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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th August 2020 Written Episode Update : Angoori owns 2.5 Cr

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Angoori in garden a baba walks to her asking for water, Angoori says sit down i will get you water, he says thank you many people have buzzed me off, Angoori goes to get water, Vibhu scolds him, Angoori gets him juice and scolds Vibhu for misbehaving, Vibhu praises her. Angoori says stop praising me you are embarassing me, Angoori asks baba to be seated and goes to get him some food, Tiwari sees a baba and starts yelling, Angoori scolds Tiwari and says i asked him to sit, Vibhu says you are so mean. Angoori says my heart says he is divine baba. Angoori goes to get more food. Tiwrai says show us some miracle, Baba says you dont deserve anything but your wife is very kind, so feed anyone poor 100 bananas and you will have 100cr benefit, Vibhu says i dont believe all this, Baba says this is why you are unemployed and he has business.

Boys at tea stall, Tilu reads about business, Teeka says even we should think about business, and togetherness. Tiwari and Vibhu walk to them with bananas, Tilu yells at Tiwari for ruining his life, Tiwari says I have 100 bananas and only 1 of you will have, Tilu says we will distribute, Teeka says i agree, Malkan agrees to eat banana, and starts eating, Vibhu says i knew one of them will surely give up.

Tiwari and Vibhu get home, Angoori asks where did you two go, Vibhu tells her whole scenario, and says this is all superstitions, Angoori says this doesn’t work, Vibhu says see, Angoori says first you need to offer it to god and then you will be blessed. A lawyer walks in asking for Angoori, says your uncle Dinanath sent me, and here is 2.5 Cr cheque for her he has named his property to Angoori.

Tilu and Teeka scold Malkan and say Tilu and Teeka will show you power of unity, Teeka says i will not sell my character come what may, Vibhu walks to them with 100 bananas and says i didnt like he ate alone and only one of you will have it, Teeka says sorry we will distribute and eat, Tilu starts eating. Tilu says im sorry i was very hungry. Vibhu thinks now even i will have crores.

Prem walks to Vibhus house, Prem makes fun of Vibhus unemployment, Vibhu says never show pride of your money, Vibhu says even im going to be rich and tells about 100 banana story says even i will get crore now. Prem says i have a good news for you, we had a teacher in school who always had some broken bones and so your fate is just like him always broken, remember we both invested in share market, my money doubled up but your went is loss.

Tiwari gets Angoori chocolate and says soon i will have big shop, Angoori says where did you get money from, Tiwari says you will sponsor me, Angoori says that money is not ours, its like a donation and so we will donate, Tiwari says donate to me then, as charity begins at home, Angoori says we have everything, Tiwari says do you see a car, Angoori says no, Tiwari says i want it, Angoori says use Pelus auto, Tiwari says dont you want to go abroad, Angoori says we never travelled in India, and i don’t want your chocolate,and you wont get uncles money.

Pre cap: Tiwari talks to Vibhu and asks her to take papers from Angoori by offering him 10 lakhs

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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