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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajjo tricks Happu to reveal the truth

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Haseena asking Rajjo what is the proof that Shankar Dada is her husband. Rajjo says my 9 kids are the proofs of our marriage and love. Haseena asks her to leave her boyfriend. Rajjo says I got married 20 years back. Haseena asks what your husband likes? Rajjo says he likes chicken. Haseena says my boyfriend don’t eat egg also. He asks how many times, he gets romantic. Rajjo says romance got less with time. Haseena says they have high tides in romance. She asks about the moles in her husband’s body. Rajjo says she didn’t count. Haseena asks her to go and count.

Happu is dancing on the song Julie Julie. Amma says she is his Amma. Happu asks if she wants money and gives her money, asking her to drink cold milk. Amma slaps him for giving 10 Rs to her. She asks what comes at 10 Rs and says you are selling your mother’s love in 10 Rs. Happu says I just know Haseena. Amma slaps him. Happu says Haseena is my life and religion. Amma asks if Rajjo is your sister then? Happu says I don’t know Rajjo or Amma. Amma slaps him and asks have you born in Ghuya ke khet? Happu says actually I was born in Ghuya ke Khet. He tells that my mother was a great dancer, she was dancing when she got labor pains, and delivered me in the farm. Amma asks him to tell his father’s name. Happu says I don’t take my father’s name with my mouth. Amma slaps him.

She says she will giving him options, Khodi lal, dhoti lal, khasoti lal and langoti lal. Happu says langoti lal. Amma is shocked. Malaika asks Kamlesh to stand holding the umbrella. Rajjo calls Amma and asks her to come down. She asks if Pita ji was also like happu. Amma says yes. Rajjo says so there was problem in roots. Kamlesh says yes. Kat says father is like Dada ji. Malaika asks Rajjo not to cry and enjoy. Rajjo says I will ask you if your husband betray you. Malaika says she hates all men. Kamlesh asks her not to look at him and says he is not a man. Kat asks if he is a girl? Kamlesh says I am a boy. Malaika asks Rajjo to throw bapu in ghuya ke khet. Rajjo says I will teach a lesson to him before I throw him in the khet. Rajjo asks him to give his belt. Manager gives it and says it is very costly and given by his mother. Rajjo folds the belt. Happu is about to sleep on the floor and places the bedsheet. Haseena asks him to sleep with her, as she gets afraid. She tries to pull him on the bed. Happu refuses. Hritik, Ranbir and Chamchi come there and ring the bell. Happu and Haseena come out and couldn’t see anyone there. Haseena says may be your kids are doing this? Happu says may be your fans. Haseena says may be my enemies. The kids ring the bell again and run. Haseena tells that she will sleep in her friend’s room and goes. Happu asks her to be careful and goes to sleep on the bed. He switches off lights and sleeps.

Rajjo comes there holding the belt and beats up Happu. Happu gets up and says oye dada. He then looks at her and says oh Madam. Rajjo says you spoke the truth. Happu says he is Shankar Dada. Rajjo asks him to swear on her kids. Happu asks why? He tells that he is not yet married, has no children, just have a girlfriend Haseena Bechain. Rajjo asks then who am I? your wife. Happu says no. Rajjo goes from there crying. Happu cries.

Later Amma is drinking sitting outside and tells Beni that Happu has insulted her. Beni says even I am feeling bad, if I was your son then you wouldn’t have seen this day. Amma says you are like my son. Beni asks then why you didn’t get me married to Bimlesh until now. Amma says you always talk about Bimlesh. Happu and Haseena are dancing. Happu asks until when this thing will go on. Haseena says all life. Kamlesh tells Kat that her new mummy is hot. Kat scolds him. She says the hotel is very beautiful. Malaika asks her to buy. Rajjo comes there with Manager and tells that she wants to surprise them. She tells that she is starting her second innings of her life. Amma asks what? Rajjo says my first inning husband was very bad and cheap. She asks Shankar Dada, why are you reacting as you are my brother. She makes an announcement that she is marrying Manager. Amma says congratulations bahu. All the kids get happy too. Happu gets upset.

Precap: Chamchi sings song, my Papa the great. Rajjo and the Manager exchange rings. Happu gets angry. Haseena tries to stop him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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