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The diamond that cost a life-Riansh OS

The diamond that cost a life-Riansh OS

Hey guys, I’m here with another OS on the current track however with my own version. It might be a bit emotional, you might need tissues! Also please don’t throw anything on your innocent and cute little author here 😂🥺for bringing this topic up. I don’t want it in the story of course. Guys please comment on how you found this one.


Vansh: Vyom, I’m telling you the truth! I didn’t kill your wife and daughter!! How do you think I can easily take an innocent soul’s life for a diamond! Unfortunately you never knew me as a friend! (anger)

Vyom: Stop lying Vansh! Tell Riddhima everything, (smirks) How will you tell huh? Your sins are a burden on you, they won’t let you tell her!! (shouted) Riddhima he won’t tell you anything! Riddhima (stops, sees her holding her head) Riddhima…. (she fell on the ground)

They both saw Riddhima on the floor, unconscious. Vansh shocked, quickly went to her and tapped her cheeks lightly, trying to wake her up. He panicked seeing her like that, it was all of a sudden…but what had happened to her, he thought. Vyom went near Riddhima.

Vansh: Don’t you dare go any closer to her Vyom!! (shouted)

Vyom: Vansh don’t be foolish, pick her up and take her to the doctor! You’re risking her and your baby’s life if you delay anymore!

Vansh: Riddhima!! I won’t let anything happen to you or our baby, I promise! (teary)

Vansh picked her up and went outside the tea plantation with Vyom following them. Vansh put Riddhima in the car, positioning her well so that she wouldn’t get hurt further and was about to take the driver’s seat when Vyom came and took it.

Vansh: Vyom…(cut by Vyom)

Vyom: I’ll drive Vansh, take care of her!

Vansh: (surprised) Hmm okay. Take us to the hotel and I’ll inform Angre to arrange the doctors.

Vansh sat and relaxed Riddhima’s head on his lap while he caressed her head and looked down at her helplessly. He called Angre and ordered him to arrange the doctors. Vyom hurried the car to the hotel as fast as he could. He turned back to see Vansh in tears. This was the first time he saw him in tears, that too for his love and his unborn child.

Vansh: (tears) Riddhima wake up! (tapping her cheeks) Riddhima, we need to talk to our baby girl right! Remember, we have to tell her everything and also we have to decide a proper name for her. Please sweetheart, for our baby girl! For our princess!

Vyom: Vansh don’t worry, she’ll be fine!

Vansh: Vyom please drive faster!!

They soon reach their hotel where dadi and the rest of the family members were waiting for them. Vansh quickly got down and picked Riddhima in his arms and went towards the entrance.

Dadi: What happened to her? What did she do now?

Vansh: Dadi can we not talk about this now! It’s an emergency!

Ishani: Is she dead? (smiling wickedly)

Vyom: Shut up Ishani! Is this the way to talk!

Ishani: How dare you tell me what to do! You first learn how to talk respectfully, get some manners! Half the time you’re roaming in your open shirt, I wonder if it’s your money problem or it’s a fake and awful designer that you’ve hired! (insulting)

Vansh: Ishani! Limits! (shouting)

Vyom: Leave it Vansh, a dog’s tail can never be straight! Has she ever kept any limits that she will cross! Always out of bound! (Leaving Ishani in shock)

Ishani: How dare you!!

Vyom: Oh shut up! You think I’m here to listen to your nonsense! I don’t think we should waste any more time in her baseless talks Vansh, take her inside! (to Vansh)

Vansh rushed to the room where Angre was waiting with the doctors ready to check her up. He carefully made her lie down on the bed while the doctors instructed them to wait outside. The rest arrived and waited outside with Vansh, Vyom and Angre.

Vansh: Angre I want to see all that happened yesterday! Now! (anger and worry) Show me the footages!

Angre: Yes boss, give me 2 minutes I’ll get it to you! (he went and after 2 minutes he came) Boss here! (handing over the phone)

Vansh and the entire family watched the footage, on how Riddhima was being affected, the amount she suffered. The hallucinations, the desperation to get her love back. The care for her love and baby, the truth of the evil. The mind games that were played with her, the foul plays that were played on her, the plan that used her, the punishment for thinking about her husband. She was going mad, day by day.


Riddhima enters the room after a lot of tries to get to the truth, to get to Vansh. She had asked Angre about it but he didn’t tell her anything, Vyom came and filled her mind with more questions. She came and fell on the bed straight, looking up towards the ceiling. She started speaking while tears rolled down from her eyes.

Riddhima: Vansh, where are you?? I’m looking for you but I just don’t seem to find you!! I see you everywhere, near me, hugging me, feeding me, comforting me, relaxing me but it all forms in to a dream. Why are you doing this! I’m really missing you Vansh! (crying) Please come back to your sweetheart! For your baby girl as well! I know you had come yesterday…that gift, it wasn’t a dream! It was you but where did you go, why did you go? I’ve been asking everyone if they know where you are like mad but no one replies! Everyone says that I’m just assuming things! I want you with me, I’m very lonely! I have no one!! Baby (touching her stomach) call your dad and tell him to come here, you’re his princess right, he will listen to you. Please tell him na! but you don’t worry ok, we will find him!

Mainu Teri Banke Rehna
Teri Hoon Bas Yaara
Na Chahun Chand Sitare
Maahi Sabse Pyara

Jahan Kahega Wahan Reh Lungi
Hass Hass Ke Sab Kuch Seh Lungi
Jahan Kahega Wahan Reh Lungi
Hass Hass Ke Sab Kuch Seh Lungi

Maahiya Yeh Vaada Kar

Ve Main Teri Ho Gayi Aa
Mujhe Door Na Kari
Ve Main Teri Ho Gayi Aa
Mujhe Door Na Kari

She got up and messed the room, she cried a lot and hit the bed continuously. She kept on talking about how much she was missing Vansh, she cried non-stop and held her head tight. She was slowly losing consciousness due to the exhausting breakdown. She held her head tight again, wincing in pain and crying. After a few minutes, she started feeling pain in her stomach, her lower abdomen as well. She clutched it tight and winced in pain, she fell on the floor. She hugged her stomach tight, curving up like a baby, trying to stop the pain but she couldn’t. She didn’t want anything happen to the baby.

Riddhima: (Crying in pain) Ahhh!! Vansh! My stomach, our baby!! Ahhhh!! (holding it tight) Please….hel…p (fainted)

Footage ends

The entire family was in tears seeing her in that state, somewhere inside all of them they knew that they were the reason for her pain. She wasn’t that bad was she that she deserved all that pain and hatred. In fact she wasn’t bad at all but it was their ego that didn’t let them see her goodness towards the entire family who always hurt her no matter what she did for them. She was pregnant, and still suffering all that, all that stress could have even cost her life.

Vansh: (throwing the phone in anger) Ahh!!! Riddhima!!! None of you guys saw or heard her pain and her pleas when I wasn’t here? Dadi? Not even you! (to the family) Angre? Ishani I wouldn’t expect anything from you but still?

Dadi: Trust me dear, we didn’t know anything about this! (shaken)

Angre: Boss, Bhabhi came to me every day, but I didn’t tell her anything but now I feel I should have told her! (guilt)

Ishani: I always demeaned her, but inside her she was getting eaten up by the worry and stress! (guilty) I’m sorry

Vyom: What’s the use of being guilty now….what’s done is done! None can change (sad)

Vansh: I shouldn’t have gone leaving here alone, especially when I knew how my family was towards her! Today her life and our baby’s life are in danger….all because of me!! (tears) I shouldn’t have made the plan, she took it seriously and started hallucinating!! I shouldn’t have blamed her for the 6 hour truth, she did everything for me. My stubbornness and my pride for the diamond; tear of Laila has brought her to this state. (crying and fell on the floor) I won’t be able to forgive myself if anything happens to her!

Everyone was quiet, the corridor was in full silence, everyone regretting, reminiscing and repenting on their doings on Riddhima. They all prayed for her, wishing her a good health. After a few minutes the doctors arrived outside after checking her.

Vansh: (standing up) What happened to her? (concern)

Doctor: I’m quite surprised with you all! She’s a pregnant lady and you let her take all that stress? How can you? She has undergone a lot of stress in a gap of 2 day, continuous trauma, hallucinations, crying, a lot of exhaustion at one go which has cost a life, (pausing) I’m sorry to inform you but we couldn’t save the baby, she has suffered a miscarriage! (sad) She will wake up in a little while.

Vansh: (muttering and taken aback) miscarriage….she’s suffered a miscarriage! Our baby, my baby (crying and in shock) is no more!!

Dadi: Vansh! (crying)

Ishani: Bhai (crying) I’m sorry, I know how this feels! I’m sorry I always wanted to kill your child because I lost mine but I didn’t mean it!

Angre: Boss, please control yourself! (crying) I know it’s a hard time but you will have to for Bhabhi!

Vyom: Vansh…

Vansh: (shouting) It’s all because of me!! I’m the culprit!! (crying) This diamond cost my baby’s life!! What will I tell Riddhima, how will I tell her that I couldn’t save our baby girl, our little world, our little angel! Why did this have to happen? Why did I do this to her! (looking at his hands) I’m a murderer…you’re right Vyom I’m a murderer that killed his own child! I had promised Riddhima to take care and protect her and our baby but….I couldn’t! I failed!! (shouting)

Riddhima: (from inside) Vansh! (weak) Vansh!

Dadi: She’s awake! Go beta, try and console her, I will get a few things for her. It might give her relief!

Vyom: What’s the point dadi maa! (tears) When you had to do it for her you blamed her, called her ominous for this family, and never took care of her! And now when she’s in this state, after all that’s done is when your motherly feelings have grown! How disgusting! (dadi looked down In guilt) Vansh you go, while I handle these people for you. Riddhima needs you!

Vansh: Vyom…

Vyom: You think why I’m doing this, it’s because I’ve gone through the same, I didn’t want you to go through it but I understand, I lost both my lifelines! (changing topic) Anyway you go

Vansh went inside and saw Riddhima on the bed. She was waiting for Vansh. She sensed him and turned to look towards him with a smile on her face, little did she know it would vanish in a few minutes.

Riddhima: Why are you crying Vansh? Your face…I’m fine and baby is fine too!! Just that it’s paining (pouting)

Vansh: Riddhima…

Riddhima: Vansh, I said not to worry, everything will be fine now. Us three will live happily and peacefully! We’ve got to do so much, baby shopping, my maternity shopping, we have to decorate baby’s room. A lot to do and I’m so excited! (happy)

Vansh: Riddhima…(crying) I’m sorry!! I couldn’t…

Riddhima: (frowning) What happened Vansh why are you crying? Any problem?

Vansh: Our baby! (crying)

Riddhima: (turned pale) What happened to it? Tell me! Tell me Vansh!!

Vansh: Riddhima we lost it!! You had a miscarriage!!

Riddhima: Vansh…no you must be joking! It can’t happen!! Vansh (he looked down) Vansh!! (tears) My baby!!!! (shouted)

The end

Guys do let me know how you found this one….sorry for killing dottu but Riddhima had suffered a lot during such a time, it’s not safe for both. Guys please do let me know your views on this OS in the comments section.

One more thing I’m not sure if I would be able to post my ff, as I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, so I wasn’t able to write but I will post soon. They will be short ones from now as my exams will be starting soon, on the 17th  and I would be preparing for them too. I might also be irregular but only for some time. Thank you, and please support by commenting.


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