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Nimki Mukhiya 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Nimki Mukhiya 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Inspector comes to Kundan and says we have to investigate. If anything happens to BDO I can’t do anything. Kundan says please do something. He says we can’t do anything at the moment. Nehar says they dont’ have a proof.
Abhi’s surgey is going on. Nimki recalls his moments with him. Elena and dadi are worried too. Elena rests her head in Nimki’s lap. Doctor comes out and says his condition is still critical. The bullet is in his bonee. We have to keep him in observation. Mausi cries. Nimki hugs her. She says he is more than a son to me. Nimki says he will be fine. Tune hugs Elena. Nimki says you should go home. Elena says I don’t wanna go anywhere. I will stay with papa.
Moray lal tells Tune that Nehar and kundan did this for that medicine matter. Nimki hears. She says I will not let tthem run out of it this time. She tells them everything. Moraylal says he was taking the proof to DM. Tune says nimki because of you he is in this condition. Why did you let Tune go. You have shot him. Annaro calls Nimki. she says where are you? She says BDO is shot. annaro says how dare you leave the house without my permission. And you entered the line. How dare you impure my house. Elena says nimki I want to see baba. Annaor says you will come here right now. Nimki says don’t worry elena I am here with you all night. Annaro says you will stay there all night? She says yes I wont come home until he is out of danger.

Annaro says to Babbu go and drag her here. He says don’t worry I will bring her. Babbu says I can’t do that here.
Nimki is sitting upset. Tune gives her tea. He says sorry I was rude but i was emotional. Nimki says you said it all right. I am responsible for all this. I wouldn’t have done that deal. Tune says they would have harmed you in that case. Nimki says once Abhi gets well I wont leave thie Nehar and Kundan.

Sweeti is worried. She says dadi why don’t you sleep. Dadi has already slept. she says Abhi is shot. Dadi says he is such a nice man. He took us to his house when we were in trouble. Why would they shoot him? Sweeit says you have seen this for years. For their politicis they shoot anyone.
She comes ot her room. Sweeti says why are you changing? Is their blood on your clothes? He says are you crazy? Sweeti says i want an answer. Sweeti grasps his collar and says you did all this you shot Abhi/. Everyone comes downstairs. Sweeti says why would you kill BDO? Tettar says why would we? Babbu when did you become like them? These are not humans. Annaro says what are you saying. Sweeti says see their faces. Tettar says okay even if we did? What can you do? I want to know whats in her heart. I killed him. Tell me what will you do. Sweeti says I will just believe that beasts live in this house now. Tettar is about to slap her but he stops. Babbu says she doesn’t mean what you think. Sweeti says I exactly mean what he thinks. You people are animals who kill others. Tettar throttles her. Everyone stops him.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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