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Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 16)

Virat expresses his emotions to Sayi.

Chapter 16

Sayi – Virat sir, what happened to you?

Virat – Sayi, please stay with me. Please don’t go back to hostel.

Sayi – But sir…

Virat holds her hands.

Virat – Sayi, I’m sorry for all I have did. I just need you. Won’t you come back for me?

Sayi – Sir, but, why are you telling all this?

Virat – You don’t know how tensed and worried I was, when you were lying here unconscious for a day. (He holds her face) Don’t you dare leave me again. Is that fine Mrs. Virat Chavan?

Sayi looked at him lovingly and nodded.

Sayi (smiled) – Can we go back to my room?

Virat (smiled) – Sure.

They both go back to Room. It was around 7pm when Advay came to her room.

Advay – Hello Ms. Sayi Joshi.

Sayi – Heyyy Advay.

Virat (murmurs to himself) – Think of the devil and he’s here.

Sayi – Come in, have a seat.

Advay comes in.

Virat gets annoyed, Sayi notices and smiles.

Sayi – Virat sir, get up from there na, let Advay sit here.

Virat gets more annoyed and gets up from there.

Advay sits, Sayi smiles.

Sayi – Advay sit closer na.

Advay sits closer to her, which angers Virat.

Advay – Virat, you leave. I’ll stay with Sayi.

Virat looks at Sayi pleadingly.

Virat – Let Sayi say that. Sayi, do you want me to leave?

Sayi acts to think.

Advay – Sayi, it’s okay if you can’t ask Virat to leave.

Sayi looks on.

Sayi – I’m sorry.

Virat and Advay look at her.

Sayi – Advay, Virat sir, promised me that he would tell his Case stories. And I love hearing case stories. So, if you don’t mind…

Advay – I can also tell na. I’ll tell you how I treated my patients. Since you are also going to be a doctor, you’ll be more interested in mine, right Sayi?

Sayi – Not right Advay. I will hear your case stories another. Today it’s Virat’s sir’s day. He’ll tell his stories and that’s final.

Advay nods.

Advay – I’ll leave then.

He leaves immediately leaving Virat and Sayi alone.

Virat locks the room.

Virat – Now there’s Shanthi is here.

Sayi smiles.

Sayi – Not so funny, I feel bad for sending Advay away.

Virat (goes closer to her) – Acha ji, really? (He starts tickling her) I didn’t know that you were very close to him.

Sayi keeps moving and cries out.

Sayi – Ouch…ahh…

Virat stops and looks serious.

Virat – I’m sorry, very sorry Sayi.

Sayi – It’s okay.

Virat – Are you okay now?

Sayi nods.

Sayi – Can you come closer?

Virat goes closer.

Sayi – come more closer.

Virat feels suspicious, but goes more closer.

Sayi – Lend your ears.

Virat lends it.

Sayi kisses him on his cheek and blushes.

Virat looks stunned and blushes. They have a moment.

Virat – I didn’t know, you were this fast.

Sayi – Thank you for making me happy.

Virat – Hayee, my wife.

Sayi – Stay with me like this, okay?

Virat – Hamesha baba.

Sayi – we’ll sleep then?

Virat – Sure.

He decides to sleep on the bed with her.

Sayi – Virat sir, what are you doing?

Virat – What am I doing? I’m sleeping next to my wife!

Sayi – Arey, can’t you see in which state your wife is?

Virat – Which state?

Sayi shows her banded places.

Virat smiles.

Virat – I miss hugging my wife. So can I sleep with my wife?

Sayi – When have you hugged your wife?

Virat – Now. (He immediately hugs her and lies down)

Sayi – You are becoming very naughty sir.

Virat – Isn’t that good?

Sayi – Yes yes. Good to see you behave as a kid.

Virat – Shall I switch off the light?

Sayi – Virat sir, it’s for your betterment, go sleep on the bed.

Virat – What if I say that I find my betterment when I sleep with you?

Sayi smiles.

Sayi – Not gonna argue anymore.

Virat – We’ll sleep peacefully.

Sayi – Okay.

Virat switch offs the light.

Virat – Sayi..

Sayi – Yes.

Virat – I have something to tell you.

Sayi – I thought you already said that.

Virat – Yes, but there’s one more thing, that I want to say.

Sayi – Say it then.

Virat – *I love you Sayi Joshi*

Sayi smiles and doesn’t respond.

Virat – Sayi? Did you sleep?

Sayi – No.

Virat – Did you hear what I said?

Sayi – Yes.

Virat – And your reply?

Sayi – Same.

Virat feels elated and hugs her more tightly and sleep.


Precap –

Advay – Let’s go.

Virat – Sayi, please. Don’t go.

Sayi – Virat sir, keep your hand on your heart and take a decision.

Paakhi stands next to Virat and smiles.

Sayi – Both of us will agree to it no matter what.

Paakhi also nods.

Virat – Sayi…

Sayi – Till then, I’ll stay with Advay.

She takes a step, Virat stops her.

Virat – You can’t leave me like that!

Sayi – I will.

Paakhi grins, Sayi notices.

Sayi – Once you take a decision, I’ll come back. (glares at Paakhi) With Samrat dada.

Paakhi is shocked, Virat looked confused.

Sayi leaves with Advay.




Heyyy Guysss, ik I take so much time to write one chapter! Veryy sorry for that. I really liked Sairat’s romance in the current track. Because of Paakhi, everything is again shattering. I feel so angry because of that!!! Anyways, next chap I’ll post it soon.









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