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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber decides to stop Guneet from leaving Shukla’s house

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 4th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Amber telling Guneet that it is clear with her talks that there is so much bitterness in her. He says if a person wants to talk to you then he might be mad or love you irrespective of the situation. He says you must not be understanding as you can’t understand humanity. Guneet says I can understand emotions and lie. She tells that you don’t know what is called heart break? She says if you had loved someone then would have known how it feels when the person who trusts so much, breaks your heart. She tells that she got bitterness from the person with whom she had hopes of sweetness. She says you don’t know anything. RJ jhanvi plays the sad song. Mera kuch samaan tere pass pada hai…Amber continues on the call and tells Guneet that he is still on line. He says life is not just black and white, you have to understand and asks her to forgive that person and see, may be you will get what you was searching. Guneet says I don’t want to search anything. Amber asks her to go and talk to the person, says you are exploring your heart here on radio. Guneet disconnects the call. RJ Jhanvi asks do you know this person and tells that there was a good chemistry between you both. Guneet says she doesn’t know him. Jhanvi says she is not wrong, this conversation was like between the two persons who loved each other so much. Guneet looks on.

Nia meets her Maasi. Maasi says lets go and have coffee. She asks what is his new acting. Nia says you know dad well? Maasi says we had many fights in many years, but these things made me far from you, but I won’t let this happen now. She kisses Nia’s hands. Nia asks when is your reports coming from hospital. Maasi says tomorrow. She gives gift to Nia and says it is of your mummy. Nia gets emotional. Maasi says I regret for not able to apologize to my sister for hurting her and says she will feel good if she keeps it. Nia says ok and asks her to come home. Maasi says if your hitler father sees me then will not bear me. Nia says I will handle him. Maasi says I am happy that I am back in your life and kisses on her forehead. Nia holds her hand.

RJ Jhanvi asks Guneet if she knows that person. Guneet says show has ended, you don’t need to know. RJ Jhanvi says you know him right? Guneet says yes and tells that their chemistry was good. Guneet says life is not easy. Jhanvi asks if he has done some mistake and asks her to forgive him. She says I don’t want you to regret and says nice house. Guneet says this is her rented house, but she don’t have home of her own. She says my life is spent while searching the house. She tells that her father told her many lies and after his death, she had decided that she will not spare liars. She says she lied many times but for someone betterment. She says she can’t forgive this person. Amber takes out his anger and takes something in his hand. He says he wants to hate her and don’t want to see her face. Dr. Pandey asks him to stop and tries to calm him down. Amber’s phone rings. He tells Pandey that Guneet will come here now and that they shall go now. A guy comes there and tells that Guneet Sikkha called him to show the house. Amber asks if she is leaving Shukla’s house.

Kabir asks Swara to complete her work and come. He listens to songs. Swara says she will go by herself. She asks if he is that type of guy who drops and picks. He says yes. Swara says old fashioned, junglee man. Kabir asks how you will get saved from me? Swara says bachao bachao…Kabir hugs her. Kajal is hiding behind the table and asks if they do this in night. Nia brings the champagne bottle and says surprise. They say something. Swara asks what are you saying? Nia says something. Swara says she has work. Kajal asks them to have champagne and leave. She sends Kabir to get something to eat. Kajal and Nia think of their plan to make Kabir get angry on Swara. Kajal asks Swara to close her laptop.

Dr. Pandey tells Amber that Guneet will be soon out of house. Amber asks what to do to stop her from leaving, he asks shall I lock her house? Dr. Pandey asks him to think what Nia will think? Amber says you had told me that Nia will understand as she loves me. Dr. Pandey teases Amber and says you are swimming in love sea. Amber asks him to say what to do. He says he will talk to Shukla. Dr. Pandey says no. Amber says Guneet’s mother, no. Dr. Pandey says yes and asks him to do sit ups and gets ready to jump in the battlefield.

Precap: Amber tells that he has nobody to keep her hand on his head like his mother. Pammi says she will keep her hand on his head always. Amber calls her Pammi Maa and says your daughter will take me away from you. Guneet comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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