hello guys I’m back with 4th Os of mine hope you all will like this also. So let’s begin without wasting time

Hello everyone I’m Riddhima, Riddhima Deep Raichand. Daughter of Deep and Arohi Raichand. Sister of Angre Raichand. My dad is businessman and owner of A.R ( ANGRE AND RIDDHIMA )  ENTERPRISES. Right now I’m making my account on TINDER. Because I’m 22 and I don’t have any boyfriend so thought to make an account on TINDER so that I can get a match. And now my account is ready.

And I have used my favourite photos.

Now I’m swiping right to left again left to right. Suddenly a beep sound came from my phone. And I opened it and I got a notification that I got a Match.
I opened his profile his name is Vansh Raisinghania.
I Googled his name on google and it was written that he is India’s biggest business tycoon.
I went back to the tinder account and watched his picture.

He is really very handsome. And accepted his request and I messaged him in the message section.

ME: Hi I’m, Riddhima Raichand. I’m a doctor what about you.
VANSH: Hi I’m Vansh Raisinghani. I’m businessman.
ME: Ohh, that’s great. So tell something about yourself.
VANSH: People think I’m bit of rude because I don’t talk with them much. And every girls like me. Main abb hu hi itna sundar to kya kar sakte hai.

Self obsessed I said to my self. Then I heard that my mom is calling me to kitchen because dad and bhai is coming back from office so I said to him.

ME: Vansh I will talk to you later my mom is calling me so…
VANSH: Ok you go. Bye…
ME: Bye..
And I went to the kitchen.
Days passed and me and Vansh started messaging each other, we also do video calls and all sometime. In these days I started liking him. He is really very very sweet.
One day he asked if I want to go on a date with him and I said yes quickly.

Right now I’m getting ready to meet him. I’m really very excited to meet him. it will be our first meet. I’m wearing  a yellow off shoulder top with yellow skirt with minimal makeup and open hair looking gorgeous as always.
( abhi to kisi aur ko self obsessed kaha jaa rha tha 😂 )

And without wasting time I went from there to cafe where he asked me to come. I told my mom I’m going to meet someone.

I reached there at 5:15 he asked me to come at 5:30 but I don’t want to be late at my first date so I came early.

AT 5:30 PM
Here he came wearing blue coat and pants with white shirt looking hot and attractive.

I was staring at him and he came to the table and sensed that I’m staring at him so he said.

VANSH: Miss. Raichand, mana ki tadna is free of cost iska matlab ye to nhi ki aap mujhe aese tad ti hi rahengi.

And he started laughing. I was now used to his flirting so I also joined him in laughing. He Settled himself on the chair which was kept in the opposite side of mine.
Then Waiter came and asked us for the order.

RIANSH ( Together ): One cheese crust pizza with soft drink.

We stared each other and said together.
RIANSH: Our choices matched.

And we again stared each other and laughed.
Days passed and I was liking his company he is really very caring and kind at nature. First I thought that I’m liking him but no I’m loving him. I started loving his presence, his caring nature, his supporting nature, I love him very much.
I was going to propose him but he called me at the same cafe. I got ready and went to the cafe.

It was dark and nobody was there. I called his name and the light got on suddenly. And the place was decorated beautifully with fairy lights. And at the floor it was written I LOVE YOU with the fairy lights.

I turned behind and was surprised to see him on his knees.

ME: Vansh what are you doing on you knees get up please..
VANSH: Shhhhhh…. Riddhima let me say today.
The first I saw your photo on tinder started liking. And when I started meeting you I started loving you. You become my life. You are the only one who understands me even more than myself. You are the only one with whom I can share everything, even my personal secrets. I want you to be with me always. I love you.For the world I’m Vansh Raisinghania but for you I’m just Vansh your Vansh. Will you be mine forever?? Will you marry your Vansh.

I was shedding tears happiness. How someone is able to be that cute?? I instantly replied him

ME: I LOVE YOU TOO Vansh. Thank you so much to come in my life. Thank you so much for becoming my life. Because of you my life become more beautiful and amazing. I want my day to start with you and end with you. I want to become old with you. Yes I will be yours forever. Yes I will marry you.

Vansh slides the ring which he brought for me in my finger.

And hugged me as if their is no tomorrow.
I asked mom, dad that I want to marry him and they agreed instantly because my dad had also chosen him for me.

It’s my and Vansh’s wedding day. I’m so happy I’m going to become his wife.
I’m wearing a blue colour lehenga with heavy jewelry. And he is wearing a blue colour sherwani looking hot as USUAL.

The priest called the bride and groom. And we came down stairs in hands in hands. We were not looking less than King and Queen.

Priest spoke some mantras and told us to stand up and take seven rounds of the holy fire. And we took seven rounds around it and again sat down. Then Vansh put vermilion on my hair Partition and nuptial chain in my neck.

PRIEST: Now you are husband and wife for 7 births.
We took his and every elders blessing.

ANGRE: Vansh meri behan kaa khayal rakhna koi shikyat nhi anni chahiye.

Vansh nodded his head in yes.
We promised each other that we will stay together and fight together with every hurdles which will come in our lives. And I thank to god who send Vansh in my life.
And also tinder,


End of this ff also I  dont know what I wrote but hope you liked it.


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