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The reason of my ecstasy Chapter– 41

Chapter :41…” A Date “…

Scene 1:

At Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport,

Van:You all go by flight to Mumbai, we will come later. We have some work.

Rid:You didn’t tell me? Huh? What work say na?

Ang:Do you need me say? I will help you then.

Van: (whispering)I will do some romance with my wife and Angre will help me? What the hell!!

Kab:What are you murmuring?

Van:Actually we have some personal work.

Rid:What personal work Vansh? I don’t remember something like that.

Sej:What you want to say Vansh? Say clearly.

Vik:Yes, where you two will go?

Ary:Any serious problem?

Tit:You can share with us.



Rid:Say na Vansh.

Van( frustrated ):Oh just stop it!! What you all are saying say na say na!! I am not a kid. I am going with my wife., what a big deal in it? Huh? Have I asked you all where are you going with your fiancee? And you Angre!! You want to help me? I will go for a date. You wanna help me?

Sia:I hate you Angre!! How can you stoop so low. You betrayed me.

Sia starts to cry.

Ang:Arrey!! How will I know that you were talking about date. Sia darling sorry. Let’s go I will give everything which you want. My darling.

He wipes her tears and went with her.

Vik:You can simply say us instead of all this.

Sej:Learn something from Vansh. He is so romantic and you!! Always running behind criminals.

Sejal leaves in anger while Vikram tries to calm her down.

Ish:What more I will say let’s go instead of disturbing two love birds.

IshBir and TitYan chuckles. They also leaves.

Rid:Like seriously?

Van:Please come na.

They leaves for the date.

(So this date was requested by Priyanka, hope you are reading it. If you are there then do comment and say it is fine or not. )

Scene 2:

RiAnash was in their car. It was evening time all the places has lighted up and the whole kolkata was looking damn beautiful. They reached somewhere.

Vansh quickly blindfolds her.

Rid:Now this? Why?

Van:You will get to know that soon.

He tooks her with him. The place was beautifully decorated with flowers. It was a park which was specially booked my Vansh for his sweetheart.

After reaching there he opens her blindfold.

She saw the place which was full of flowers and candles. There was a way to a table. The way was covered with rose petals. A shooting music was playing in background. Vansh takes her hand and went near the table. First they had some snacks.

After that they danced together.

Van:May I dance with you?


They starts to dance. While dancing sometimes they were so close to each other that they heard their heart beats. They were totally lost in themselves. At last Riddhima was about to fall but Vansh catches her by his strong arms. They were breathing each other’s breathing. Their eyes were locked for few moments.

Van:Come with me.

They stands under the open sky. There was a blast sound nearby. Then the whole sky lights up. It was a firecracker. In the sky it was written- I Love You Riddhima. She was so happy for this wonderful suprise. She has tears in her eyes.

She turns towards Vansh. Then their lips locked. They kissed each other passionately. A kiss which says how much they love each other, how much they need each other .

After there date they came back to Mumbai.

(Sorry for this short date part. Nothing more came in my mind😅😅)

Scene 3:

RiAnsh was welcomed by Anupriya and Dadi by puja thali.

Anu:My dil came back winning. I am so proud of you.

Dadi:Yes, you shines the name of RaiSinghania. We all are proud of you.

Rid:Like this only I will try to remove all the evil things from our society and we will make our dream India.

Listening to her Vansh and Angre saw each other. They faces were pale. They are in a tension.

Van:I have some work let me talk with Angre.

Vansh and Angre leaves.

Sia:Bhabi they have gone now. Now we will have our time as they will forgot everything when it’s about there work.

Kab:They can marry also.

Everyone bursts out laughing.

Ish:Vansh weds Angre. Wow!!

They all leaves for their work.

Scene 4:

Van:No we can’t say this to her. If she get to know about it then she will hate me. She will leave me forever.

Ang:We have to think positive.

(Question:About what they are saying? )

They were talking about something when they heard a chaos in the hall.

Both of them went there.

In the hall:

Both of them saw that Chang came in their house with his men. At first they were scared then they saw that he is talking politely with others.

Angre goes and greets him. While Vansh hugs him and whispers in his ears.

Van:Why you have came here?

Cha:Come on. I can come in your house anytime. We are doing business for so many years.

Van:No!! You will not come in my house.

Vansh goes and stands beside Angre.

Anu:You all talk about your business, we are sending some snacks.

Cha:No need! We are leaving for now. Will meet with you soon.

They leaves.

Van:Where is Riddhima?

Dadi:She is in upstairs.

Vansh went in his room.

Scene 5:

In RiAnsh’s room:


Rid:What he was doing here?




Rid:I know him very well. I heard his name in our department. He is an illegal business man. Don’t try to keep contact with him. I don’t want anyone to show fingers on us.

Van:Yes b..

Rid:Do you know about all this?

Van:Yes bu..

Rid:For what he has came here?

Van:Actually..h..e wants to do business with us.

Rid:Never!! ( on top of her voice). You will not do any business deal with him. Dare you to talk with him.

Van:But we can do business legally na?

Rid:I said na no.

Van:Why you are becoming so stubborn?

Rid:I am not stubborn, you are doing like this. There are other business man also then why he? Wait wait you are also with him?

Van:Stop it Riddhima!! Stop blaming me.

Rid:You didn’t say now also. I don’t want to talk with you now.

Both of them were angry on each other. For them their work is more important. Riddhima goes and sleeps in the couch and Vansh sleeps in the another couch.

(Bed be like:Meri koi feelings nhi hai, me kya marjaun?😂).


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