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RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 35 (SHATTERED)

I reached 35 episodes with the unconditional love and support from my dearest readers 😍 Thanku 🙏


Episode starts with:


VR Mansion: Author’s POV;


Next morning, Vansh was getting ready when Riddhima came out of the Washroom vomiting, feeling dizzy and holding her stomach, Vansh runs to her and makes her lie on the bed, she says..


Riddhima: Va..Vansh call Shreya. I’m not feeling well! Aahhhh…


Vansh: (worriedly) Hello! Please come to VR Mansion.


(Shreya comes to the Mansion, she checks on Riddhima, while She lies unconscious inside the room, Shreya comes out and says..)


Shreya: You all are her family, Please listen what I’m saying calmly and carefully especially you Vansh.


Vansh: Don’t test my Patience Shreya. Just tell.


Shreya: (nervous and teary eyed) Vansh, there are only 35% of survival chances for Riddhima, you need to choose.


(Everyone was shocked hearing Shreya, while Vansh was about to fall, when Angre holds him and Ishani says..)


Ishani: Shreya please tell clearly! What do you mean by…


Shreya: It’s very difficult for me also to say but you guys please listen without interrupting as here I’m a doctor first bit also her Best friend.. Actually Riddhima is very weak to carry a child now, if she carries the child till nine months with this weakness, then her survival chances are only 35%, child is safe but Riddhima isn’t, the only way to save Riddhima is abortion and that too within her Trimester, otherwise only God will be able to save her at the time of delivery (sobbing).


(Vansh was still shocked but Angre asked..)


Angre: Is there any other way?


Shreya: After three months I’ll conduct a specialised Sonography, if reports are normal then there won’t be any risk to Riddhima’s life but it happens very rarely, only like a Miracle.


Vansh (Angry): No need for this option. I’ve already chosen Riddhima over our baby. Does Riddhima knows all this?


Shreya: Yeah and she fainted. She need you Vansh go inside.


Vansh: You get ready with Abortion formalities.


(Vansh goes to Riddhima, she wakes up, he hugs her tightly and she starts crying bitterly 😭😭😭😭, saying..)


Riddhima: (crying) Va.. Vansh 😭 why did this happen with me?


Vansh: (consoling her) Shh 🤫 Sweetheart! Nothing has happened, I’ve told Shreya for Abortion, nothing will happen to you. Okay?


Riddhima: (freeing herself from Vansh) How dare you? Abortion? How can you even think about this? Vansh I can’t leave you but I also can’t kill my baby. There won’t be any abortion and that’s final. I’ve taken the decision, it’s about my life na..


Vansh: It’s our child you can’t take decisions on your own. I thought we were supposed to be partners Riddhima but everything is shattered.


Riddhima: Vansh 😭😭😭 child? Whom you are going to kill?


Vansh: And you are going to kill yourself Damn it!! (Frustrated)


(Riddhima holds him near her and cupping her face says..)


Riddhima: (crying) Vansh this is the child you defeated your childhood fear for, symbol of our love, I know what you are afraid of losing me! Even I’m Vansh but Shreya said na that after three months Miracle can happen and I believe till my Vansh is besides me there are 200% chances of miracle to happen and then 35% chances will be converted into 💯. Accha I promise that now next three months I’ll do whatever you’ll say, as you’ll say. You take care of me as you want to.


Vansh: Your life isn’t a joke Riddhima! You are my everything. I can’t take this risk and abortion is final.


(Riddhima holds his wrist, she takes out a thread from the drawer and ties it on Vansh’s hand saying..)


Riddhima: Vansh this thread is my swear to you that in next three months you won’t talk about complications and abortion, you know why because I believe that My Vansh’s love will not let anything happen to his Sweetheart! Miracle will happen after three months and if not then these nine months will be enough for me (choking 🥺😭)


Vansh: You can’t do this to me Riddhima, you can’t.


Riddhima: I’ve already done. See the thread is tied 🤭 now I please send Shreya in, because after my decision she’ll be the one after you who’ll give me a lecture. Send her in and you go I want some BFF time with her.


Vansh (in mind): You are playing with your and mine lives both Riddhima, but due to this thread and swear I can’t even stop all this. Whyy? Sweetheart! Why? 😭🥺


(Vansh unable to speak anything kisses her forehead and leaves, he sends in Shreya, she goes to Riddhima and they look on..)


Episode Ends!





Kindly tell What is fated for RIANSH? Will they go for Abortion? Will Power of Love make the Miracle happen? Or Will Vansh Loose his Sweetheart forever ❤️?? Do guess and tell I wait eagerly everyday for your guesses 🙏


Hope you all like it. Suggestions, corrections and appreciations are needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!

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