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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Shani Dev asks Amangal to harass Maruti

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 4th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mahadev freezing all the universe and shows Hanuman 11 mukhi swaroop. All the Gods and Goddess fold their hands before hanuman. The universe gets back to normal. Anjani asks Maruti what had happened here. Maruti tells that everyone is fine now, a storm came and went. Mahadev tells that the story is completed. An informer comes to shani dev and tells that when you was in Samadhi, a boy shook the universe, and tells that he got a boon of Mahadev’s 11 mukhi swaroop. Shani Dev asks him to tell from the start. He tells that this has started when the boy ate sun thinking it as a fruit and Devraj Indra giving him a boon that all the universe will know him by the name of Hanuman. Shani Dev tells that he is karmaphal data and the devtas would have to ask him before giving him the boon. He tells that he doesn’t accept this boon. Parvati asks Mahadev if shani dev will put his cruel sight on our maruti. Mahadev tells that Shani Dev has to play an important role in maruti’s life. Parvati asks if he puts his sight on him then. Mahadev says it will be test for Maruti, if he is capable for 11 mukhi swaroop or not.

Narad muni comes to Shani Dev and reminds him that Devi Anjani and Kesari was blessed with a son due to Mahadev, and now she has make her son more divine and told all stories of Mahadev. Shani Dev says nobody could be saved from him and asks why did the gods give him boon. Narad muni says maruti is mahadev’s avatar. Shani Dev says for what? He says Maruti has to bear the pain and tells that even Mahadev couldn’t stop him. He closes his eyes and sees Maruti’s kundali. He thinks Maruti was far from amangal and that’s how he got so many boons. He thinks to change the direction of mangal so that storm comes in his life.

Kesari flies kite and enjoys with Maruti and Anjani. Maruti feels blessed with his family. Shani Dev thinks Mangal shadow is on Maruti and that’s why I have to put my Shani sight on mangal. He makes the mangal changed into amangal. Shani Dev asks amangal to cast his sight on maruti. Amangal laughs and says wherever he goes, he takes pain, trouble and etc to him. He asks him to tell his name. Shani Dev says Maruti and asks him to harass him and his family. Roma, sugreev and Tara come to Kesari’s palace. Kesari welcomes them. Amangal comes inside and possesses Roma. Maruti thinks something is wrong for sure. Tara asks Anjani to give charity. Anjani asks Maruti to give charity on her behalf. Roma stops Anjani and asks if he called her and her husband to get them insulted. Anjani asks what happened suddenly. Roma says you both are insulting my husband and tells that he is Kishkinda King’s brother. She insults Sugreev and Kesari. She asks Maruti to give the clothes in her hand and says my husband has the first right to give charity. Just as she touches Maruti’s hand to get the clothes, she faints and falls down and amangal comes out from her body. They all get worried. Roma opens her eyes and asks what happened? Sugreev says we shall return to Kishkinda. Kesari says this is right. Maruti thinks who could be the reflection which I saw coming out of Roma kaki’s body.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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