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Muskaan 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti returns home

Muskaan 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aarti coming to her locality. She sees Muskaan’s car. Jaya sits sad and sees everyone dancing in her haldi ceremony. Aarti feels sorry and burns the card. Inspector comes and asks Aarti to come along to the police station. Aarti says I have to go home, its imp. He says this is more imp. Aarti is taken for interrogation. Aarti’s mum worries for her. Aarti thinks of Muskaan. Aarti says you really want to know where I was, I was with DIG. Inspector gets shocked. She asks him to call DIG and ask him the truth if he doesn’t believe. She leaves. Jaya gets ready as the bride. Rakhi asks Jaya to smile now. Everyone compliments Jaya and laugh. Aarti comes home. She sees the house decorated and smile.

Tabassum asks her to meet Jaya and see if anything is left. Aarti goes upstairs.

Rakhi sees her and says so you have come, you can check the arrangements, we have done everything. Aarti says I know and goes. She asks Jaya is she ready. She doesn’t find Jaya there and looks for her. Everyone gets ready and comes downstairs. Tabassum says groom’s family can come anytime. Aarti gets shocked seeing the cloth rope in the balcony. She runs downstairs and tells everyone that Jaya has eloped. They get shocked. Tabassum throws things and rages. She asks them to say how did Jaya run away, she wants Jaya back before the guests come. Jaya runs on the roads.

Aarti says we will get Jaya, calm down, don’t worry. Tabassum says you can manage this, just go. She throws the water glass and goes. Rakhi asks her children to change clothes and stay inside the room. Lomi says Jaya did wrong, she has invited trouble for herself. Suzaine says we have to see how far can Jaya run. Jaya runs on the roads and collides with people. Rakhi’s children look out of the window and talk. Rakhi scolds them and asks them to sit inside the room. Tabassum and Rakhi welcome the guests home. The guests like the decorations. Jaya comes across a car and stops. The goons see her and start chasing her. Jaya runs back. The goons follow.

Tabassum asks Amit to wait for Jaya, the bride will be just of him. He says I can’t have more patience. She says this rasam is imp for us, we can still help you. She asks Lomi to take the guests. The goons catch Jaya. Muskaan misses Aarti and thinks of her. She eats the chocolates. Tum agar ho pass mere…..plays….Aarti gets ready as the bride. Muskaan talks to Aarti via the moon, while sitting at the window.

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