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Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop Review: A strong thought-provoking subject with natural performances

Colors brings a new show Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop, which is all set to define the new age man. The story revolves around an eight year old boy Roop, who finds it tough to deal with the customs of the society. His father Shamsher Singh is against the fact that women are given more rights. He wants Roop to behave and portray only his gender. He doesn’t wish to see Roop playing with girls or taking a stand for the other gender. Shamsher’s beliefs are from the patriarchal set. Shamsher is very much careful in raising Roop, his only son.

On the other hand, another family lead by Jeetu, believes that women should be given their deserved rights, education, respect and protection so that they can make a name in the society. Roop is compelled to follow his father. His innocent perception makes him oppose the old school ideologies. Roop heads on to break his patriarchal norms and define the real man of modern times. The show will break the stereotypes about social acceptance based on behavior, judgement and sensitive approach.

Main Characters:

Roopendra Shamsher Singh:
Roop is sweet, innocent, strong, caring and a clean-hearted boy. He loves spending time with his sisters. He likes to solve their issues. He plays games with them. He adapts their habits, which disappoints Shamsher. Roop conceals his personal choices. He tries to keep his family happy. He doesn’t feel odd to behave sensitive. He believes in being an all-rounder. He doesn’t take any shame if he does any work that befits girls. He is much affected when his father berates him for his behavior. Roop presents questions for Shamsher. He then judges if his father’s answers and ideologies are right. Roop believes that a real man is one who is sensitive at heart and understands other’s suffering and underlying issues.

Shamsher Singh:
He is Roop’s father. He has three daughters, with whom he doesn’t get along well. He believes that a man is the head of the family, who runs the house. He has an orthodox mindset. He doesn’t value his wife Kamla much. He wants Roop to take his family ahead. He is too strict. He lives in the world defined by his patriarchal customs. He is a police officer and does his duty the best way. He gets much appreciated for his work. He wants Roop to become like him. He forces his thinking on Roop. Shamsher believes that a true man never sheds tears and doesn’t show any weakness. He considers that being sensitive is a sign of being feminist. He opposes Roop’s sensitive approach. He gets much support from his sister Kaushalya.

Kamla Shamsher Singh:
Kamla is Roop’s mother. She is a sweet, caring and loving woman. She got married at a young age. She doesn’t have any regrets in life. She doesn’t support Shamsher’s principles. She is happy with the way she is living her life with her husband and children. She has adjusted in her household. She is much protective about her children. Her world revolves around her family. She doesn’t protests against Shamsher’s wrong thinking. She believes Shamsher is strict towards her daughters, but he would also wish the best for them. She doesn’t want her children to fall in any trouble. She focusses on their good upbringing.


Afaan Khan as Roopendra Shamsher Singh
Mitali Nag as Kamla Shamsher Singh
Yash Tonk as Shamsher Singh
Nikki Sharma as Himani Shamsher Singh
Ananya Agarwal as Jigna Shamsher Singh
Tasheen Shah as Kinjal Shamsher Singh
Vaishali Thakkar as Kaushalya Ben
Aashish Kaul as Jeetu

Story So Far:

Roop and his family members are seen. Roop lives with his parents and three sisters, Himani, Jigna and Kinjal. He loves to help out his mother Kamla in kitchen and household work. He gets restricted by his father Shamsher to just show off his manhood by doing such things that a man/boy commonly does. Jigna announces in the house that her dad’s morning has started. Everyone gets right and finish their work, being scared of Shamsher. Kamla fulfills all her duties and keeps everything ready in time.

Shamsher is introduced. He is much applauded for being the best cop in the town. Shamsher gets backed up by Kaushalya, who doesn’t get tired of praising him. Shamsher instructs Roop of not behaving like girls, as he has to maintain his respect in the society. Shamsher doesn’t want to compromise with his prestige. He constantly talks of his patriarchal norms. He doesn’t support women empowerment. He feels Kamla and his three daughters are always responsible for anything that goes wrong at home. He brings down his daughter Kinjal in a way that hurts her heart.

Shamsher appears insensitive. He never blames Roop, as Roop is his son. He shows his partial behavior towards his daughters. Roop gets stuck between his dad and the rest of the family. Roop doesn’t want Shamsher’s orthodox mindset to upset everyone at home. Roop dislikes throwing out the manly attitude when he is between the people he loves. Roop gets forced by Shamsher to behave like a man, as the society respects such masculine and powerful men. Shamsher feeds his perception in Roop. He wants to influence Roop to the extent that Roop walks on his path.

Roop recollects Shamsher’s teachings even when he is in school. He then reveals to the class that his hobbies are more like that of his sisters. He doesn’t feel degraded by the criticism. Roop obeys Shamsher to keep his honor. He doesn’t like Shamsher’s compulsion. Roop gets much love from his family. When Shamsher leaves for his police duty, Roop gets freedom to do anything he wants. Roop values Kamla’s work more than that of Shamsher. Roop realizes the respect that women deserve. He turns sensitive and indulges in all the matters concerning his mother and sisters.

Our Take:

The show takes a dig at the old customs followed in rural towns. It brings an initiative to change the society’s perception about a man’s balanced behavior, that defines his manhood. The show breaks all the myths around manhood. It proves a point that men should be sensitive, especially towards the other gender, so that they can learn respecting women and understanding their pain. The society needs are presented well. Roop portrays a little boy, who sustains his sensitivity. He can feel his mother’s pain, his sisters’ sorrow and their needs. Roop always stands for their rights.

The concept is novel and also entertaining. The show will connect with the audience. Roop will be one adorable character who will leave a good impact on the audience’s mindset. Roop raises few thought-provoking questions for the society dominated by male gender – Where do women stand in our society, Why are the women’s choices prohibited, Why isn’t the society not receptive to anything uncustomary, Why can’t a man himself define his masculinity, if given the ultimate rights in society. The story is much different and woven beautifully by the distinct characterizations.

The characters are strong and are well spoken by the natural performances of the actors. Afaan Khan plays the central character of Roop very effortlessly. He puts the right amount of innocence and charm in his character. Yash Tonk as Shamsher Singh is too commendable. He delivers a flawless performance. Though his character is not the one to be loved, one would just love his acting skills. Mitali Nag and Vaishali Thakkar are much convincing in their portrayals. The supporting cast also puts up fine acts. Sets, costumes and other detailing factors are much apt.


The show presents the male-oriented orthodox thinking, and also the unseen plight of the gender. Issues concerning men weren’t projected well before. The title of the show is very appropriate. The story really defines a new age man and his balanced character, which doesn’t conform with the rule book of masculinity.

Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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