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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik fails Naira in the test

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kunal taking his phone and saying the incomplete thing will complete today. Naira sees Kaira marked on the bench and thinks of Kartik. She gets up to leave. The bench falls. Kartik holds the bench and sees Kaira. Morey saiyyan….plays….. Their souls talk…Kartik’s soul says the two names we always wished to see together, I didn’t know you will try to run away from me. Naira’s soul says I didn’t wish to run away when someone abandoned me. He says you broke this name like you broke my heart. She says I didn’t break any name, trust or heart. Kartik says I think we should not waste time and continue with the class, I don’t like disturbance. Naitik says where is Naira, she shouldn’t take much time.

Sudhir says I have got an admission

form from my college, this is risky. Naitik says you chill, I m getting anxious seeing you, Naira will be on time, she isn’t irresponsible. Sudhir thinks I have worry about Naira. Kartik says I will take your test. Kunal says what’s wrong, he is taking a test before class. Kartik says I will know what did you retain in mind, what’s your thinking, it would be easy for me to understand you, think what you have learned and answer the questions. He thinks of Naira.

She thinks he is doing this to demean me, he knows I didn’t study in any school properly. Kartik thinks I want to see what things changed in you, especially in your thinking. Everyone starts writing. Naira sits conscious. Kartik looks into her answer sheets. She gives her answer sheet. She goes. Everyone gives their sheets. Tanvi smiles seeing him.

Kirti answers the call and hears Suwarna’s voice on speaker. She thinks does mum want to speak about Kartik and Naira. Suwarna asks how are you. Kirti says I m fine, how are you. Suwarna says I m okay, I know you didn’t wish to meet me. Kirti says I had no time. Suwarna says Mrs. Dalmai wants designer wear for her friends, I suggested your name. Bhabhimaa asks Kirti to say yes. Kirti says give her my number, I will talk to her, anything else. Suwarna says no. Kirti ends call. Devyaani says she called for her friend’s work, be careful, who knows what she feels wrong. Naira gets Naitik’s call and says I m leaving from college now.

Tanvi thanks Naira and says I copied all your answers, professor looked lost, you have made him angry yesterday, you fall in his arms and don’t answer him sometimes, do you have a crush on him. She gets Kunal’s call and goes. Kartik and Naira see each other. Aisa apna naata…..plays…. Lav and kush say we have grown up now and will manage on own. Suwarna asks do you want your fav noodles. Lav says no, we are going to play football now, we will tell you if we need anything. They go. Manish comes and asks do you have headache, have medicines. He says thanks for talking to Kirti, I m very happy.

She says when I saw her at the temple, I wanted to hug her, I just felt like telling her that I love her, but some people were there at the temple…. He says hatred ruins everything, not just one relation. She says Kirti has always supported her inlaws, she never realized my pain, she just… He says Naira… She says yes, Kirti broke relations because of Naira, I m her mum and have to ensure cordial terms, relations should sustain from two sides. Naira comes to canteen and occupies a table. She sees Kartik in front of her and gets leaving. The table gets lifted and coffee falls over his hand. Kunal signs the man to cut the net. The net falls down on Kartik and Naira. Yeh rishta….plays….. peon frees Kartik and Naira from the net. Kartik signs Naira to stop and frees her bracelet. She goes. Kartik sees his hand burn mark and thinks how much will you hurt me Naira. She thinks how much will I suffer more. He sees the papers and thinks coffee has spilled on the answer sheets. Bhabhimaa watches tv. She keeps the hearing aid aside.

Mrs. Dalmai calls to talk to Kirti. Bhabhimaa asks her to say the work. Mrs. Dalmai gives the order – 50 kurti and 80 scarves and says Suwarna has the address. Bhabhimaa then wears the hearing aid and says Kirti, Mrs. Dalmai called, she gave the order, 80 kurti and 50 scarves, you need to send them tomorrow. Kirti nods. Kunal asks is the professor psycho, who takes test on first day, maybe aunty ji and uncle ji have some connection. Tanvi says he is hot, don’t call him uncle. Peon comes and says your name change is updated in system. Tanvi checks and asks is your name Naira, not Naina, why didn’t you tell everyone. Kunal says how did professor know this. Tanvi says maybe my system updating. The girl says our test result has come. Kunal says everyone passed. The girl says no, Naina has a re-test. Naira thinks why is he punishing me for no fault.

Naira recalls Suwarna’s words, how Suwarna has thrown her out of the house. She cries thinking the past.

Update Credit to: Amena

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