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#Opposites Attract Each Other #14 Standing with you, always!

Before I start with the episode, lemme tell you guys, the comments dropped from Episode 12 to Episode 13..In future, if I end this abruptly,  kindly don’t feel bad then…

Episode starts as..,

A man comes there and says,”Wait!” 

Everyone turns to him. Riddhima doesn’t recognise him but Vansh and his family does. 

Vansh : Vyom!!? 

Vyom : Yes, me..Vansh, sambhal jaa, don’t marry this girl..

Vansh : Why?

Vyom : She is very dangerous, lady don, it’d be better to marry my sister, Siya, she’s so quiet..

Vansh : Just go!

Vyom : No Vansh! She’ll spoil your life, just give it a thought once..

He  (Shunya/Vyom/Circle) was about to take out his gun when..

Riddhima (yelling) : Angre!!! 

Angre came and held Vyom’s arms. She took out her gun. 

Riddhima : See, Mr. Vyom, don’t you DARE to take out your gun..

Vyom : See Vansh, she’s with a gun..

Vansh : You don’t need to worry, Vyom..No matter how, I’ll always stand with her..

Riddhima’s eyes became moist..

Vansh : And Angre, please leave him and let him go, he’ll not come again because I’ll not marry her sister, Siya..

Bani (to Veer) : Who’s Siya?

Veer : She is damn obsessed with my bro..

Bani : Oo..

Vyom leaves from there. Riddhima’s eyes are all filled with tears but she hides them. Anushka wanted to ask Riddhima something but Rajat forbade him. Other hand, Neil and Devyani were utterly shocked seeing Riddhima with a gun in the mandap even..The priest completed his line and left from there, then, the griha pravesh rasam took place and it turned night..

In RiAnsh room :- 

Riddhima was sitting on the bed, her lehenga was irritating her. So, she decided to change in some comfy clothes. 

Riddhima : Lekin mummy ne bola tha ki shaadi se pehle wale kapde shaadi ke baad nahi daalte, toh main kya daalun? 

(But mom told me not to wear clothes before marriage, after the marriage, so now?) 

She opened Vansh’s wardrobe to find out something to wear and then her eyes went on a white shirt. She took it and went to change. As she came out from the washroom, Vansh came inside. He looked at Riddhima, who was not nervous, instead calm after wearing his shirt. He stood with the support of the wall and adored her.

Riddhima’s eyes looked at him. 

Riddhima : Aise ghoor kya rahe ho? 

(Why are you staring at me?) 

Vansh : Can’t I?

Riddhima : You know me naa? 

She showed her wrist. 

Vansh : See, who is showing wrist..Huh! Who cried in the mandap..

He almost giggled. 

Riddhima : How did you get to know? 

He held her hand and her back hit his chest. 

Vansh : I’m Vansh Rai Singhania, never underestimate me..

Riddhima : Accha ji! I’m also Riddhima Ch..Rai Singhania! 

Vansh: Correction, sweetheart..Mrs.Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania..

Riddhima going away from him : Haan haan.! 

Vansh : By the way, wearing my shirt?

Riddhima : No other option, Mr…Go and bring something, I’ve nothing to wear and I forgot to shop for tomorrow morning also..

Vansh : No worries..

He took out a packet from his cupboard and gave it to her.

Vansh : For tomorrow! Then, we’ll go shopping.

Riddhima : Hmm..Okay..

They both lied on the bed. 

Riddhima : Thank you! 

Vansh : For?

Riddhima : Standing with me..

Vansh : Ooh..Welcome! So, you need to give me a treat?

Riddhima : Treat? Which treat?

Vansh looked at her cutely. 

That’s all for the episode..If you liked it, then, don’t forget to comment..See y’ on Tuesday now, as weekend is off for me to you people!! And I also want to give some romantic scenes, if you say then otherwise it’s ok.. 


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