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Prachi and Ranbir (Pranbir) story Part 3

Next morning:

Everyone was having breakfast but Pranbir and Aryan were missing. Pragya also came early.

Pragya:”don’t know where the boys and Prachi are?”

Rhea fumed hearing it.

Ranbir, Aryan and Prachi soon joined them.

Rhea fumed more thinking that Pranbir were together.

Prachi:”sorry…. i slept more today.”

Abhi:”it’s ok. Good you rested.”

Tanu arrived there.

Tanu:”what is she doing here? (She pointed to Pragya) Dadi, why didn’t you say anything?”

Aliya:”Rhea invited her mum for breakfast. That’s why she is here.”

Tanu:”this is not right….”

Dadi:”Tanu, it’s just a few day’s matter. Once they are divorced, she won’t come. So forget it. Have breakfast.”

Prachi looked at Tanu’s phone in her hands.

Tanu was about to sit but Prachi purposefully bumped into her and dropped juice on her dress.


Tanu:”what the hell! Are you blind? You ruined my dress. Stupid girl.”


Dadi:”don’t argue now, Tanu, go and wash it. Go…”

Tanu left her purse and phone on the table. Prachi took her phone steadily.

Prachi:”i will just come.” And she left the table.

Prachi tried to unlock her phone and guessed the password quickly. She searched for yesterday call log and found a name. (Abhijeet)

She went on messages but got nothing. So she texted the number.

The text stated that she wanted to meet him at xyz place. And not to call her before that.

She was waiting for the reply.

Prachi:”come on… reply… i have to take the phone back.”

She waited for 2 mins and then received the message:”ok, do not make me regret this otherwise you know what i can do.”

Prachi quickly deleted the message and saved the number on her phone. Then she went inside. Tanu was not done yet so she placed the phone back where it was.

She was about to leave but Pragya stopped her to eat.

Prachi:”no maa, i am not hungry.”

And quickly left from there.

In her room:

Prachi to herself:”did i do the right thing? Through his message he seem dangerous…

No, Prachi, you have to do this for Papa. I should tell maa. She will know what to do.”

Prachi went to Abhigya’s room.

Meanwhile in Abhigya’s room:

Rhea:”i know there are some differences between us but i want to forget it all. I want to spend some time with you.”

Pragya looked on emotionally.

Rhea:”for today, you are only mine. Not anyone’s else.”

Pragya nodded yes and Rhea hugged her.

Prachi came there.

Prachi:”sorry, i didn’t know you were here. Maa, I have something important to tell you.”

Pragya looked at Rhea.

Pragya:”Prachi, today I will be with Rhea the whole day. It’s her day today but you can join…..”

Rhea:”no, no. Today’s only my day. No third person and Prachi has been with you all these years. Today only me.”

Pragya:”ok, ok.”

Prachi:”sorry, i will see you later on.”

Prachi left from there. Tanu smirked seeing all this.

Tanu to herself:”well, i got another way to break them.” And smirked.


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