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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-40)

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Chapter- 40

At VR Mansion (Darjeeling):-

At 3 pm:-

Riddhima was in her room sitting on the couch reading a novel, while rest girls barged in and sat on the bed

Riddhima- Guys, What happen you all scared me to hell?

Sejal- And you sacred us to square of hell?

Riddhima- Me

Sejal- Oh no…. I think there is any other Riddhima also… Girls let’s go and find that Riddhima

Riddhima- Shut up and tell what have I done?

Sejal- That’s like my pancake?

Riddhima- Sejal?

Sejal- Why don’t you accept that you love Vansh?

Riddhima- I accepted it earlier only…. Now?

Sejal- Why don’t you propose him?

Riddhima (raising her eyebrows) – Before I answer your question you three tell me why are you all so impatient?

Ishani- Aaa…ab…abab…..

Riddhima- Ishani, you ask Aryan to go to school na now you go to school first because I haven’t learnt this language neither in school nor in college

Sejal- We asked the question first and you have to answer it is your birth right

Riddhima- What?

Sejal- Yaa….

Riddhima- Sejal you go outside first of all and check whether you have lost your brain in the way of coming or not

Sejal- Don’t joke

Riddhima- I’m not

Sejal- Please go and propose him

Riddhima- Sejal, Are you serious? He love someone else

Sejal- What whom?

Riddhima- One week ago I saw him talking to some girl calling her sweetheart, baby

Sejal (to herself) – Do Vansh had started loving someone else? No no…. He can’t they love each other but if he

Riddhima- Sejal….. Come back from Kabir’s world

Sejal- What? Shut up…..

Riddhima- Guys leave I’m tired

Sejal- We will leave but just answer our one question

Riddhima- Ask and leave

Sejal- Do you truly love Vansh?

Riddhima- Sejal not this please leave

All left and Riddhima latched the door and turned around and sat on the floor with tears filled in her eyes and hugging her knees close to her chest

Riddhima (chuckling while crying) – Vansh loves someone else and she me idiot always getting his dream….. This love will turn me insane…… No, I won’t tell me feelings to Vansh ever….

Flashback starts:-

One week ago, At 11 pm:-

Riddhima came to terrace to take fresh air as she was tired of staying at a same place from last one month

Riddhima (to herself) – Thank god no one is here all must be in there room….. I’m tired of staying in a same place

Vansh was standing at the other corner of the terrace scrolling through his phone

Vansh (to himself) – All are downstairs, Thank god no one will disturb me now… especially that Rid.dhi.ma ……. Such a long name and see me such a short and handsome name just like me

His phone started ringing drawing his and Riddhima’s attention as they both standing at different corners

All the phone rang she moved towards the voice and saw Vansh face in the screen light of the phone

He picked up the call and said

Vansh- Hey sweetheart…..

Riddhima (whispering) – Sweetheart? He kept this name as mine I’ll not leave him… Wait… May be I heard something wrong (blushing) Btw… from few days I’m listening these cheesy words only

Vansh’s next voice broke her shy eyes into teary eyes

Vansh- I love you, darling

In shock, Riddhima trembled and her hand hit the wooden stick kept there making it to fell

Vansh turned towards the voice

Vansh- Who is there?

Riddhima with teary eyes saw him looking there but due to god grace she was standing on the hidden side. Vansh disconnected the call and came there, Riddhima saw him and ran down to her room without making anyone notice her

While Vansh saw no one there and thought

Vansh- Someone was there I saw the shadow or was I hallucinating?

He shrugged the thought and left to his room

While Riddhima was in her bathroom continuously throwing water on her eyes

Riddhima- What the hell, Riddhima…… You love Varun stop your rubbish thought, you are committed you can’t love Vansh…. Stop this nonsense thought of yours

In anger she threw all the things kept beside the sink and fell on the floor crying

Flashback ends-:

Riddhima reminisce the thought

Riddhima (crying) – Why Sejal made me realized my feelings…. Why? I can’t stay with him still I love him…. BappaWhy me….Why…. Bappa… Help me to forget Vansh… Please Bappa….. Please….

She fell on the cold floor hugging her knees and slept there only

In RV Mansion:-

At 7 pm:-

Veer and Sooraj was in the hall while Sandhya was cutting vegetables on the dining while and Ruchi was sitting on chair beside Sandhya eating chocolate

Veer (hesitantly) – Dad, Any news from Bengal?

Sooraj- No wait I’ll call them

Sooraj left to grab a corner and Ruchi cutely signed Veer to come to her and he came there

Veer- What?

Ruchi- Bring another chocolate for me… Please

Veer- You already ate 6 chocolate packets…. No more

Ruchi- Are you beggar?

Veer- What the hell?

Ruchi- Can’t you bring one more chocolate for me

Veer- I will but tomorrow

Ruchi- Tomorrow never comes… Veer bring na

Veer- Promise Tomorrow

Ruchi (to Sandhya) – Mom…. Did our Veer got exchanged with someone while bringing the reports from the hospital in the afternoon

Sandhya- No idea

Veer- Why Mrs. Veer Mathur?

Ruchi (crying) – Because you don’t love me anymore

Veer- I do….

Ruchi- Don’t love me I don’t care

With one hand she took out another packet of chocolate

Ruchi- I have one

While Sandhya was chuckling

Veer- Then why you called me

Ruchi- Mr. Dumbo and Idiot but My handsome husband, who will call my brothers

Veer- It’s still out of network coverage area

Sooraj- Whose phone Veer?

Veer stood up in shock and

Veer- My friend Dad of Interpol, his phone

Sooraj- Ohk… Btw I called within 10 hours we will know

Veer- Ohkk Dad….

Sooraj- Btw Veer, You know In Bengal there is cyclone’s warning after 3 days so there isn’t any network connection there

Veer- Why are you telling me this dad?

Sooraj- Because if they are kidnapped which is actually they can’t run away from there or can’t contact anyone

Veer- That’s good dad, we can easily catch them

Sooraj- Yaa… Sandhya bring my Black coffee

Sooraj leaves

Veer sat on the chair with a thud keeping his hands on his head

Veer- Now, we can’t do anything

All looked at each other in a tensed way

At VR Mansion (Darjeeling):-

At 7 pm:-

All girls were in the hall while Riddhima was in the kitchen trying to bring her fake smile and ready with her new experiment on a new dish for everyone she gave it to girls and was searching for boys while all boys were in the library

In Library:-

Vansh was standing beside his chair and rest were standing at different corners

Vansh- Kabir, Arrange the cars we will be returning to Mumbai day after tomorrow

All were shocked

Kabir- But Vansh, Dad said to return after 10 days according to the time limit

Vansh (furious) – Kabir, I know what I’m doing Dad said that he will put someone on this case, but from last one month there is neither any improvement on the case…. Nor he is doing anything

Angre- Still Vansh, there is Dad’s order not to come

Vansh- I don’t care, Kabir arrange the car

Aryan- Still Vansh bhai, what will we answer to Dad

Vansh- Aryan, I can’t stay here longer with this crime of kidnapping these girls….. And that to like a happy kidnapping…. Seriously as if….

As he was talking something’s felling voice was heard and they ran outside and saw the tray fallen there but no one was there

Vansh- Who was here?

All came in hall and saw all girls were chatting while eating something except Riddhima

Kabir- Sejal, where is Riddhima?

Sejal- She asked for you all and we weren’t knowing where you were all so she went to search

Vansh without listening further started shouting

Vansh (shouting at top of his voice) – Riddhima….. Riddhima….. Riddhima….. Riddhima….. You all start searching her

Without waiting for their reply he ran towards her room

Sejal- What happened Kabir?

Kabir- That only which shouldn’t have happened

Siya- Matlab?

Angre- Riddhima heard about kidnapping

Aryan- Guys, start searching her before she took any wrong step

All searched for her while Riddhima was in her washroom sitting on the floor while her backing was touching the slab of the wash basin crying bitterly

Riddhima’s POV starts:-

I was moving towards Vansh’s study after checking in everyone’s room but as I came there I heard Vansh shouting voice then Aryan’s calm voice and I moved closer to the room and heard the thing which shook the world beneath my feet Vansh said he kidnapped me, he kidnapped me….. In shock the tray fell on the floor I heard there gasp and then footsteps I wasn’t having the courage to face them so I ran from there and came to my room

He kidnapped me, then why bhai said I’m safe with Vansh and everyone. Did Bhai misunderstood something or something is wrong.

Riddhima’s POV ends-:

Vansh came to her room and knocked three – four times

Vansh- Riddhima….. Riddhima….. Open the door…. Riddhima….. Open the door…. Ok fine…. I’m breaking it

Vansh without thinking anything broke the door and saw everything was shattered in the room bed-sheet were on the floor side tables were fallen.

Vansh (to himself) – Now I’m sure she heard but where the hell is this girl

He saw washroom’s light open and moved there and as the door was a bit translucent so he was no one was on the side, he broke the door and saw Riddhima sitting beside the wash basin crying bitterly she saw him and stood up and went in front of him

Vansh- Riddhima….. Riddhima…..

Riddhima- Vansh leave me alone

Vansh- Riddhima…..Listen to me…..

Riddhima- Vansh I said leave

Vansh- Listen to me at least

Riddhima- What the hell should I listen… That you kidnapped me…. Ok fine tell why you kidnapped?

Vansh- I kidnapped you because

Riddhima- Because

Vansh- Let me speak

Riddhima- How will you speak you can’t say the truth?

Vansh- Which truth?

Riddhima- Just to fulfill your lust and use me

Vansh (shocked) – Riddhima…… You think me as this cheap

Riddhima- Vansh…. Stop it please… stop your drama

Vansh- Ok fine… I’m doing drama…. Then why are you staying with me

Riddhima- Because I thought you were trustable and even I was comfortable with everyone

He grabbed her arm and pinned her to shower wall

Vansh (shouting) – Then after listening to just a word where this trust went and where you gained this uncomfortableness for me, weren’t you happy here

Riddhima- Because after listening to this I guess you were just trying to built a comfortable aura in front of me

Vansh- Really Riddhima… Why will I do that you must have made your theories on this also?

Riddhima- Yaa…. I said na just to use me and then through me in the trash in short to fulfill your lust

Vansh in anger made a tight grip on her hand and his hand hits the shower tap making it to open both looked at each other with tears flowing from their eyes while they both where drenched Vansh grabbed her by her waist and pulled her towards himself without breaking their eye contact

Riddhima- Vansh leave me

Vansh- Why shall I? You said na that I brought you here to fulfill my lust

Riddhima- Vansh leave me…. I said leave me

Vansh holds her jaws between his hands and ignoring her shouts said

Vansh- But you know what Riddhima I won’t do anything to you because

Riddhima (interrupting him) – You know what Vansh leave me we will leave tomorrow morning only

Vansh- Let me complete Riddhima without saying a word Yaa so… (Teary eyes) you know what Riddhima I won’t do anything to you because I LOVE YOU RIDDHIMA yes…. I LOVE YOU I started loving you in these months but I guess you took it as a lust…….. Thanks for your fake trust and yaa No need to leave tomorrow you all will be leaving Day after tomorrow and for just to make you comfortable I will not accompany you….. Because I Fu****g Love you but how will you care right because for you it’s just lust

Riddhima (crying) – Vansh….

Vansh (crying) -Don’t Riddhima, Don’t worry Nobody will even see you in front of me… I promise none will dare to see you through their lusty eyes

He leaves immediately and she sat on the floor crying with tears flowing

Riddhima- Vansh I love you

Vansh went to his room and sat on the floor crying

Vansh- Riddhima I love you…..

Episode ends

Precap- Breakdown and Sejal’s confrontation to Riddhima

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