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Santoshi Maa 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Indresh’s birthday celebration takes place.

Santoshi Maa 4th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Devi Laxmi also raising her concern to Prabhu Narayan of Mata Santoshi’s devotee’s child who hasn’t taken birth yet & facing trouble while Prabhu Narayan tells her that this will be taken care by Prabhu Mahadev itself & I know he will look into it.
Mata Paravati is also restless moving here & there while Prabnhu Mahadev calms her telling that to not to panic inspite of you being strong woman & Adhishakti of this world hence calm yourself & keep faith in Devi Santoshi.
Indresh appreciates the arrangement including cake while Samiksha blushingly thinks saying that anything for you. He is about to cut the cake but the owner tells Indresh that first we will be playing a game wherein your eyes will be tied & you have to search your Swati holding which balloon which will be held by all the ladies here, by blowing it. They begin the game while Swati is fooling him by calling him & he goes towards that direction but she changes her place & moves another side. Indresh gets confused & blows Honey’s balloon who had disguised himself as a woman. Again Indresh asks for one more chance but this time also Swati fools him while Indresh blows Samiskha’s balloon & she blushes.
Devesh being jealous says that you can’t search Swati so easily it seems while Rinky steers him but Indresh getting annoyed on him saying that I can smell her wherever she is & again they start the game but this time only Rinky & Swati are left with balloons while Lovely runs to calm the child who keeps crying. Indresh this time doesn’t get fooled & correctly blows Swati’s balloon winning the game.
Indresh is appreciating Swati’s looks hence sings & dances with her while Samiksha watching dreams of dancing with Indresh in her attraction towards him. Suddenly the song stops & Samiksha comes out of her dream.
Devi Polomi is smiling while tarangni is asking her reason of her smile but she orders Tarangni to call Yamraj & when Yamraj arrives Devi Polomi tells him that you must have received note of Chitrgupta of whose time of death has come but he raises his concern of how to kill a child but Devi Polomi alerts him of his duty to perform & Yamraj leaves for his job.
Prabhu Narayan & Brahmadev are explaining Devi Laxmi & Devi Saraswati resp. that might be Prabhu Mahadev must have booned wish to Devi Santoshi for this day which isn’t used yet & he must have realized of future trouble in child’s life.
Lovely is pampering & calming the child who is crying & says thinking that once you start talking then you have to call me mother. Swati comes to Lovely asking about child but she asks her instead that what about this child now if her mother doesn’t arrive while Swati informs that I forgot to tell you that doctor has informed her mother Sujata will be discharged tomorrow & will arrive before we leave from here & Lovely feels depressed hearing this.
Dev Rishi intimates Mata Santoshi to see how Lovely is getting attached to the child but she tells him this is due to power of Devi Polomi which she has used & Dev Rishi asks her that is she playing behind a child now?
Singhasan is roaming around the Resort property thinking that this is the right place to kill Swati & her child which should not take birth in his house.
Indresh is about to cut the cake but Samiksha stops him telling that in America before cutting the cake it’s a tradition to ask for a wish & Indresh says that I do not have any other wish than to bless me & Swati to be happy always & next year to cut the cake along with our child & all feel happy about his thought while Samiksha feels jealous.
Indresh is about to cut the cake but Singhasan comes telling him that will you cut without your father while all are surprised to see him.

Episode ends
Precap: None

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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