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Mere Sai 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Marriage On The Cards

Mere Sai 4th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sai chants Sanskrit shloka and explains its meaning that god gives conscience whomever he wants to protect and consciences teaches to stand for truth and protect it. He returns Appa and Tatya’s dried kurtas, picks ash from fire pit and asks Tatya to give it to Krishna’s Aaji tomorrow and inform her to keep it in empty trunk and also tell her that good fate is coming soon.

Krishna decides to leave Sumitra’s house. Sumitra says Adinath did a mistake and now everything is sorted out, then why she is going. Krishna says Sumitra favored her a lot, but she has her own conscience and she cannot bear insult repeatedly. Adinath apologizes Krishna and requests her to forgive him, gives reason that his parents trust unknown person easily and he can’t do that, he behaved very rudely with her and if she goes, he will never forgive himself; if she stays back, he will never misbehave with her. Sumitra says she shouldn’t listen to Adi, but should listen to her and stay back. Balachandra says he knows Adi well and he will never misbehave with her again.

Tatya gives Sai’s given oodhi to Aaji and explains her what Sai told. Aaji asks about Krishna. Tatya says she need not worry about Krishna as Sai is protecting her. A postman comes and asks Aaji if this is Vidyadhar’s house. Aaji calls Vidyadhar. Postman says he has a letter for him. Krishna on the other side dyes clothes singing lullaby. Adi enters and gets mesmerized with her voice. Servants alert Adi. Krishna gets nervous. Adi praises her singing and asks her continue singing. During lunch, Adi adds food to Krishna. Sumitra and Balachandra notice Adi’s growing fondness towards Krishna. Sai notices it on fire pit. At night, Sumitra prepares food chatting with Krishna and Krishna smiles. Sai notices even that sitting in meditation. Aaji keeps Sai’s given oodhi in a trunk. Next morning, Adi watches Krishna drawing rangoli. After sometime, Krishna serves breakfast. Adi says today food is very tasty. Sumitra says Krishna prepared it. Adi smiles at her. After sometime, Krishna counts dyed clothes and informs Adi. Adi is engrasped in drawing Krishna’s sketch. Sai noticing it sitting in Dwarkamayi says its a good picture. Balachandra walks in and thanks Sai for waking him up that night and helping him catch thief. Sai suggests him to check his business account book. Balachandra says Adi checks all that. Sai suggests that he is still the owner and should check his account book once.

Balachandra reaches home, checks accounts book and gets angry seeing Adi’s drawn Krishna’s sketch in it. He angrily calls Sumitra and shows it. Sumitra angrily calls Krishna and says she is removing her from job. Krishna gets tensed. Adi says its his mistake. Sumitra says that is why, she is removing Krishna from job and making her bahu/daughter-in-law. Adi stands surprised while Balachandra laughs and asks Krishna’s opinion. Krishna shyingly walks away saying she will inform Aaji. Aaji cries remembering Krishna sitting in temple. Krishna reaches there. Aaji emotionally hugs her. Krishna reveals whole story. Aaji thanks god and says let us pray god. Krishna says she will not pray stone who never helped her. Sai noticing it says god gives problems and even solves it.

Precap: Krishna tells Sumitra that she will not marry in front of god’s idol. Balachandra requests her to accept their request, they will never ask anything again in life.

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