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Hello guys I’m back with new episodes of this ff. So first of all A VERY CONGRATULATIONS TO @ ATTRACTIVEUSER MY GAURI DI she just completed 100 posts on TU and half century on her ff.

So let’s begin without wasting time:

Everyone were dancing. Arav took Simar to the corner.
Simar looked at him with questioning look.
Arav make her so close to him and hugged her tightly and started giving her kisses on her shoulders. Simar being shy give her back to him now her back was touching his chest. He did her hair to other side and started kissing her on her bare back, he touched her waist. She closed her eyes feeling his every touch….

Riansh were dancing..
I don’t know what is happening to me. Whenever Vansh touches me I feel so good. If he went away from me I feel so lonely. Is it love what I’m feeling towards him?? Do I love him?? Yes RIDDHU you love him. You started loving him. Yes!!! Yes!!! I love him. I will propose him during the function its self.

Riddhima goes towards him with a rose. He was talking to someone she sat on her knees. And touch his back he turned towards her. Vansh looked it her surprisingly.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh I don’t know how this happen. But it is said that love never happens just by telling it, it happens to me too. You were my best friend but now you are someone special to me. Our fights turned into love for me. I don’t that you love me or not but I love you. I LOVE YOU VANSH RAISINGHANIA. Will you be mine.

Vansh was shedding happy tears. But he need to lie.

VANSH: I’m sorry Riddhima but I don’t love you. You are just my best friend nothing else. And you always be my friend.

RIDDHIMA: I’m sorry Vansh, but I promise that my this proposal will never come between our friendship.

She went from their while crying silently.

PRECAP: Riddhima’s Accident.

That’s all for today guys hope you liked it. I know it’s short but please bear with it.
And once again CONGRATULATIONS to GAURI di.


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