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Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#53

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Chapter 53: “The Birthday Night”

At 11:45pm,
Riddhima was standing in the window of her room staring at the clear sky that was illuminated with the bright shine of the moon. Starts were twinkling and presenting a magical scenario with the greyish navy blue black sky 🌌 !

Everyone had went to their respective works after Ajay announced the birthday ceremony. Vansh and Angre went to a business meeting, Sia went to the hospital, Aryan, Kabir and Riddhima went to their Intelligence bureau and thus, coming back from the work, everyone retired to their beds as they all were super tired. But Riddhima was awake. Not because it was her birthday. She had been facing these sleepless nights for years because of her fears and her past but this was the first time, she had no worries in her mind. She had no lines of stress on her forehead. She was peaceful after years and it was the first time, she was awake as she was happy. She was smiling staring at the stars and reminiscing every beautiful memory, she had till the date. Though all those events had previously broken her from inside but now, those all events had become her strengths. Her memories are no longer there to bring painful tears in her eyes. Now, her memories have become her experience, her power and her most precious wealth!

She was in her deep thoughts standing there for almost 15 minutes. It was 12:00am. She was not expecting anything from anyone as she had stopped expecting. She had no idea that everyone would be just acting to sleep and they all would be awake to wish her.

All of a sudden, she heard the music of violin being played. It brought her out of her thoughts. She came out of her room to check but the music had stopped. She looked down in the hall from her room upstairs. There was no one. The lights were off and just moonlight was coming in the mansion from all the windows. She thought it to be her illusion and turned to go back in her room. She had just stepped inside her room and was about to close the door when she heard the same violin music again. It was “Happy Birthday” tune. She realized something and patted herself lightly,

R(herself): How can I forget that its my birthday and they would not sleep before wishing me!

The music stopped again.

She said loudly,
“Okay Everyone! Come out! I know you all are awake!”

No response..

“Okay fine! If you don’t want to come out, I am going inside. And this time, I am not going to open the door again!”

Saying so she turned again towards the room but she felt someone had passed by her. And at the very moment, the violin started playing again. This pissed her a little and she decided to follow the music. Sensing that the sound is coming from the terrace, she started walking in that direction. The music was continuously playing and when she reached at the gate of terrace, the music stopped. This made her a little bit confused and blank about the situation. She opened the terrace door and came out in the open sky. It was complete dark with dim moonlight. She could sense some things placed all over the place but couldn’t figure out what it was. And then, The yellow fairy lights turned on! And she became stunned with whatever she saw in the place. The terrace was beautifully decorated with red roses, balloons, candles and colorful hanging clothes that were waving gently in the wind. There was a corner that was stacked up with many gift boxes. The floor was covered with petals of roses, sunflower and white lilies. There were many mini pots having orchids in it. There was a table in the center on which two speakers were placed. She understood that the violin music was coming from those speakers. This brought a smile on her face and she started moving here and there to find the person who was operating those speakers. But there was no one. She was standing alone under the beautiful roof made with roses and fairy lights. She was staring the candles and all the delicate things placed there. She heard a voice,


She turned happily but again there was no one. And then, Again the voice came from the speakers but not of violin this time. Riddhima became attentive.
It was Vansh’s voice,

“When I saw her for the first time, when she fell in my arms, I felt Instantly attracted towards her. When she is not in front of my eyes, I become restless. If she is in pain, I feel the same pain. I feel like if I lost her, my world will collapse. I can’t bear a single tear in her eyes. I can’t see her sad, depressed or tensed. Her presence gives me a sigh of relief. She is a happy soul. She has a pure heart. She is an angle who killed the demon inside me. She is adorable and innocent. When I look in her eyes, I feel like I am in heaven. You know me Angre. For me, my family, its values, its protection was the utmost priority. But now I feel like she is my priority. She made me smile for the first time after so long. She knew well the devil inside me but still she never got scared. No one has ever dared to stand in front me. She came, made fun of me, made me smile. She talked confidently. She was never afraid of me. She listened to my every talk with concentration. She gave me peace and comfort. She made me the same Vansh whom My dad, My dadi and everyone had loved. When I am with her, I feel like I am the most rich, the most happy and the most successful person in the world. Without her, everything seems incomplete. She completes me Angre! She makes me Vansh RaiSinghania! She is my everything. I don’t know whether its just friendship or something else. But whatever feeling it is, I am happy and I am so happy. Is it Love Angre? I think I love Riddhima!”

She had teary eyes listening to it. How can she forget! It was the confession that was recorded by Angre 7 years ago. How can she forget this! It was so special for her. She was smiling continuously listening to it. And then a projector started playing with a video. In the video, There were RaiSinghanias speaking as if they were talking to Riddhima.
It was vlog shooted by Ishani and she was roaming in the whole mansion searching for every person. Her face was not visible but her voice was coming,
The video started,
(All these scenes are in the video now)

Ishani:”Hello Riddhu Bhabhi!!! Happy Birthday! Oops sorry!! Bhabhi to be! You know what! You went to your office so, I decided to shoot this video as everyone is here back from their respective work except you.”
Ishani winks.

Riddhima realized that it was just her who was working late. She assumed everyone to be tired working all day but the truth was they all were back quite earlier.

Ishani was taking the camera downstairs and we see the vast hall of VR Mansion. She went towards Dadi who was sitting on the sofa,

“Dadi! Its Riddhima’s birthday. Wish her”

Dadi smiles and says,

Dadi: “Riddhima! Happy Birthday Mera Bacha! You are the best daughter of the world! Your Dadi loves you alot! My blessings are with you. May you live a thousand years with this same lovely smile you would be having right now on your face while watching this video”

Sejal and Sia sat beside Dadi excitedly and said,
Sejal: “But what about the tears she would be having right now Dadi? ”
Sia: “Yeah! I am damn sure she will be emotional watching this video. Isn’t it Bhabhi?”

Riddhima chuckles while watching. Indeed, she had tears in her eyes. She wiped them smilingly. She continued watching the video.

“Sej: Happy Birthday my shooo cutooo Januuuuu!!! Riddhima! I love you alot!! You are my best ever buddy! Ok listen! I know you have become strong as You are an Intelligence chief now! But I am your sister. I know you inside out. I know you would be shedding tears watching this video so wipe them or Ishani will not continue shooting this vlog for you”

Sia: Bhabhi!!! I know I know You are not my official bhabhi till now. infact, Today, I feel like I should call Vansh bhai, my jiju. Because you are my sister and I am ready to disown Vansh bhai! (Winks) Dont tell this to Vansh bhai please!”

Riddhima chuckles with teary eyes.

Sia:”Hahhaha! Happy Birthday Riddhima! Many many many Happy returns of the day!”

She stood up and kissed the camera.

Ishani’s voice comes from back,

“Behave Sia! Its my dearest camera! Not your Kabir!”

Dadi and Sejal chuckles. Sia blushes.

Watching them, Riddhima also chuckles and sends a flying kiss at Sia towards the video.

Then, in the video, we see someone coming and snatching camera from behind and Ishani shouts,

Ishani: Aryan!!!!!

Aryan takes camera in his hand and focuses the lens on his face,

Aryan: Happy Birthday Ma’am! (Winks) Remember something!

Riddhima’s remembers something and her jaws dropped. Then, she smiled looking at the video.

Ishani snatches camera from his hand and says,

Ishani: Get lost! How dare you touch my camera?
Sia: Offfo!! Aryan! What were you saying to Riddhima!
Aryan: (Looking towards camera) should I tell Riddhima?
Aryan: Actually, when we were new in intelligence department, in the initial days, It was Riddhima’s birthday and while working on some data, I got to know it. I went to her and wished her saying, “Happy birthday ma’am!”
And the very next moment, I received a tight slap on my face by Grumpy Riddhima and she said,
R: Don’t you dare try to be frank with me ever again!”

Everyone laughs including Riddhima who was watching the video.

Aryan looks towards camera,

“Happy Birthday Riddhima”

Ishani: Go to hell! I have cut your face!
Aryan: How dare you?
Ishani: Like you were daring a while ago!
Aryan: Shut up! You are a wild cat!
Ishani: What!!!

She left the camera on sofa and picked up a vase from the table and started chasing Aryan. Their chase was all recorded in the inverted camera.

And then, someone picks up the camera and turns it towards him.

Seeing Him, Riddhima’s eyes filled with tears. It was Ajay.

Ajay looks in the camera and smiles.

Ajay: I have not even said anything and you have started crying. My lovely daughter is crying even on her birthday! How bad! Happy Birthday Riddhima! My dearest princess! My pride! My honour! My lovely daughter! You know what Riddhima! I always wanted to see you happy and peaceful like you are today. On your every birthday, I wished that one day, you really get happy by all the wishes because i knew you were never genuinely happy all these years. So, I wanted to see this happiness from a long time and I am so glad that my wish will be fulfilled today! God bless you! May you be happy and smiling always! May you succeed in your every mission whther personal or professional! May you be with your love always! Love you alot my dear!”

Riddhima had been very strong till now but the only thing that could make her cry were Ajay’s words. She was so much attached with him that she could never control her emotions in front of him. Happy tears were rolling down her cheeks. She stepped forward and caressed the projector screen saying,

“Love you too Dad!”

Then, in the video,

Sia says: Uff! This emotional father daughter duo! Dad! Please give a chance to other too. Many more people want to wish her”

Sia faces the camera,

“Wanna see Riddhima?”

And then, the camera pauses and then again, Video starts with totally different location. Riddhima became confused and then she realized that its her office. She was stunned. Someone brought the camera to the office hall and reveals his face. He was Kabir. He sets up the camera on a table and winks at Riddhima. He goes back and then all of a sudden all staff came in front of the camera together poping confettis and saying together,

“Happy Birthday Ma’am!”

They all salute To Riddhima!

Riddhima: Shit!!!! Why was the need to tell all of them! Ghosh!!!!Now, they will eat up my brain all day!

And then again video changes and we see Angre!

Angre: I know that was shitt! But what I am going to show now is the shittest thing!!! He chuckles and turns on the back camera.

Riddhima’s jaws dropped and she cupped her face in her palms.

It was the general ward of her hospital and the patients were holding ballons in their hands saying,

“Thank you Doctor! Happy Birthday! May you live long! You gave life and its happiness to all of us! May you achieve everything in your life! You are the best!”

Riddhima was having mixed emotions of shock, happiness, proud and tears. And then, The video turned blank. Riddhima furrowed her eye brows. In the blank video, we listened a voice,

“7 years ago! A normal day at the office. I being my grumpy rageful self, walking towards my meeting room when A sweet, stupid, cute but the most beautiful girl came from nowhere and collided with me. She fell in my arms and I felt myself lost in her black eyes which were nothing less than pearls. I will proudly admit that I had given my heart to her that very moment. She came in my life like a Gift of God! That day our love story started! Passing through many phases of friendship, love, challenges and then hate. But in all this journey, neither the love faded for a second nor the respect. She was in my heart always though I had hated her but I was never able to convince myself to stop loving her. And then, we met again as another Gift of Destiny or should I call it a Gift of My Dad! And after so many tries, I finally won back my love! My life! My sweetheart! My Riddhima! She is so strong, brave and courageous. She is smart, intelligent and beautiful. She is Elegant with her extraordinary excellence! Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I really really really Love you alot!!”

Riddhima(teary but proud eyes): Love you too Vansh!

Ishq mein marjawan slow happy music plays….

The video started playing again and this time it was the same decorated terrace where she was standing and There was a person sitting in the center playing Happy Birthday tune on Violin. It was Vansh!

Riddhima was totally stunned. She knew that the violin tune was a summon for her to come on terrace but she was not at all expecting Vansh playing it. She was just watching the video and adoring it. And then, All of a sudden, someone came from the back and stood behind her wrapping her in his arms. She was about to turn but the person held her both hands and then, he brought forward his violin and made Riddhima play it along with him. Riddhima now knew that it was Vansh. She closed her eyes and let Vansh play the violin holding her hands. After playing a beautiful Ishq mein marjawan note for 2 minutes, he stopped and whispered in Riddhima’s ears,

“Happy Birthday Sweetheart!”

Riddhima opened her eyes and gently craned her neck looking at him.

V(smiles): Happy Birthday!
Riddhima turns and leans close to him. She looked in his eyes, caressed his cheeks and gently kissed on hi cheek making Vansh smile. Vansh cupped her face and gave a peck on her forhead.

Vansh holds Riddhima hand and says,

“Come with me”

Riddhima follows.
He takes her near the edge of the terrace where there another table on which something was placed but covered with a cloth.

“What’s this?”

Vansh winks at Riddhima and removes the cloth. Riddhima’s face glowed with surprise. She was stunned at his simple but so special surprises. The way she liked! It was a flying lantern. Vansh and Riddhima lit it together and then,

Vansh: Ready!
Ridhima nodded.

They both pushed the flying lantern together in the air and it flew up above! She was watching it going up but to her surprise, many more lanterns started flying up! The sky was filled with the lovely yellowish lantern light. It was more than 100 of those beautiful glowing lanterns. Riddhima looked down from the edge and found The RaiSinghanias and All her staff people standing there and flying lanterns.

Riddhima looked up again at the beautiful view of flying lanterns and then, Vansh wrapped his arms around her and leaning closer to her, said,

“Make a wish!”

Riddhima closed her eyes and wished,

“Thank you! For giving me this all! Thank you God! I don’t want anything more from you. This is my happiness, this is my content. I done want anything more for my self! But my family, my Vansh, they are all your responsibility! Never ever make them upset or worried or in any hardship! Make them all as much peaceful as you have made me today! I wish every girl gets a family like My family”

Riddhima was opening her eyes slowly but the scene shifts and we see the same wallet snatcher girl opening her teary eyes. She was sitting beside a road looking at her reflection in a small muddy pool of water. She had tears in her eyes. She thought to herself,

“Why God! Why did you snatched my family from me? Why did you snatched my happiness, my content from me? What had I done that you made me so helpless! I can’t even see my own self! My body, my soul, my memories!! You have made everything of my life just like this muddy water!! I beg you! Show me some path! Show me a way!

She held the torn newspaper article having Vansh and Riddhima’s picture in her hand,

“I don’t know where they are. I don’t even know this city. How Am i going to find them! Show me some path! Show me some light! There is darkness all around me!”

Her tear fell in the muddy water making it ripple. Then, She saw some reflection of glowing lights in that muddy water!

She watched closely focusing it and then she looked up in the sky suddenly. She saw many glowing lanterns flying in the sky coming from a specific direction. She stood up and watched thm flying above. She smiled and a tear rolled down her cheek. And then, not knowing what she is doing, she started following the direction from where the 100s of those lanterns coming!!!!!




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