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Kkb (Love of Life) Episode 6

“Kkb episode 6 (Love of Life)

In the restaurant Ranbir and Prachi arrive. Ranbir orders coffee for both of them.

Ranbir – Prachi I want to talk to u about something very important.

Prachi – What Ranbir?

Ranbir – Engagement..

Prachi – I know that papa and Meera aunty are getting engaged in two days. It’s difficult for me and maa but will try our best to handle the situation. And u don’t worry papa has promised me that he’ll make everything okay.

Ranbir – Prachi u are not getting what I am trying to say.

Prachi – If u will explain me clearly then I’ll get u and pls stop making things complicated.

Ranbir – I and….

Suddenly Prachi’s phone rings and she takes a leave from him.

Prachi – Sorry Ranbir I need to leave.

Ranbir – But Prachi….

Prachi – Sorry Ranbir, I promise you that we’ll meet next time.

After Prachi leaves, Ranbir thinks to talk to her tomorrow.

Ranbir POV

No Prachi, we hv to talk and I need to inform you about my and Rhea’s engagement before anyone else tell u and u misunderstand me I need to talk. I’ll clear u everything, why I am doing this and all other things. And I don’t want to loose u again.

Ranbir drives back to his house and decides to call Aryan. As he reaches his house he rushes to his room and calls Aryan.

Ranbir (in a sad tone) – Hii Bro!

Aryan- Are u okay Ranbir, u sound a little tensed.

Ranbir – Aryan just come to my house. I need to discuss a very important matter with u and come as fast as u can.

Aryan – Okay Ranbir, I’ll try to come fast, right now I am in dad’s office so it will take me around half an hour to come.

Ranbir – Okay. But pls try to come fast and do drive fast.

Aryan – Okay then I’ll meet u after half an hour.

Meanwhile Abhi and Pragya meet in a restaurant.

Abhi – Pragya, I want to tell u something.

Pragya -I know what u want to tell me.

Abhi – No Pragya u don’t know anything.

Pragya – U want to tell me that u are going to marry Meera for completing ur 20 years old love story.

Abhi – Pragya what are you saying? U are right that I am marrying Meera but for Rhea and I don’t love her. Who told u that I love her?

Pragya gets a flashback…. In the flashback she was coming to confront Abhi for his decision of marrying Meera. But she stops on hearing the voice of someone.Alia is talking on phone with Meera

Alia – Congratulations Meera!Finally bhai and urs love story completed with the end decision of marrying each other. U know in past 20 years bhai has developed some feelings for u otherwise he wouldn’t have agreed to marry u. Rhea asked him and he immediately said yes,so see he took the decision so quickly it seemed that he was eagerly waiting for this moment.

After hearing this Pragya immediately leaves from there and Alia sees her.Alia saw Pragya from the balcony so she made this plan to create rift between Abhi and Pragya. She was not talking to Meera in real but was just faking a drama.

Alia’s POV

I was knowing Pragya that u are a emotional fool but u are such a big emotional fool that I was not knowing. It was very easy for me to trap u. And now I am only waiting for a big dhamaka.

Then she laughs. (The flashback ends)

Back to the Present

Pragya – It doesn’t matter who told me this thing but it matters that u love her. Why did u lie to Prachi that u don’t love Meera and gave her fake hope of making everything right?

Abhi – Did Prachi tell u this?

Pragya – She did not tell anything, she was talking to Shahana I heard them quietly….

Abhi – I want to talk about Prachi.

Pragya – I don’t want to here anything, I know how she is and what kind of girl she is…

Saying this she leaves from the restaurant with tears in her eyes.

Abhi POV

You don’t know what Prachi has done with Rhea. I can’t believe that Prachi can do it but she has done it and for this I’ll never forgive her. I think I should not tell u anything because you trust her so much and if u will get to know the truth u will shatter. But first I need to find out who told Pragya that I love Meera.

Abhi leaves from the restaurant for Mehra mansion

In Kohli mansion

Aryan reaches Ranbir’s House

Ranbir rushes him to his room
Aryan – What happened Ranbir why are u so worried?
Ranbir- Actually Aryan..
Aryan – Say Ranbir what..
Ranbir – Chief fixed mine and Rhea’s alliance and we are getting engaged after two days.
Aryan – What? Why did u agree? U used to love Prachi then what happened now?
Ranbir – Cool down Aryan. I’ll explain it to u.
Ranbir explains everything to Aryan, how Abhi fixed his alliance with Rhea, about Pallavi’ s heart condition.
Aryan – That so sad! But did u tell Prachi about this? How did she react?
Ranbir- I tried to tell her but was not successful.
Aryan – Bro Ithink you should tell her as soon as possible otherwise if she’ll get to know from someone else then her trust will be broken.
Ranbir- Yaa that’s why I hv decided to tell her everything tomorrow.
Aryan – All the best. But will you really marry Rhea?
Ranbir – No not at all becoz Prachi is the love of my life and I cannot think of any other girl except Prachi Mehra.
Aryan – I pray that u and Prachi will remain together and happy.
Ranbir- Thanks bro! And pray that u should soon find the true love of ur life.
As Ranbir talks about true love Aryan remembers Shahana.
Aryan’ s POV
Why am I again and again thinkingof that annoying girl Shahana. Ohh God this girl will never let me live in peace.

Aryan- Okay bro I need to go home.

Ranbir bids farewell to Aryan and goes to his room.

In Pragya’ s House

Pragya returns while Shahana and Prachi notice her. They go to her room to talk to her.

Prachi- Maa what happened?

Pragya (cries) – Prachi ur dad is getting engaged in two days.

Prachi – I know maa it is difficult for u, but papa will make everything right. But maa pls tell me the real reason of ur tears.

Pragya’s POV


I should not tell Prachi anything otherwise she’ll shatter.

Pragya- No beta, this is the reason.


Prachi – Papa will make everything okay and now stop crying and smile.
Pragya gives a fake smile.
Everyone go to sleep in their respective rooms.

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