to exchange rings now. Shamsher wants Pranati to apologize to everyone first. Dadi agrees with him.

Precap: Pranati and Reyansh are forced to get engaged. Dadi later taunts Pranati for being characterless. Reyansh slaps Armaan when he asks him why he had to get engaged to Pranati. She was staying willingly with you!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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