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A Bond Of Unique Love – RIANSH Love Story (Episode 8)

While some of you are celebrating golden jubilee or 100 posts, I am celebrating my 10th post today 😂❤🎉. Thank you to all my readers for always supporting  and encouraging me with your kinds words. It means a lot to me. ❤🥰😊 

Episode 8:

At Riddhima’s house.

Riddhima: Mom, I am back.

Chanchal: Ok, what is the box in your hands and what’s inside it?

Riddhima didn’t know what to answer now, she couldn’t say that Vansh had given her this dress.

Riddhima: Oh, this dress. Actually, Vansh’s sister – Siya had given me this dress, it was a little tight on her, so she decided to give it to me.

Dadi: How is the project going, did you finished it yet?

Riddhima: Yeah dadi, we are almost done. Just a few things left up.

Ishani: Di, let’s do upstairs and I want to ask you something.

Riddhima & Ishani went upstairs.

Ishani: Did you made a boyfriend already and didn’t even tell me?

Riddhima: What rubbish Ishani and who told you that?

Ishani: I am not stupid, I can see everything clearly. So tell me did Siya really gave you this dress or was it someone else…?

Riddhima (blushes): What nonsense, of course Siya gave me this dress.

Ishani: Oh really di, then why are you blushing?

Riddhima: Am I really? No I am not blushing. My cheeks are naturally red.

Ishani: But I feel something is fishy, tell me honestly now.

Riddhima (getting angry): Ishani, am I your elder sister or you? And from the last 5 minutes you are talking useless things. Go and finish your homework.

Ishani (in a low tone): Ok di, I am going.

The next day.

At school.

Riddhima & Sejal arrive into the classroom.

Vansh: Hi buddy Riddhima!

Riddhima: Hi buddy Vansh!

Sejal (thinking): Wow, it looks like everything is sorted between Vansh & Riddhima. I am glad our plan worked and Riddhima is happy again.

The school bell rings.

Teacher: Good morning students, you have 1 day of this week and 1 day of next week to complete the “Buddy Project”. So I hope you all are working well and next Tuesday we will display all the projects and the best one will win an award.

Riddhima (to Vansh): I hope we win because it is a great opportunity and I think our idea is also great.

Vansh (to Riddhima): I think we’ll surely win.

All the pairs started working on the project.

Riddhima: I was thinking that after we finish designing the website, we can make a poster and promote the website and include some interesting facts on the poster.

Vansh: Ok, I’ll finish the website and you can start planning the poster.

Riddhima: Yeah, I’ll go and get poster paper.

Riddhima gets the poster paper and start planning designs for the poster. After she was done planning, she started painting the poster with colours. While, Vansh was just staring at Riddhima.

Kabir noticed this and starts getting jealous.

Kabir (to himself): Why is he staring at Riddhima like this? How dare you?

While Riddhima was painting, her hands accidentally touch her face, leaving red paint marks on her face. Vansh, who noticed it started smiling.

Riddhima (surprised): Why are you smiling so much?

Vansh: It’s because there is red paint on your face. Your hand mistakenly touched your face, I guess.

Riddhima: Yeah, I think you are right. Let me go and clean it up.

As Riddhima was about to leave, Vansh grabs her hand. Riddhima was surprised to see his behaviour.

Riddhima (uncertain): What are you doing?

Vansh: Riddhima, let me clean it up.

Riddhima (hesitating): Ok, fine.

Vansh takes a tissue paper and starts to clean Riddhima’s face. Riddhima was just staring and being stunned to see the caring side of Vansh. She never thought he could be this caring. When she remembers her first meeting with Vansh, he was so arrogant and angry. But now he has changed so much. She was very blissful. They both were close to each other and their eyes fell on each other, looking in a manner of affection.

Riddhima (blushing): Thank you Vansh.

Vansh (smiling): By the way, since when did my friend started blushing? Your face has turned red, like a tomato.

Riddhima (to herself): What? Am I really blushing?

Vansh (snapping his fingers): Where are you lost now?

Riddhima: Really, I don’t think I am blushing. Stop this nonsense and let’s quickly finish the project.

Kabir, who was standing right next to Vansh & Riddhima had witnessed their moments. He was actually fuming with anger and jealousy.

Kabir (to himself): I am the one who is always waiting for Riddhima to also start liking me. This Vansh who only came a couple of days ago, has already started spending time with Riddhima.

Vansh observed Kabir’s jealousy, so he decided to make him more jealous.

The school bell rings and it was almost time to go home. The students start leaving and take the school bus.

Vansh: Riddhima, come sit here. I want to discuss something about the project. (jale par namak chhidakna 😂🤣)

Riddhima: Ok, I am coming.

Vansh & Riddhima were sitting together in the school bus.

Riddhima (concern): Tell me, what you want to say about the project?

Vansh: Actually project was just an excuse, I wanted to sit next to you.

Riddhima: I don’t get one thing, why do you always want to stay around me?

Vansh: Because I have started liking you.

Riddhima (shocked): What?

Vansh (laughing): Riddhima, I was just kidding. Relax.

Riddhima: My house is nearly here. Bye! See you on Monday.

Vansh: Bye Riddhima!

Precap: How about you come to my house?
Sure, I’ll come.

So how was the episode? Did you like the jealous Kabir? Please tell your views in the comments section below.

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