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#RIANSH – SCAR ON SOUL# – #Part – 11#

There are going to be some light moments in the story to show the life difference between Riddhima’s and others. I hope that’d be accepted as part of the plot


Vansh’s Cabin

Vansh was going through some files when he saw the cabin of his room opening, only 1 person has that audacity to enter his cabin without knocking after his family and that’s none other than Aryan. So, he didn’t even turn towards the door to see who it was and just smiled and spoke

Vansh: When will you learn some manners Aryan?

Aryan: Never ever!!!

Vansh nodded his head side to side with a smile as if nothing can happen to this guy. Aryan entered the cabin and took a seat in front of Vansh and they were chitchatting for a while before Aryan decided to leave

Aryan: Acha Vansh I’ll leave now. Will meet you later

Vansh: Thank God you are leaving! I was about to call guards to kick you out (teasing)

Aryan: Hahaha not so funny!!! Vaise bhi dare you to kick me out because your sister would kick you in the house if you do so (naughty wink)

: She’s his sister so she’ll be on his side, you better chose someone else who could support you Aryan

They turned to see Angre standing near the door with a smirk on his face and Vansh chuckled as Aryan face palmed himself

Aryan: So Angre you and me should make a group against these brother and sisters trio as they are one against everyone. Individually they support us but when we need their support they chose to stay together than supporting us. (making a face)

Angre: I totally agree Aryan. I have experienced this for 4 years and am still doing so. You are just a year into this imagine what am going through because of this trio.

Aryan: You are experienced Angre with tackling Ishani but am still trying to. Why don’t you share some tips!!!

Angre: You are asking the wrong person Aryan! Because till today even after all these years am still trying to find the ways because whenever I think am going to win the situation the great sister of Vansh Rai Singhania (mocking) uses her some strategy and I see myself losing.

Aryan (chuckling): Guess what even after dating for 2 years and being married for 2 years, you couldn’t find the solution for this then my situation is no different. Am into the relationship just a year back

Angre: We can’t help Aryan! We have dug our grave ourselves and we need to pity ourselves for falling crazily in love with the sisters of Vansh Rai Singhania (mocking)

Aryan: I totally agree and am indeed pitying myself for loving Siya Rai Singhania who’s the replica of her brother and always on the verge of killing me with her multiple personalities just like her brother

Angre: And I pity myself for marrying the great sister Ishani Rai Singhania of the great brother. Trying to cope with her is no less than stepping on a landmine. One wrong step and am dead meat!!! She is a photocopy of her brother and carries his VR attitude as if it’s the family’s pride and possession.

Aryan: Angre if our situation is this then how are they with their staff!!!

Angre: Simple Aryan, these sisters show us living hell and for staff, they show the ways of easy death to avoid the Dayan’s.

Aryan: I pity them. Poor they what all they have to go through for livelihood.

Angre: I agree!!!

All this while Vansh was staring at those idiots, who were daring to mock him and his sisters in front of him.

Aryan: But now I have a serious doubt….

Angre: And what’s that?

Aryan: Being men we understood how our life is going to be or is with the sisters of Vansh Rai Singhania, but now how will the life of the girl who’d come into the life of the Great VR?

Angre: You mean a girl in Vansh’s life?

Aryan: Yes

Angre (mocking): Hahaha…. Vansh and love!!!!

Duo (unison): MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

Both Aryan and Angre burst into laughter. Vansh was observing all the while with his signature smirk

Vansh: Done with your baseless banter?

Aryan: Arrey Vansh it’s not baseless it’s in fact a very important discussion

Vansh: And may I know what so important in that?

Angre: Your marriage (chuckling)

Aryan: And according to dadi there isn’t any other important discussion than this

Vansh: Shut up guys!!!! For a moment forget about my marriage and what were you speaking of my sisters? (raising eyebrows) If you forgot let me remind you that Mr. Aryan and Mr. Angre, you were planning a date tonight right!!! And …. (mocking) just imagine if I reveal your this back b*t*hing of my sisters in front of me to them then………

Angre & Aryan (shock): NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angre: Vansh, you can’t do that

Vansh: Am Vansh Rai Singhania and I can do anything

Aryan: Why are you hell-bent on separating 2 couples? (making a face)

Vansh: Wasn’t that you two b*t*hing about their torture a few minutes back!!! Am just helping my friends in getting rid of their torturous mates

Aryan: I tell you Angre, he isn’t in a relationship so he doesn’t want even us to be happy.

Vansh: Is it? Fine then I’ll call Siya once and ask her opinion in this regard

Aryan (requesting): Vansh!!!! After a lot of struggle, I got my Siya now you please don’t break us

Vansh: Or shall I inform this to Ishani? Maybe she can …

Angre: Vansh!!!!! Why do you want to get me divorced!!! Am happily married to my love and cant you see our happiness?

Vansh: You both were b*t*hing about my sisters in front of me and expect me to stay calm? (smirk)

Aryan (making a face): Angre, I’ll leave….. (eying Vansh) if I stay even for a moment then I’ll be found in an asylum with my medical history as mental imbalance due to breakup

Vansh: Great decision, close the door when you leave

Angre controlled his laughter while Vansh was chuckling and Aryan started leaving making a face. But he stopped abruptly when he heard the stern voice of Vansh

Vansh (stern): How’s she?

Aryan turned around so did Angre and glared at Vansh who was staring at them with some far-away thoughts in his eyes.

Aryan (sighing): Afraid of present and future

Angre: Can’t we do anything to help her?

Aryan: Like? (sarcastic chuckle)

Angre: She got a job now; she can stand on her feet. Why cant she just take a stand for herself and get rid of that toxic relationship?

Aryan: It’s not as easy as you think Angre!!! That bastard doubts Riddhima’s intentions to work…

Vansh: Intentions? (confused)

Aryan: He thinks that she might elope with some other guy, isliye he was here. He didn’t leave simply, he waned her to dare she opens her mouth

Vansh and Angre clenched their fist at how low Kabir stooped in his thinking.

Aryan: She is afraid to fight against him with the fear that till today he used to hurt her and if he gets to know about her meeting us and revealing her ordeal then he’d hurt us too and that fear occupied her mind. She is afraid of losing her parent’s last memory, her house.

Angre: I feel like suffocating that Kabir with my bare hands (anger). He is taking the advantage of her vulnerability

Aryan: Now am wondering what’d happen to her after going home!!!! (worried)

Angre: Why do you feel he’d hurt her again?

Aryan (sarcastic chuckle): First of all, he doesn’t need any reason to hurt her and secondly she informed me how he left from here disheartened.

Vansh: I thought maybe for some time she could be happy being here isliye when she asked me if she can join from today I instantly agreed and made sure to get rid of Kabir

Aryan: I understand your concern Vansh! But we never know what he is thinking of now and what he’d do!!! There are many chances for him to react wild….

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