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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu gets scolded by Rajjo for stealing mangoes

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Happu and Amma liking the food made by Rajjo. Ranbir asks where are the mangoes? Rajjo says it is inside. Kat says she will eat Dussehri mango. Happu tells that he will enjoy eating mangoes. Malaika asks Rajjo to bring the tota peri mangoes. Hritik tells that he will have mango and Ranbir will chew the seeds. Ranbir says he will have badami mango. Rajjo goes inside to get the mangoes, but finds it missing. She calls Amma and asks where are the mangoes. Amma is shocked. Rajjo says there is just water in the tub. Happu says everyone must have eaten the mangoes secretly. He tells that he doesn’t like Hritik. Hritik tells that he didn’t eat any mango. Ranbir says even I didn’t have and asks if Dadi ate. Amma says I didn’t eat. Happu says I was planning to eat it, while squeezing it. He cries. Amma asks him not to cry. Happu asks her if she ate it? Amma slaps him and accuses him for doubting her. Happu tells that he is doubtful on Avdesh’s daughter also. Rajjo says she didn’t eat. Happu asks then where did the mangoes go? Amma slaps him and asks him to find out. Later in the night, Rajjo finds Happu eating the mangoes sitting at Beni’s house balcony. She catches him red handed. She says mango is eaten by lalla, but the thieves become everyone. She beats him. Happu tells that he wanted to eat mangoes and thought if he eats with everyone, then he will get just one, so he ate all. Rajjo says everyone of us got blamed for eating it secretly. She asks him to choose one punishment, asks if he wants to get beaten infront of mohalla and in the bedroom. Happu chooses bedroom. Rajjo takes him to room.

Next day, Amma slaps Happu for stealing mangoes in his own house and blaming everyone for the theft. Happu tells that he has stolen in his own house. Malaika says if I would have been in Police, then I would have handcuffed you now. Rajjo says you ate it alone. Amma asks Rajjo to let bygones be bygones and asks Happu to promise that he will not do this again. Happu promises her. Amma gets Atbeer Mama’s call and he asks her if he shall send the mangoes. Amma asks him to send three boxes. Mama says there are less mangoes this time. Amma asks him to send 2 mangoes boxes. Happu gets happy.

Happu comes to Beni and asks if he would like to eat mangoes. Beni asks from where? Happu says Atbeer Mama is sending two boxes mangoes and tells that it is wonderful. Beni says he is not an aam aadmi (ordinary man) and tells that he likes pineapple, the king of fruits. Happu says if he wants to have mangoes, then tell him. Beni asks him to get lost.

Happu comes to the Police station. Resham Pal asks did you check the time? Happu says I don’t have watch and checks in his mobile. He says it is 10 am. Resham pal asks why he came late? Happu makes an excuse. Resham pal asks did you find out about the person who clicked my photo. Happu says it was torch light. Someone is standing out and hearing them. Resham Pal tells that he can be jailed if that man is not found. Happu asks him to hear it carefully and tells that someone was surely joking. Resham Pal asks him not to eat his brain and find out about the man. The guy standing outside that this joke will prove costly for you.

Rajjo tells Amma that she is taking mangoes to soak in the water. Amma says Happu and you are same. She thinks where is the guy whom Atbeer sent to deliver mangoes. She calls the guy and asks him to come home. The guy says he is coming. Rajjo says Atbeer Mama has a big heart and send boxes of mangoes. Amma tells that this year there was less mangoes in the garden and that’s why he is sending 2 boxes. She says he used to send 6-7 boxes before and used to give to neighbours also. Rajjo asks her not to lie and says you won’t give to neighbors. Amma says I am Happu’s mother and laughs.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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