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Riansh-love between police officers episode 23- Riddhima’s revenge

The episode starts with:


The day ends and at night vansh goes to Riddhima and unties her. He then removes the tissue from her mouth.


Riddhima (anger): you idiot! Fool!


Vansh: calm down!


Riddhima: why will I .


She stands up and starts pushing him. She pushes him out of the room.


Vansh: what the hell are you doing?


Riddhima: sleep outside only today! Enjoy mr. Vansh rai Singhania! (Wink)


She closes the door on his face. He knocks the door.


Vansh: Riddhima.. sweetheart!! Open the door!


He knocks again but she doesn’t open it so he decides to go to guest room. He adjusts himself in the room and sleeps.


Next morning:


Vansh wakes up and starts to go to his room before anyone sees him. He knocks the door.


Vansh: Sweetheart! Please open the door!


Riddhima opens the door. He quickly gets in.


Vansh: are you mad! Why did you make me out of the room?


Riddhima: why did you tie me up!


He looks at her and without giving an answer goes to washroom.


Riddhima(thinking): vansh..you did very wrong by tying me now see what I will do!


After a while vansh comes out of the washroom.


Vansh: sweetheart where are you!


He sees here and there.


Vansh: oh no it’s so hot! Who the hell turned off the air conditioner.


He takes the remote and tries to switch it on but it wasnt switching on. Suddenly the fan goes off.


Vansh: oh god! It’s so hot!


Suddenly a heater points towards him.


Vansh: what the hell is this! Who is doing this!


Suddenly something strikes him.


Vansh: Riddhima… Riddhima I know you are doing this! Riddhima turn this heater off! I will die off heat.



Riddhima comes and turns it off. The fan turns on. She turns on the Air conditioner. She goes close to vansh.


Riddhima: I told you na..never mess up with Riddhima Rathore.


She leaves. Vansh was dumbstruck.


At breakfast table:


Riddhima comes and sits. Vansh also comes and sits.


Sia: bhai..I guess your last night was very enjoyable. (Laughing)


Vansh looks at her in shock.


Ishani: yes bhai enjoyed a lot outside the room(laughing)


Vansh: how do you all know?(shock)


Aryan: everyone knows bhai that riddhu threw ypu out of the room.


They all start laughing hard while riansh were embarassed. They had the breakfast and left to their respective works. Angre and vansh were discussing something on poolside. Then angre leaves. Vansh was about to leave but Riddhima pushes him in the pool.


Vansh: Riddhima (anger)


Riddhima: vansh..the same you did with me right!(laugh)


He glares her angrily.


Riddhima: see today..I made you feel hot also and cold also (laughing)


Vansh: Riddhima this is too much now(anger)


Riddhima: this is not much vansh! There is much more in store for you sweetheart!


Vansh: I will tell you today once I get out of the pool(anger)


Riddhima: ohho..vansh rai Singhania is angry! Let’s see what you do when you will be out of the pool(folding her arms)


She leaves. Vansh gets out of the pool and goes to their room. He opens the door and a bucket of water fall on him.


Vansh: Riddhima(shouting)


Riddhima comes laughing.


Riddhima: see yourself (laughing)


He starts moving towards her but again falls because Riddhima had threw pebbles on the floor. He gets up but was again and again limping. Riddhima was continuasly laughing.


Precap: Vansh: This is too much now Riddhima! I didn’t say anything to you till now but now no one can save you from my wrath! 



Hope you enjoyed today’s episode and Riddhima’s antics😜😜😂! My other ff had completed golden jubilee yesterday and this one is going to complete silver jubilee very soon 😍!



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