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The Twisted game of Destiny-Threatened ep.34 IMMJ2 Fanfic


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I know guys this is a small update but i promise i will try my best to increase the length in the next one. Sorry for a short

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Rivan: Then your love story? (curious)

Vansh: A very difficult one! And this is where it had led us too, a separation! (he looked sad) None of our family members were happy with our love, they couldn’t see us together.

Riva: Then how did they agree for marriage?

Aryan: (entering) They had eloped (rivan and riva had their mouths open)

Vansh: (laughing) They didn’t agree but they forcefully had to. We actually had eloped for our wedding! They say that koi bhi pyaar me kuch bhi kar sakta hai (anyone can do anything in love)

Rivan and Riva: What!! (shocked)

Riva: You had run away?

Rivan: you had eloped?

Riva: Idiot it’s the same thing that I asked!

Rivan: dumbo, synonyms!! This is what happens when you bunked that English class

Riva: You idiot! (pointing finger)

Vansh: (shocked) You bunked your class?

Aryan: Good job!! (clapping) I like that!! (smiling)


Vansh: Aryan seriously?

Aryan: Of course, it was English after all! (making a face)

Vansh: (shocked) You bunked your class?

Riva: (trying to avoid his gaze) No…..no!

Rivan: (laughing) Answer dad! bolo bolo!! (say)

Vansh: Riva!! (stern)

Riva: Yea I did but only 1…

Vansh: 1…

Aryan: only 1! That’s it?

Riva: 2

Vansh: 2!!

Riva: 3 times, that’s all!

Vansh: 3 times!! And you call it only? (pause)

I did it 5 times! (proud, laughing)

Riva: (laughing) What…you did it too?

Aryan: Seriously Vansh? (surprised)

Vansh: Now you’re using my line!

Rivan: You too!!  Like father like daughter!! (shaking his head)

Angre: Absolutely right Rivan!! (laughing)

Vansh and Riva: Of course! (they hugged each other)

Rivan: Tell us about your love story!! I’m really eager to know it!! (impatient)

Riva: Why you want to create a movie on it? (joking)

Rivan: Actually…not a bad idea! (smiling)

Riva: Then I’m sure it will go flop; not because of the plot but because of your writing! You got a 5/ 100 in writing! That too the teacher had given 3 marks for the title and structure and 2 for a trial! (chuckling)

Vansh: 5 marks!! I never got that for sure! (giggling)

Aryan: I…got that!

Vansh: And you’re one of the richest and successful business tycoons!! (laughing) Like mamu like nephew!

Rivan: (irritated) Are we here to know your love story or our school stories?

Riva: You started it with mine!

Rivan: So what!

Riva: so you get it too, duh!! (he made a face)

Angre: (got a call) Excuse me boss

Angre went to the side and picked up the call. When he heard the voice on the other side he was left in shock.

Angre: You! Why did you call me? (shocked)

Unknown: You remember me! Not bad Angre!! (evil laugh)

Angre: What do you want now? You’re the one who attacked Bhabhi right?

Unknown: Ahh yes! Smart huh, but you’re equally part of it!

Angre: What nonsense, I didn’t do anything!

Unknown: Really? You thought I wouldn’t know that you betrayed me?

Angre: (stammering) I di…dn’t be…tray!

Unknown: Really? Are you sure? You know very well what I can do! You had spoiled my plan right?

Angre: No!

Unknown: Yes you di! (shouting) now you see how your family suffers along with Vansh’s! (hung the call)

Angre: No! You wo…n’t hello! Damn it! What will he do now!! (scared) I can’t even tell boss! (turns to see them laughing) What do I do? (dilemma)


The love story, how it all started

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Question: What do you think about the threat, who is it?

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