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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 23

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Episode begins with.. 


Riddhima comes to the house. She sees Vansh sleeping on the sofa. She remembers his words. She goes out. She goes to the study room. 

RIDDHIMA: I don’t know whether I’m wrong. But, I know that I have hurted you. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I don’t know why I behaved like that with you. This is why, I asked you to leave. But, you didn’t listen to me. I don’t know whether you’ll accept my apologies. But, I don’t want to disturb you or hurt you anymore by asking you to forgive me. I won’t do that mistake. I don’t have any right to hurt you or scold you. But, I did. I’m sorry for that. But, I won’t say it to you. Because, I’m something different from what you think about me. You can’t handle me. Better, I’ll stay away from you. I won’t disturb you. I don’t want to disturb you too. But, who did this? And why? I should find out this.. 

She thinks about the incident repeatedly. She comes to her room. She sits on the bed. She thinks about virat’s words. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) I’m not upset or angry that I didn’t get that deal. I know that this is common in business. My problem is I couldn’t give the presentation inspite of my hardwork. There is something fishy. This haven’t happened before. Who did this? Why? What was their intention? 

The time passes by. Vansh wakes up. He sees riddhima sitting on the bed. He ignores her and goes to the washroom. He gets ready to go to the office. Meanwhile, riddhima vomits continuously. She gets unwell. Vansh without even looking at her, leaves. She goes down and asks there servant not to disturb her. 

She goes to the study room. Riddhima repeatedly thinks about the incidents. She calls her manager and informs him that she won’t be coming to the office. She goes to her room. She opens a suitcase and sees angre and her’s photo. Riddhima cries thinking about angre. 

RIDDHIMA: I miss you bhai. I have scolded you many times. I got angry on you many times. But, you never left me alone at any point of my lifetime. But, today I’m feeling very lonely. I miss you and dad so much. Even whenever I used to get angry on dad, he used to just smile at me. Even when mom scolds me, you both used to come and save me. You both never wanted me to feel alone. Especially, you. But, today I’m alone. When I was small, whenever I used to get unwell you both will sit beside me. You both will be awake throughout the whole night and look after me. But, today I’m alone. I miss you both badly. She cries.. She keeps the photos inside the suitcase. She was about to close it. Just then, she sees a diary inside it. she takes it. 

RIDDHIMA: This diary.. 

Just then, a photo falls from it. She sees it and gets shocked. She opens the diary and reads it. As she was reading, she gets shocked. Tears were rolling down from her eyes. The diary was left half the way. She reads it and closes it. She throws the diary and the photo back into the suitcase. She closes the suitcase. She cries badly. She keeps the suitase inside the cupboard. She cries badly thinking about that diary. On the other hand virat gets happy on hearing riddhima’s condition. 


Ishani calls Vansh.. 

VANSH: Tell me, ishani.. 

ISHANI: Bhai, did you fight with riddhima?

VANSH: No.. Why will I fight with her?

ISHANI: Bhai, I called her sometime back. When she spoke to me, I found her disturbed. There is something that is disturbing her. 

VANSH: Ishani, I didn’t do anything. She fought with me. She scolded me unnecessarily. Even I asked her the reason  for her disturbance. But, she got angry on me. I didn’t do anything. 

ISHANI: Bhai, till now I didn’t tell anything to Angre. Because, I don’t want him to get tensed. I thought that you can handle her. Bhai, riddhima is always different. She cares about everyone. She solves everyone’s problems. But, she won’t share her problem with anyone. Because, she doesn’t want anyone to get tensed. She can do anything for her dear ones. At the same time, she won’t forgive when anyone decieve her. It is very hard to hurt her. She usually often gets confused. When she is any confusion, she gets angry on everyone. This is her character. But, she doesn’t mean to hurt anyone. Definitely, she must have got angry on you and scolded  you because of some confusion. But, she know how each and everyone of us is. She can easily understand everyone.

VANSH: Ishani, even the opposite person has their own feelings. She can’t just scold everyone. She can’t just get angry on everyone.

ISHANI: Bhai, she doesn’t meant to hurt you. Bhai, do you remember? Even you used to get angry on others and scold everyone when you are tensed. You have scolded us and got angry on us many times. Did you meant to hurt us at that time?


ISHANI: Then, what’s your problem with riddhima. You both may hate each other. You both might not be able to understand each other. But, the truth is you both are similar. Bhai, let me tell you one thing. Bhai, I even know that she arranged this picnic. Did you know why? Did you know why she lied to everyone that you arranged this?

VANSH: I asked her the reason for that too. But, she didn’t answer me.

ISHANI: I’ll tell you the reason.

Vansh gets shocked. 

VANSH: What? You know the reason?

ISHANI: I know the reason. Because it’s for me and mom. (She tells about her insecurity which she told to riddhima). After coming here, I came to know that even mom missed me. So, she planned this picnic for both of us. She want me to spend some time with Angre. She wanted angre to be free. She even wanted mom to be happy. So, she done this. She didn’t tell anyone because, when she tells this then, angre will ask her the reason. She can’t easily lie to angre. So, she done this. She thought about everyone.

Vansh gets shocked.. 

VANSH: Ishani, why did you thought like that?

ISHANI: Bhai, this is the difference of riddhima from all of us. Now, you are asking me this question. But, she didn’t ask me. She instead thought for me. She understood me. I know that I have done wrong. She even talked for me to angre. Angre told this to me. She even told angre that you are there for to take care of her. Angre too believe in this. Just think, what you have did? I’m not saying that you are wrong. But, just think about it. Till now, she didn’t tell this to anyone. Because, she doesn’t want anyone to think bad about me. Now, tell me bhai. She has done lot for your sister and your mother. She thought everything about our family. Can’t you forgive her small mistake. People usually show their anger to their dear ones. She is your wife. Bhai, now it’s upto you. But, don’t forget that a girl who stood by you and your family is now in some problem. And that girl is your family, is your wife..

Saying so, she cuts the call. 

Vansh thinks about ishani’s words. He thinks about how riddhima helped shwetha, him, ishani and his mother. 

VANSH: Have I done any mistake? She was not well. My God!! What have I done? He calls the doctor and asks him to come to his house. He immediately leaves. He comes to his house. He goes to his room and finds riddhima lying unconscious. 

VANSH: Riddhima.. Riddhima.. Open your eyes. Riddhima open your eyes. 

Just then, the doctor comes there. He checks riddhima.  

DOCTOR: Vansh, she is having high fever. She is weak. That’s the reason why she fainted. I think she didn’t eat and sleep properly. Her body is so weak. Please, take care of her. And very important thing. Don’t allow her to take over stress. I think she is already stressed about something. So, better take care of her.. 

Saying so, he prescribes some medicines and goes. 

Vansh looks at riddhima. 

VANSH: I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you alone. What would have happened if I wouldn’t have come at the right time. 

Riddhima opens her eyes and looks at vansh. Vansh looks at her.. 

PRECAP: That’s just a small business issue. You don’t have to worry about it.  Riddhima gets happy.. 


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