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Bawara Dil 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva takes care of Sidhi

Bawara Dil 4th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Shiva and Sidhi are trying to sleep. Sidhi has a cloth over her eyes, Shiva asks if her eyes are again irritating? She says I am fine now. She asks if he met Sonal’s teacher? Shiva says she came to the hotel but I was not there so she left. Sidhi says she was waiting for you? Shiva says yes but I had Akka Bai’s work, she kept waiting for me. She left before I went there. He asks if she has put her eye drops? She says I forgot. Shiva gives it to her. Sidhi lies down and tries to put on eye drops but can’t. Shiva says can I help? She gives the tempered bottle to him. He is about to put the eye drop. He puts in the drop and Sidhi starts screaming. Shiva rushes behind her and asks what happened? Mangala hears her screaming and thinks this will give me peace. Sidhi cries and says it’s burning. Shiva says let’s go to the doctor. All family members come there. Yashwant says let’s call the doctor here. Sidhi washes her eyes. Sonal blows on her eyes. Shiva says let’s go to the doctor. He leaves from there. Mangala hides the eye drops.

Sidhi sits in Shiva’s car. he asks Soni to bring the drops, she started screaming after I used those drops. Soni goes to bring it but meets Mangala. Mangala says I came into the house to bring a wallet. Soni says I have to get her eye drops. She goes to search their room but can’t find the drops. She calls Shiva and says it’s not in your room. Yashwant says leave it and let’s go.

In the morning, Sidhi wakes up and her a blurry vision. Shiva asks if she is fine now? He says I have brought the different eye drops, don’t know what was in the last drops which gave you so much pain. I couldn’t even find the drops. Sidhi lies down and Shiva puts the drops in. She says I am fine. Shiva says I will bring tea for you.

Mangala is smiling. Vijiya says you look happy today. Mangala says I am winning at my game. Soni asks Vijiya if she found Sidhi’s eye drops? Vijiya says I couldn’t find it. Soni says she can’t even study. Mangala says she won’t become a PM. Soni says you were the last one to leave Sidhi’s room last night? Mangala says don’t question me, focus on your studies. Soni’s teacher Malvi comes there. Mangala greets her. Malvi says Shiva talks a lot about you. Soni says he didn’t talk to you. Mangala asks her to go and study. Malvi says I couldn’t see Shiva? Soni says you are here to make me study. Malvi goes into the house. Mangala likes the girl. Soni says she looks crazy, she thought Sidhi is our maid and she was asking me if Shiva has a girlfriend. Soni leaves from there. Mangala says this girl looks useful.

Scene 2
Sidhi is cleaning the room, Shiva asks her to stop stressing her eye. Sidhi tries to study but can’t. Shiva thinks she is in pain, how can I help her? He says I can read it to you. Sidhi says you will read it? Shiva says I know English a little bit. He takes the book and starts reading, he gives tea to her. Shiva tries to read but can’t. Sidhi laughs at him. Shiva tries again but says this is some different language. Sidhi laughs and says this is French, you idiot. Shiva says oh. Sidhi says thank you for trying to help me. Shiva says mention not. Sidhi says I will be fine. Vijiya brings some balm and asks her to apply it. She asks Shiva to apply this balm over her eyes. She leaves. Shiva asks if he can apply it? Sidhi nods and lies down. He applies the balm over her eyes. She asks if he had a bad dream again? Shiva recalls how he dreamt about romancing with Sidhi. He says why are you asking right now? Sidhi says I just recalled. Shiva says nothing to worry about. He sees the balm on her cheek and tries to clean it. She says what are you doing? He says I was cleaning your cheek. She cleans it. Shiva says you will be fine soon. He says if you need anything then call Vijiya Kaki or Soni. I should leave now. She nods. He turns to her and says it’s better when you call me an idiot rather than ill-mannered, let me know what’s called in French when you learn. Sidhi smiles and says it’s called teuf.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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