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Arrange marriage with unacceptable feeling. #Riansh OS Part 3

Hello guys. Here is a new part of this os. I hope that it could be the last part. Let’s see at the end it will be the last one or not. Do tell me your opinion on the comments.
So let’s start.
Riddhima was smiling so much and laughing a lot.

Riddhima( laughing madly): I don’t know why I’m laughing that much?! There isn’t a reason to smile or to be that happy, but still I’m smiling so much. I just feel so energetic.
She starts playing with the water of the pool.
She starts throwing it at Vansh.
Vansh has given her a surprised face look.

Vansh: How dare you to throw water on Vansh Rai Singhania?! You have to know that Vansh Rai Singhania never leaves his right.
He has also thrown water at her.
Then they start running after each other in a very cute way.
After some time from playing hide and seek, Vansh has succeeded in catching Riddhima.

He was holding her so closely to him.
He wasn’t understanding the reason of making her that close to him, but he wasn’t wanting to leave her.
Then Riddhima has got succeeded in escaping from him with her cute behavior.
She was still smiling so much.

She was still seeing stuff that isn’t true.
She was just smiling and enjoying what she was seeing around her.
Vansh was staring at her so much while she was smiling that much.

He was admiring her smiles and her cute behaviors.
He starts getting closer to her.
Riddhima( in a cute behavior): Hold on hold on. How this is possible?! What is that?! How you start to be two at the same time?! I’m seeing two forms of Vansh Rai Singhania! Oh God!! How is that?!
She was being surprised seeing two versions of Vansh.

Vansh was smiling from her behavior.

Vansh: I’m seeing you one, but I’m seeing you so beautiful than before. I wasn’t noticing how you are that beautiful and hot Riddhima. You are really very beautiful girl.
They have stared at each other after Vansh has said those words.

They were having a very close eye look.
They were feeling about something starts to occur between each other.
They weren’t understanding it and they weren’t believing how it got be started like that.
Vansh has got closer to Riddhima.
He starts holding her so tightly.

She wasn’t in her complete consciousness.
So she was looking at him in a cute and naughty way.

She wasn’t feeling uncomfortable while he was making her close to him.
Her drunk state wasn’t foreboding her from being that close to him.
Then she starts smiling due to her drunk state.

She gets away from him.
Moreover, she starts running with no reason and she was smiling so much.
Vansh( raising his voice in a lovely way): What is making you run in that way?! You look as a cute little child! Interesting, very interesting!
She has came near him.
Then she has putted her finger near her lips with a sign to him to lower his voice.

Riddhima: Shh! Lower your voice Vansh. We don’t want them to hear our voices. They will catch us. We can’t make them win at this hide and seek game. So lower your voice please. Let them forget about us so this stupid engagement don’t happen.
He has looked at her in a speculating way.

Then he has made her sit.
Vansh: You also don’t want this marriage to happen, right?
Riddhima: I hate such marriages. I hate arrange marriages. Marriage is just about love. Why I should marry someone that I don’t anything about him?! Especially when this person is you Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania. The most arrogant man in this world. I think that you also don’t want this marriage.
Vansh: Yes. I hate any type of marriages. I don’t feel that I need anyone in my life. I’m good alone. I don’t believe in marriage. I hate it. Especially when it comes to you. You are that girl who has a very weird behavior. You have faced me and was being against me at the first time we have met on it. You didn’t have got afraid to talk with me in that way. You have made me so surprised. There wasn’t any girl that has just thought to treat Vansh Rai Singhania in this way that you have done it. You are really a very weird girl
Then he has looked at her deeply.

Vansb: But a very special girl as well. You are very special Riddhima.
At that moment, something has fallen from Riddhima’a purse.
Vansh has taken it.
It was their engagement rings that Riddhima has taken them.
His drunk state starts to get more high.
This what Riddhima was also facing it.
They start to not concentrate on anything.
They weren’t thinking logically at all.
Riddhima: Oh! Rings!! I love Rings a lot. I have liked this ring a lot.
She has liked her ring that Vansh supposed to make her wear it at the engagement party.

Without Vansh could concentrate on what he is doing it or even Riddhima could understand his behavior, he has made Riddhima were the ring.
She didn’t has felt bad.
She was happy.
Vansh: I think that now you have to make me wear this ring like I have done with you.
He has looked at the ring that supposed to be the ring that Riddhima makes him wear it at the engagement party.

Riddhima has made him wear the ring.
Their engagement has got done without they could notice that.
Vansh and Riddhima have exchanges rings without being in their consciousness.
They have exchanged rings by their own choice.
They start to feel something special.
Vansh was looking at Riddhima while he was smiling.

Vansh: I don’t know what is that feeling that I starts to own it to you. Why I feel those feelings towards you and what are exactly those feelings?!
Riddhima didn’t answered him as she has got tired and has slept on his shoulder.
He has just putted his head above hers and he has also slept.
Afterwards, Aryan has came to them.
He has smiled seeing them sleeping in that state.

Aryan’s POV starts:
I’m super surprised seeing them that close to each other.
I have got late on them and I wasn’t expecting to see them sleeping that closely to each other.
What could has happened?
Do they start to fall for each other?
Does this is something logical?
Does this could actually happen in that short time?!
Does this arrange marriage has turned into a love marriage?
Just a second!
What is that?!!!!
I gets closer to them.
I got sure of what I have seen.
They have really exchanged rings!!
They have really got fallen!!
Aryan’s POV ends.
It’s morning.
Riddhima and Vansh have waked up.
They have stared at each other.

They weren’t understanding how they got to be that close to each other.
They weren’t remembering what has happened at night.
They were so confused.
Their confusion got more and more when they have seen the engagement rings being on their fingers.
They just have left from this place and each one of them went to opposite direction.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
How this could happen?!
How I could exchange rings with Vansh?!
How after what I have done and after I was doing such plans still this engagement has occurred?!!
I’m not understanding anything!!!
I’m not remembering anything!!
What has happened yesterday?!
I have to remember.
Why I’m feeling those feelings?!
Why I’m feeling something different towards him???!
Why I smile seeing the ring?!
What is happening with you Riddhima?!!!
I was being very confused and I wasn’t understanding anything.

Riddhima’s POV ends.
Vansh’s POV starts:
Why I’m not able to remember what has happened yesterday?!
I’m not able to understand anything!
I’m not able to understand myself.
I’m not able to understand my feelings!!
Why I’m feeling those feelings towards Riddhima?!
What is happening with me?!
I have to remember what has happened yesterday.
I have to remember what has happened made me doesn’t want to break the marriage like I was very desperate to do that!
Vansh’s POV ends.
Riddhima and Vansh weren’t understanding what was happening with them.
They weren’t understanding how a night could gives them such a feeling.
They weren’t able to think about another plan to stop with it this marriage.
Today, all the other rituals must happen.
Because what has happened yesterday and the late in making the engagement had forced them to not make any other ritual at this day.
They have started with the haldi.
Vansh and Riddhima were just staring so much at each other.

Riddhima to herself: What is happening with me?! I have to stop this marriage so why I’m doing its rituals without doing anything?! What is happening with you Riddhima Rathour?!!
Vansh to himself: You hate marriages Vansh. You don’t want to marry this girl with that weird attitude so why you are making the rituals of this marriage?! What has happened yesterday that had made me feel those feelings?
Riddhima and Vansh start to remember some stuff from yesterday’s night.
It was just hazy stuff.
So they weren’t remembering everything.
Then the mehendi has started.
Still the confusion was very high inside Vansh and Riddhima.
Then they have gone to get ready for the marriage.
They were doing everything without thinking about leaving the marriage and breaking it like they were thinking before.
Aryan has came to Riddhima.

Aryan( in a teasing way): What has happened with my sister?! Where is that fierce Riddhima? Where was that girl who was wanting to destroy the marriage? I think you have fallen my sister. I think that this arrange marriage with unacceptable feeling that was between you and Vansh has got changed into love marriage.
Aryan has said those words and he has left her.
He has left her to get into her feelings by her own.
Riddhima has got so confused after she has heard Aryan’s words.

Riddhima to herself: Does Aryan could be right? Does I have really fallen for Vansh?!
At the same time, Ishani has came to Vansh.

Ishani: Vansh bro, I know you better than anyone here. I know that you weren’t wanting this marriage from the beginning. I know that you have tried to destroyed it. So how you are ready to make it now?! Do the great Vansh Rai Singhania has fallen in love??
Ishani has also left after saying those words.
She has left Vansh facing his confusion.
Vansh to himself: So I could have fallen?! Does the great Vansh Rai Singhania who hates marriage as a whole has fallen in love and ready for this marriage?! No, never. This never happens.

At a dark room, someone was being there waiting.
Then Ishani and Aryan have arrived.
Ishani and Aryan as the same time: Everything has happened the way you want it to happen. Vansh and Riddhima have fallen in love.
This person has turned to make his face be noticeable.
This person got to be Rudra.
Rudra: Perfect. I was sure that they will fall for each other. They are the perfect partners to each other, but they will never understand that. I was sure that their trials to destroy the marriage will make them be closer to each other and now what you both have said will make them be sure of their feelings.
Ishani: But I know my brother. He will never accept his feelings.
At this moment, Kabir has came.

Kabir: That’s why we have to do something that could make Vansh accept his feelings to Riddhima. I know my cousin well and I know that he needs something dangerous to make him accept his feelings.
Rudra: This what we will do it before the marriage starts.
Aryan: Vansh and Riddhima must accept their feelings before the marriage.
Rudra: They have to know that this marriage isn’t an arrange marriage with unacceptable feeling.
Kabir: This will happen because we are all teaming from their back and they aren’t aware of that.
Ishani: So let’s start our last move in arranging this love marriage between those two no more strangers.














The end of this part of this os. I’m sorry guys for making so much parts as unfortunately this will not be the last part, but I promise the other part will be the last part. I was just wanting to do some stuff that can’t be finished quickly so that’s why I will need another part. I hope you liked this part. Do tell me your opinion on the comments. I’m so thankful to you all guys for all of yours respond. It was such an overwhelming respond. You all have broken my previous record of comments on the previous part. I hope that you all could do the same on this one. I will be waiting for all of yours so many comments. So please comment a lot here. I hope that you all could break my precious record of comments here. The next part will be published depending on all of yours respond. So please comment a lot here. Because all of yours respond is the thing that makes me know either I will write a new os or not. Keep praying for me please I do need all yours prayers. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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