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The Beauty and the beast! premiere ! a story by Abhilasha!

Hello friends !!
This is Urja with a tale of dark world woven in a parallel universe!!
A ❤️heart thrilling story of the world of darkness of a vampire and of world of so called goodness that is of human beings!! One is full of mysteries, some undisclosed and undiscovered facts where life don’t exists and another is embellished with the feelings of love, care, honesty (really??).
So come and join in this saga of mystery, fantasy, horror, rivalry and love!
Location- Imperial college, Dehradun
Imperial college , spread in about 60 acres of land of Dehradun accompanied by the forests at its backside .
A man shouted- hey students why the hell you all are on strike?
A group of students replied-
Our entry to the woods had been banned but that is the best place for camping and trekking and our chullouts.
Man- this is for a reason children…..the land which govt has alloted us to utilise in our projects has been sold to Kapoor family .
A voice of girl comes from back – oh! So sir is sold! I got it! She walks toward the man…..her eyes are full of anger, her black curls are touching her face…..dressed in a simple white shirt and jeans she comes forward and said…. Dear friends corruption is just spreading throughout India so how could our principal escape from it?
Man sinks to the ground! So meet Anand Malhotra – a wolfish, gone to the dogs principal of the imperial college!
Girl- so respected sir would you tell us that how much you have charged yourself?
Anand- Enough Sanchi Mitra!
Meet Sanchi Mitra a vibrant, honest, beautiful girl who can’t tolerate dishonest people.

Scene shifted-
In a dark house-
A man is seen sitting on a chair deeply engrossed in his thoughts!
A lady comes-
Lady- Chand till when you will be just sitting like this……..we have to do something for our son.
Man- Haseena we can’t do anything this time ………just wait for the correct time. We will get our son back. Just believe me.
Meet Haseena and Chand Kapoor – peculiar couple but still honest, truthful, and never turn from theirs words.

Scene shifted-
Mitra house-
A man is getting ready infront of mirror………his phone rings
He pics the phone.
Man- what??? Again?? Oh no!
Man- Jaya!! See you daughter once again has created a mess in her college. I really wanna ask that what u ate before her birth.
A lady comes-.
Lady- golgappa! I ate golgappa Sunil ! And you know she has went on you ……completely against wrong things….then why you are upset.
Man- because dear wife I am a business man and due to Sanchi every month I have to visit her college 4-5 times. Sometimes I feel that I am a correspondence student of Imperial college.
Jaya- now let’s go and moreover your two other daughters are coming from Delhi .
Sunil- oh no means triple problems.
Jaya- Sunil!!!!!
Meet Jaya and Sunil Mitra mother and father of sanchi Mitra- a fun loving couple and doting parents.
Scene shifted-
At Dehradun airport
Flight from Delhi to Dehradun has arrived.
Two girls come out if flight with heavy luggage.
A girl shouts…
Oh no!!! Isha I forgot to bring my ….
Another girl- what??
Girl- I forgot my box of chocolates and my brown teddy.
Another girl- you……******* are you insane or what?? You just gave me heart attack Pragya.
Girl- oh ho madam if you have forgotten your makeup kit then you would have realised my misery.
Another girl- misery??? Seriously!!!
Both reach outside the airport .
Meet Pragya and Isha sisters of sanchi – well wgat to tell about these two just wait and watch.
Isha- so finally we are in Dehradun ……I have heard that it’s the land of vampires.
Pragya- come on Isha ……….dont be silly ………stop residing in your world of Twilight.
Scene shifted- Imperial college
At Principal office-
Anand- so dear Sunil Mitra sir ………..if you wouldn’t be father of this girl …..I would have rusticated her times ago.
Sanchi- oh ya….. because dad you have much donation to this college na.
Sunil- Sanchi!!! We will talk at home.
so sir this is last warning otherwise!!
Sunil- I understand sir ……..I won’t let her once again charged for indiscipline and disrespectful behaviour.
They leave the office.
Sanchi- dad how dare you do this . This is wrong .
Sunil- dear I told I won’t let you get charge of indiscipline and disrespectful behaviour……but…….
Both hi-fi!
At Mitra house-
Sunil Jaya and Sanchi are having coffee……..main door bang and opens.
Sunil- is any thunderstorm coming?
Jaya- yaa your thunderstorms!
Sanchi- my sweethearts are back!
Pragya and Isha enters …….trio hugs and play ringa ringa roses.
Prasha hugs Sunil and Jaya.
Jaya- now enough ……..go and get fresh ……I will arrange dinner.
Whole family has dinner.
Screen freezes on sanchi’s smiling face.
Precap- Sanchi is walking in jungle. She sees a mysterious tree which provides its branch when she is about to fall. She touches the tree. It starts glittering.
So this was the starting . Please give your love and support . It means a lot for me. Love you all!
Note- this title Beauty and the beast is not just about a vampire and girl but beauty and beast has innumerable meanings. So stay tuned to get into world of beauty and beast!
Keep smiling!

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