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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Narendra speaks the truth and exposes Bheema

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 4th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shullu telling that he is blamed in the village. Bhakti decides to leave the village and tells that how I will get you married. Narendra blames himself for Bhakti and her family’s troubles. Vaishnavi comes to him indisguise of an old lady and asks Narendra to hold her thaali, till she gets flowers for Mata Rani’s puja. Narendra holds the thaali/plate. Vaishnavi plucks some flowers and asks where are the gold coins, which I had kept here. Narendra panics and starts searching. Kaki comes there and asks Vaishnavi what happened? Vaishnavi tells that her gold coins were missing. Kaki tells that Narendra comes from the thieves family. She finds coin in his clothes. Narendra cries and tells that he didn’t steal and don’t know how it came in his clothes. Vaishnavi asks if he understood how it feels when you call someone as thief. She tells that Shullu and his family have to bear the wrath of the people although he was innocent. She asks him to leave fear and support the truth once and see what happens. Narendra signs ok. Vaishnavi goes and becomes Goddess.

Bhakti tells Devendra that if truth doesn’t come then it will affect him too. She says we have a witness today, whom you can’t refuse. Devendra asks whom? Bharti asks Narendra to say the truth and not to be quiet today. Bhakti says this world is with the truthful persons. Devendra asks Narendra if he knows what to say? Bharti asks Narendra to remember that if he doesn’t leave fear today then he can never do. Bheema says Narendra bhaiyya, you are helping the enemies and calls him Vibhishan. He asks Devendra not to come in Narendra’s influence. Narendra recalls Vaishnavi’s words and says stop Bheema, not any more lies. He says when you was telling the truth to Sangata, I heard everything. You have blame Shullu wrongly and asks Devendra to ask Sangata. Sangata gets afraid. Devendra tells that he doesn’t believe Narendra’s words and tells that he has no mind. Narendra says I am telling you the truth. Kaki says I heard bheema talking about Narmund gang. Devendra gets angry and pushes Narendra for helping Bhakti. He asks Bhakti to leave along with her daughter. Bharti says this is the truth that thief is in your house and not us.

She says you are ruining our respect in the village and tells that she will not accept defeat and will prove her brother’s innocence. She says you might be the head of this village, but not God. She says I will call Panchayat and will seek justice there. She asks Bhakti to come. Devendra calls Bheema and says I know the truth, I will see you later. He helps Narendra get up and tells him that they have to take out Samjawan lal out. Narendra gets shocked. Suguna faints while her husband holds her and tells that he will take her for mata rani’s darshan. She gets happy. He breaks her fast and makes her have food. Suguna says first we will do mata rani darshan, then will stay at Bhakti’s place. Her husband asks her to have food first and goes out. She comes outside and sees her husband coming home with mud on his face. He tells that he came just now. She gets shocked and tells that she can’t believe this. She asks then who was he? Her husband says it was not me. She looks out and finds the food impression. She thinks Mata Rani came.

Precap: Suguna breaks the piggy bank. Her husband says it will be of no use. Bheema ties Bharti and Shullu to the tree and says free the lion to eat them. Vaishnavi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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