Sunday , November 29 2020


Hello Guys …Hope you enjoy reading since it is first humour on my own life.please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes….

The one who doesn’t understand my emotions how can they estimate about What I can do? and what I am ?by deciding I will be like this without knowing anything about me and How I will behave? but I have to leave with them,I have No choice please give a chance to get another life.otherwise make a new world where the others don’t judge me at one glance of me(without knowing about me). At Least we must not care about their opinions otherwise it will hurt me so much such a way a pin piercing in my body.

I am feeling suffocating here they always says me you should be like this and like that all bullshit.They also doesn’t allow me to go outside…because others will hurt me but they are hurting more than them.

What a pity life I have yaar ???????…,god let me have a break from this life…. show me a ray of hope….you Know me na I can’t handle this pressure,pain for long time….so please give a chance to live another life.This is not only mental,physical pain but also a emotional one who kills a person from inside,It will not show outside but it cracks and burns from inside which I can’t even hide and show to others.So Please give a reason to alive for granting my desire that to have one person who will trust me,respect me unconditionally.

You know me when I silently hiding and crying each and everyday and dying each and every moment for next life…please bless me with this boon “HOPE” …. In this world there is nobody to share my pain ….or trust me because It was my own family who are treating as strangers which I can’t digest until now.Everybody cares for me but nobody trust me or understand me dear God …. I can share pain with only you….They always discourage me and says I will always fly in dreams,I am not in reality……But they don’t know that because of this silly dreams they think of I am taking breath …..AM I THAT MUCH DREAMING

In reality, I want to fly in the sky when I was intended to, wants someone to be the air under my feathers to help me fly.This nothing but dreams which I want to achieve from support ,trust and encouragement of at least one person but nobody is supporting me.

I am surrounded by the people who always think I am wrong in every decisions I make,..,..who always I am capable of nothing….why I am surrounded people like this …who can’t even respect me or trust me ,this is like hell I can’t suffer more please give me a chance to survive.

They always think I am stubborn but they don’t understand my feelings/emotions,they will always considered me as I was doing with wrong intentions and self-centered ….But I want to shout “I AM NOT LIKE THAT.”

They will always say I always point out mistakes of other but not myself,why don’t they understand nobody is there to support me so I always considered it was not my mistake by giving them explanation for it. Unknowingly I accepts my mistake infront of them but they don’t understand me at all.
why they will ask questions to me if they have their own answers(opinions) which they consider that I will give to them ….so why should I answer them…they will always considered my silence as ego but if I say something they manipulate into other meaning…the one who can understand and respect us must be given answers right.That why I keep silence.

They will (themselves) say that ask them when I need help but when I ask they will say why can’t you do your own work.
Will they will say al this so called help for displaying others that they are great and do any work for us.But we always don’t ask them.
Am I a toy with no feelings/emotions and they can play with me anything like they want whenever they need help they use otherwise they will throw me….
They will always tell ask questions when you don’t know how to do it don’t do as per your wish because you always spoil things if I ask them they will say why are you irritating me by asking questions?
I am totally losing myself my identity ..and dying each and every moment in my life .
Please do me a favor by giving a life with the person who trust,encourage and respect me………
Because of this people I am losing emotions and becoming like stone …so please send me an angel god …… People who point fingers to others’ character are often not themselves a pure soul.They forgot it.
And don’t give life to anyone because this is not life but this one is worse than death…Living in the hell literally………. Sometimes many obstacles come in our path,Wherein we cannot prove that our intention is right.

Everyone whom I met are saying that girl must depend on other person but I don’t think it is correct because if she is encouraged she can do anything by herself.
Every discussion end with her marriage.Is it correct thinking………..

They are talking about my marriage but how can I do it. The people who I am staying with all these years can’t understand me properly how can I expect a person from outside will understand me….How can I do this marriage it is not possible ……. I am suffocating so much…….Because of them why are you giving sharp pain god please begin my new life, I beg you ….


Please let me know how you felt after reading this…any comments good or bad is welcome…I will reply as soon as possible…

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