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Mayavi Maling 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Antara prepares Chegu for the battle

Mayavi Maling 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pranali taking the cloth from Haran. She gets tensed. Adhivan stops Garima from opening the window. Eshwarya asks is everything fine. He says everything will be clear in some time, its all fine, don’t worry, I m going to sleep now. He sends them. Antara lights up fire by her powers near a giant snake. She tells Chegu that the snake is hiding in Kalkivan since many years, he matches up with Daanav vanshis, snake won’t use his powers till we instigate by our Agnishakti. She teaches using Agnishakti powers to Chegu. Chegu gets scared seeing the snake’s poison. Antara says we have to get saved from his poison, this agnichakra will protect us. She tells him that he has to get his powers, only then he can fight with Angad. He asks how can I learn this so soon. She says you are

my son, you have my powers, you have to use fire in your favor, make an Agnichakra. Chegu looks at the snake.

Arak asks Adhivan why is he lying, everyone loves them. Adhivan says I have lied to keep our respect. He feels helpless to do this to save Arak from mum and Angad. Arak says when dad knows you are a liar, he will feel bad. Adhivan feels bad. Arak says dad will cry seeing you. Adhivan asks him to stop it, he is doing this for family. Arak cries. Chegu tries using his powers. He gets hurt. Antara says you are brave, this agnichakra provokes Daanav vanshis to expose their powers, if we fail to make the Agnichakra, it can be fatal for us, we have to expose their powers and fail them. Chegu gets hurt by the snake’s poisons.

Antara asks him to learn making Agnichakra perfectly. Chegu attempts again and gets hurt. He asks Antara to do this herself. She says after losing my wings, I m not powerful like before, Madhumali is powerful, can’t I expect this from my son. Chegu gets angry and tries to hit the snake again. He falls down after another hit. Antara worries seeing him. Eshwarya says I didn’t find Trishanku. Maharaj says I didn’t react on time, Madhumali and Angad have hidden Trishanku somewhere. He prays. Maid asks Pranali to get ready. She keeps the ornaments and goes. Haran waits for Pranali’s signal. Pranali takes the cloth to raise. She thinks of Angad’s anger. Madhumali comes there and smiles. Pranali worries and hides the cloth. Madhumali sees it. Haran sees the cloth waiving and says now see what I do, your trust won’t change. Madhumali has waived the cloth. Haran comes to Pranali.

Guards catch him. He gets shocked. Guards beat him up. Madhumali asks guards to take Haran. She says its good we got to know the servant’s intentions, else our respect would have gone, I m with you. She goes to Mandhari and thanks her for giving her info. She says you will get the reward soon. Madhumali tells Angad that she has tied the grand turans, if there is any Dev vanshi arriving, the ice will melt down fast. Eshwarya thinks Chegu shouldn’t get caught. Madhumali says the bells will fall down, the sound will be a signal for our guards, they will kill that person. She smiles. Angad says I m proud to be your son. Chegu gets an entry.

Angad gets attacked in the mandap. Chegu uses Agnichakra on him. Madhumali asks Angad not to show his powers. Angad gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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