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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman Breaks Friendship With Shravan

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 4th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Kavita challenges Shravan that if his class is really conducted in their house, she will treat them with snacks. Rajender says they are coming for class and not to much snacks. Devaraj hopes they come. Bunty asks Shravan if they will really come. Shravan says his Suman never breaks promise. Doorbell rings. Shravan says they already came. Damroo brings teachings equipments and Jhumri shows him way in. All students walk in next followed Vijay with Suman and Kanchan and greets Devraj and Kavita. Devraj says he is happy to see Vijay here. Kanchan stamps Suman’s feet, and Suman shouts and says she saw an insect. Shravan takes them to terrace. Kavita complains, Devraj says she should be happy that her son fulfilled her demand. Anish with Devika and others enters Shravan’s room and jokes seeing his trophies and then picking binocular glances around, sees Suman’s room and fumes that Shravan watches Suman from here.

Vijay starts class and asks to write their thinking about their buddy. He makes Shravan and Anish buddies. He hears everyone and asks Suman to read Anish’s note. Suman reads note in which Anish has just insulted and badmouthed about Shravan. Anish happily looks at his friends. Suman continues and starts praising Shravan and says Anish’s impression changed after spending more time with Shravan in class. Vijay gets impressed by Anish and gives him 10/10 marks. After class, Anish asks Suman why did she save Shravan and lied. Suman says she just spoke what he would feel about Shravan in the future. He says he will never think good about Shravan and even she will hate him after seeing this. He shows her room from Shravan’s room via binoculars and says Shravan watches her from here. Suman gets angry and walks towards Shravan. She hears Shravan and Bunty’S conversation where Bunty blabbers how he helped Shravan befriend Suman and how he used to spy on her via binoculars, etc. Suman angrily yells at Shravan and without giving him a chance to explain breaks their friendship and walks down.

Downstairs, chachi asks Vijay if he would like to have tea or coffee. Rajender says Vijay likes tea like Devaraj and starts yelling against Daddu that Vijay’s father considers them as low class who live in garbage, etc. Vijay apologizes on his father’s behalf and says he is sure his father’s intention wouldn’t be wrong. Rajender continues and says he should send his father to pilgrimage instead of letting him trouble others. Vijay gets angry. Suman walks down and asks Vijay if they can go home. Vijay leaves with Suman. Devraj gets angry on Rajender and says he did wrong. Suman reaches home and tells Kanchan that she was wrong regarding Shravan and Kanchan won the bet.

Precap: Shravan tries to speak to Suman, but she doesn’t.
He calls her on mobile, but Daddu picks call and hears him asking not to tell about Rajender adn Vijay’s conversation to Daddu.

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