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RiAnsh : HAAYEEE!!!!! MEIN MARJAAAUUUN!!!!….. Episode #2

After the person left from the orphanage , the person arrived to a park and sat on a bench , just then he/she got a message ,

” Turn Back ”

He/she does so , and a person came in front of him/her ,

Person 2 : I LOVE YOU RIDDIMA !!! , I love you a lot , I always wanted to be with you , accept my love riddima.

Riddima is left flabbergasted , she took some time to digest the fact . she then sat on her knees , at the same height of the person .

Riddima : I love you too , I just waited for this confession to hear it from you .

okay okay , don’t throw chappals on me now 🙅🙅 .

Person : hmm , you are too much egoistic ,
you doesn’t even tried to confess

Riddima : now leave about it yaar ,now come with me .

Just then , someone calls her .

Riddima : yes , ok , thank you .

At VR Mansion :

Vansh : (concern and little anger)you are not ok siya , why are you not taking medicines properly ?? , you are my life line right ? , you want your brother to die ??

Siya : bhai , I am fine .

Vansh : (sarcastically) wow !! , I doesn’t know it right ?? , so what I am checking you and scolding , isn’t it ??

Just then angre comes there .

Angre : boss , his…..

Vansh (happy) : did you bought up his employee ??

Angre : no boss

Vansh :(more happy) then his P.A ??

Angre : no boss

Vansh (upset) : then what ??

Angre : I have known that he got a girlfriend , and he proposed her .

vansh : do he really love , varna trying to …..

Angre : I doesn’t know it clearly boss .

Vansh : then kidnap his girlfriend right away .

Angre & siya : (shocked) Whattttttttttttt????

Vansh : you are listening correct , I said you to kidnap her , then we can make him come to our place , asking for ransom , then , we could………

Angre : ok boss

Saying so , angre left from there .


: Yes I am here don’t worry , yeah , I will do it perfectly , don’t worry .

The person came to another person in a hoodie , mask , gloves , boots and jacket .

Another Person : is it is there ??

Person : yes yes , take it .

Another person took a suit case from the other the another left from there .

Then the person called someone .

Person : Deal done !!!

after 15min

The person too left from there .


Riddima went to temple and took blessings of god and then is leaving from there , just then someone kept handkercheif , which is with chloroform , she got unconscious.


She wake up , while sweat is completely covering her face , there is a plaster attached to her , then a person came near her and took off her plaster

Angre : boss , she is (pointing towards riddima)

when vansh saw her , he is left in her beauty , he is soo attracted to her , that he can’t take off his eyes from her . Angre waved his hand to make him come back out of his lala land .

Angre : boss , she is kabir’s girlfriend

Riddima : wait a minute , are you his rivals ??

vansh and angre smirked

Angre : seems like , more than boyfriend , girl friend is more ever smarter that she identified by smelling his enemies .

Riddima : but I want to say something.

Precap : Kabir : no , this can’t happen

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