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Choti Sardarni 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vikram arrests Tarkash

Choti Sardarni 4th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Meher says who’s Vikram Deewan? He says an intelligent officer. He has come from Mumbai for some work. Meher says tell me the truth? Why are you so worried. Harleen says Sarab come here. Media asks Vikram about the case. He doesn’t answer anyone and leaves. Harleen says to Sarab, people have started burning your statues and opposition is using this against you. Sarab says I will cooperate with all the investigation and prove that I am innocent.

Aditi recalls Sarab calling her a sister. She recalls Daar calling her a sin. She gets an asthma attack. Meher hears and says Aditi are you okay? She opens the door and falls on Meher. Aditi can’t breathe. Meher calls Sarab. Everyone looks for her inhaler. Param says what are you all looking for? Everyone is worried for Aditi.

Scene 2
Rana turns on Tv. A baba says people pay for their sins here. Rana says see people pay for their sins, nothing happened to you. Kulwant says stop this drama, he’s fake. Amrita says he’s very trusted he’s baba Sevanand. Jeeto says he’s always right. Amrita says I trust him. He says big sins are paid for later. Jeeto says and smaller sins are paid for earlier. Kulwant slaps him and says did anything happen? Let me try again. She slaps Rana and says see, did anything happen? A crow poops on her face. Everyone smirks.

Meher sees Aditi’s inhaler in Param’s block factory as the chimney. She gives it to Sarab. He gives the inhaler to Aditi. Aditi breathes. Sarab thanks God. Sarab says where did you find this? Param says this is my factory’s chimney. Return it to me. Meher says the baby was crying that’s when I saw it. Sarab gets angry but Meher stops him.

Yuvi says dadi, baba on TV was right. You got punished right away. Kulwant says there is no such. Yuvi says I won’t annoy anyone, I will be punished. Kulwant says you’re my lion. There’s no such thing as punishment. Vikram says I am here to punish. Kulwant says I have done so many things that would shiver people’s souls. Nothing happened. Vikram says people will shiver because Vikram Deewan doesn’t forgive the sinner. People will know what happens when they mess with the law. Kulwant says never to watch such babas again.

Harleen says see Param, chota baby complained about you. Param says he did it? Param is angry. He is leaving. Meher says Param come here. I asked you not to touch things without asking. Dr.A Aditi was in pain. Promise me you won’t do any such thing again. Param hugs her and says I won’t.

Kulwant says to Yuvi let me tell you a life lesson. She plays drum and sings, have fun and enjoy. Let go of the fake babas. We don’t have to be scared of the enemies. When you have money and power no one can do anything. She sings and dances.

Param comes to Aditi and says sorry. Aditi hugs him and says it’s okay. Kids play all the time. Param says when you were a kid were you naughty?? She says you have a good and secure childhood. Mine wasn’t like that, it was tough. I will tell you a top-secret but don’t tell anyone. Aditi says I should say sorry for what has to happen to you. Lalita smiles at him.

Scene 3
Tarkash comes Vikram. He says as expected Mr. Gill didn’t come himself. Tarkash says he’s busy with something important so he asked me to meet you. Tarkash recalls he collided with him. Tarkash says I have seen you somewhere. Vikram says I am in nightmares of criminals. Tarkash says can I sit? Vikram says I don’t think we will have a long conversation. Why are you here? Tarkash says media has done their trial before CBI. I can guarantee you Sarab didn’t do anything. Vikram says are you selling a soap? Tarkash says I meant, his name was never in a scandal and this time without a proof. Vikram says what did you say without proof? Are we CBI officers idiots? Tarkash says I didn’t mean that. I only came here to drop this file. Vikram checks it and says to hell with your papers. Do you know where you are standing? He flips them in the air. Vikram says this isn’t your corrupt boss’ office where anyone can come. This is CBI’s office. Tarkash says no I came here because sir asked so we can discuss before it gets out of hands. Vikram says to bribe me? Tarkash says no you are getting me wrong. Vikram rings the bell and officers come in. Vikram says arrest him for trying to bribe a CBI officer. Tarkash says what are you doing? You’re wrong. Tarkash says also charge him for influencing the investigation and misbehaving with a CBI officer. Vikram says now you know who Vikram Deewan is? Tarkash says in an hour you will also know who Sarabjeet Singh Gill is.

Sarab tries calling Tarkash. Harleen says what happened? Sarab says what I feared. Tarkash is arrested. Harleen says by Vikram? Sarab says he arrested him so easily and I will get him out equally easily. Tarkash says you detain me for more than an hour. Vikram says the game has started. Sarab says I understand your game Mr. Vikram. You’re very predictable.
Precap will be updated when the episode airs on TV.

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